Monday, December 22, 2014

R'Lyeh #10

R'Lyeh #10
116 pg, A4, pro-printed, Polish

Morbosidad, Wehrmacht, Bulldozer, Widmo, Nuclear Death, Deadthorn, Cut-Throat, Conquest Icon, Moloch Letalis, Blackhorned Saga, Absence Of The Sacred, Bloodthirst, Tank, Neolith, Opera IX, Vader, Morbid Angel, Eric Daniels, Pyscho, Unseen Terror, Test Fobii Kreon, Haemorrhage, Afterlife Prod, Dragon Incantation, Prophecy Of Doom, Inquisition, Markiz De Sade, Exumer, Cryfemal, Plutonium, Negura Bunget

Thanks to Afterlife Prod for bringing some copies for sale. After reading some good reviews about this zine, now I have my chance to view it myself. I can only comment on the layout because everything is in Polish. The editor must have spent a lot of time in translating those interviews to Polish.

Not many zine in cut n paste format are printed professionally but if they can make one, I am sure the result will be as good as R'Lyeh. R'Lyeh has this very old school look using typewriter font type with border artwork. 2 columns per page or some 3 columns. Not entirely in cut n paste or they also use plain MS Office layout like Morbid Angel. They don’t have any specific style or consistency in the layout but they are all look great. Cryfemal layout/graphic is a bit different but nice. No page number and no table of content though. Some obscene pictures here and there which of course I like them a lot too.

The zine starts with gig report: Extinguished Party, Impiety and small news section. There also some gig report in between the interviews. About the interviews, there are lots of bands here. I might miss out some bands in the list above. Looks like interesting chat including with the owner of Afterlife Prod.

Reviews are rated including the zine review which I rarely see. All audio formats are combined in one section. There are also movie reviews.

Other than this you can also read about African scene report and one section featuring short articles by zine editors.

The editor, Adrian also plays in some bands. You might know this because I think this zine/magazine is quite well-known in Polish metal scene.

c/o Adrian
P.O.Box 20,
02-919 Warszawa 76,


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