Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Nathias #9 (2015)

Nathias #9 (2015)
40 pg, A4, xerox, English

Kult Ov Azazel, Internal Suffering, KSK, Byatis, Mortuary Ancestor, Holy Dragons, Ugra Karma, Infernal Dominion, Perpetual, Demisor, Frozen Shadows, Gerbe Of Life, Infestum, Emeth, Cadaverous, Angelkill, Evoker, Koldbrann,

Nathias Zine needs no introduction in the Malaysian underground scene. I thought the zine died. I know the editor, Sufian, is still active in the scene when not releasing Nathias, with various projects (label/distro, blog, bands). Nathias started in 1993, I own couple of issues last time. I even contributed some interviews in one of the issue back them (truly honoured to be in the pages of Nathias but not that proud with the interview I've done).

This issue #9, as mentioned in the editorial, was meant to be released in 2003-2005. At the time this issue was released, the interviews & reviews are already outdated. Or you can say it 'classic'. Even the flyers are old of course! As if the master copy already made and just waiting to be printed (or photocopy in this case) and spread to the underground. If not, will feel guilty for the rest of his life. Actually I am not sure what motivate Sufian in releasing this issue but anyway it’s good holding a copy of Nathias after many years.

The pages are numbered, with table of content. The layout is 3 or 4 columns per page with small fonts and plenty of pictures. The zine is actually A3 size folded into two with glossy paper cover. The printing of the master copy & the photocopy quality can be made better (he overcome this with his Malay-written zine called Bangkit!).

The review is on audio stuff @ Sound Check, rated out of 10.

Not all are Sufian's writing. There are couple of contributors for the interviews & reviews.

My copy is hand-numbered 005. Not sure how many was made though.

I hope Nathias will reach #10. Hopefully the tenth issue will be made a special issue.

I mentioned about Bangkit! Zine. I have couple of issues. Will post the review here of course.

nathiasmag [at] gmail [.] com


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Deadhead #6 (2015)

Deadhead #6 (2015)
152 pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Morbid Angel, Alan Moses of Glorious Times/Buttface Zine, Spectral Birth/Incubus, Punisher/Picagari, Slaughter, Poison, Venom, Merciless Death, Morbid Magazine, Metal Mania Zine, Suffercation, Bulldozer, Samhain/Desexull, Grave Desecrator, Ungodly Death, Poisonous, Black Grave/Mati Katak, Vulga, Morbid Funeral, Paragon Records, Mazetorment, Neurosis, Trench Hell, Cobra, Eurynomos, Evoked Doom, Bode Preto

The Origin Of Thrash Metal
Killing Technology: Internet Idiocy or Supremacy
The Underground Doctrine
Inside Malaysia's Underground Metal Scene
Glam Rock and its Effect to Underground Scene
This write-up article is about honouring metal legends Venom!!!
The Searching Of The Sangwitok Weirdo
Trash Talk: Thrashing Shit
Memory Lane: Malaysian Music Evolution

Pro-printed inside out! What else do you want from Deadhead Zine? If you read my past reviews you know how the interviews are like. Having that kind writings and with crystal clear printing like this, just fukking awesome!

Layout wise remain the same, 2 columns per page with frame artworks. Simple layout but all these looks very neat. There are some mini posters. Most notable is Rator.

As you know, the interviews made by Wan are insanely in-depth. Some are in multiple sessions like Eurynomos had a second interview after Eye of The Pantheon is released.

There are also interviews contributed by Rosmalie of Api Zine (Grave Desecrator) and Venom by contributors from Poland. The ones I really dig are those with old Malaysian bands/zine. Vulga interview was done in Malay and translated to English.

Now having clearer picture of Mazetorment, smiling with warpaint on your face can also invoke that eerie feelings. I remember looking at the picture in some zine in those years but doesn't feel it. Or maybe I am remembering something else.

Actually after looking at Afterlife Prod's FB updates on the re-print of this issue, only then I realized issue #6 haven't yet being uploaded. Can you believe I have 87 drafts in my list? You can read lots of zine but to find the time (and motivation?) to type the review... sometimes I feel I am too old for this shit.

Also mentioned that this issue was sold-out in less than a month. And I am proud having this version. Let's wait for the second pressing European version.

To get the updates, check out Afterlife Productions FB page:

Friday, January 20, 2017

Ad Arma! #2 (2002)

Ad Arma! #2 (2002)
80 pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Necromantia, Satyricon, Acheron, Malign, Varathron, Thorns, Stregoica Zine, The Voice Of The Dark Zine, Manes, Blessed in Sin

Satanic Art

I found this in Ledo Takas mail-order ( So I bought a few old zine. They still sold some of old zine and fortunately some of them are the one I wanted to get when it was out back then but lack of money (still studying at the time).

Ad Arma! is the work of Northwind and Tadas along with some contributors.

Ad Arma! is pro-printed in glossy paper with white text on black background. Small text size, I have to emphasize this in 3 columns but everything is just nice for me for the layout.

Strange number chosen for rating the review:

Album review: rated 1 to 13 (small text, 5 columns per page, all together 27 page! That's a lot to read!)
*"Vinylized" review: rated 0-13
*"Demonstratus" review: rated I to VI (alphabetically arranged and lots of demo here)
Do I need to explain what Vinylized & Demonstratus about? You can guess and most of you will get it right. There are some kind of 'introduction' on these section.

Address of the labels provided. Literature review however is not rated.

Beside this, there are gig report on Wacken 2001 and Inferno Fest 2002.

Below are the contacts taken from the zine. Not sure it still valid anymore or not. Check first before you do anything.

Last check before publishing this, info from Ledotakas website said "this issue marks the end of Ledo Takas publication era". I take that this issue is the last issue.


c/o The Sinister Flame
P.O.Box 49,
57101 Savonlinna,

The_Sinister_Flame at hotmail dot com

For sending promo:
c/o Tadas Kazlauskas,
P.D. 3080, 
Pamenkalnio 28,
LT-2026 Vilnius-26,

Hellfrost #5 (1998)

Hellfrost #5 (1998)
48 pg, Letter, pro-print, English

Absu, Anal Cunt, Arckanum, Deceased, Fleshgrind, Hypocrisy, Morbid Angel, Necrophobic, Sadus, Suffocation, Wumpscut

A zine from 1998 in newsprint format. The paper have aged, looks yellowish. So now I know, must avoid this paper type. Later I found written in the zine "a collectors edition (high grade paper) in 666 copies and with sticker". You can actually choose which format to buy.

The pages are numbered, have table of content. 3 columns per page. 1 full page for editorial. The picture quality is not good and anticipated this in this newsprint format.

The reviews rated, separated by genre. The scale used is between 0 to 100 with ofcourse 100 being the best. The title of the stuff reviewed used different font types probably to suit with the genre of the stuff. Only music stufs being review here including demo.

There are "Metal To The Core" (label's list and addresses), "Metal On The Internet" (list of websites) and list of releases in 1998.

W Argonne Dr.
Milwaukee WI 53222 USA

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Cloven Hoof #1 (2015)

The Cloven Hoof #1 (2015)
60 pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Nocturne, A Monumental Black Statue, Sorcier Des Glaces, Chalice Of Blood, Gloriam Draconis, Ethereal Mist, Nation War, Ritual Genocide, Initiation, Necrocabra, Chotza, LUTHN, Jarnvidr, Mike Vivisector

The first zine from Sweden in my webpage! Well done for the debut issue.

I got The Cloven Hoof zine in August and now the review is up. 'Profane activities' hinder me from completing this (I borrow the words from this zine). 5 months! I will use this as my new benchmark. 

What awaits you when you flip the front cover? 2 pages of dark misty forest and also I think the picture of the editor, JDW. Cool though, quite original idea must say although I was expecting to read some introduction or editorial but that's fine.

The interviews, on average 10 or slightly more questions per bands. No same repetitive questions asked to every bands, in case you want to know. No introduction before the interview, just the band’s name & their country of origin at the top of the page before the interview starts. Not really an in-depth interview but enough to get you continue reading.

The reviews cover only music. Not alphabetically arrange and not rated.

Now do you wonder, after what I have written so far (the interviews, number of bands featured), how can the zine be 60 pages?

Of course the layout, as you can see. I am not saying the space is being waste (maybe people can say that for the last 6 pages or so fill with flyers/ads). At first I think the font size a little bit large but considering Old English font type is used here I think it is OK at this size. The layout are in many styles but all are good to look at. Some in cut n paste, some with frame, some in white background or black background with white text. I like more the black background style. You can see more pictures of the zine in Raw War Music blog. The pages are not numbered though but have table of content. 

The editor is also an artist, goes by the name Death My Only Friend Artworks. You can see some of the artworks in this zine. 

Seems like The Cloven Hoof is not the only zine JDW has. After finish reading I wonder what other projects JDW involved in.

Issue #2 is already out and #1 already sold out. I am sure some distro still selling this issue.


Friday, November 11, 2016

Bells Of Acheron #0 (2011)

Bells Of Acheron #0 (2011)
44pg, A5 (6.5" x 9.3"), pro-printed, English

While Heaven Wept, Dantesco, Desaster, Funebrarum, Nocturnal, Apokalyptic Raids, Craig Pillard, Anatomia/Nuclear Death, Volcano, Omision, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Decomposed, Communion, The Devils Blood

I once asked a zine editor if they have second-hand or zine that they dont want to keep and sell them at discounted-priced. And this is one of that I got. Thanks man!

I want to introduce you the editor of this zine; Jesus "Unholy Pariah Outsider Of Anti Metal Colombian Scene Caller Of The Paranormal Blood Spawns Of Desecration And Nightmares" Claros. How's that for a name? Great right?

The editor has 20 years of experience in doing interviews for zine. Didn't mentioned what zine or maybe contributor or co-editor. The works here is great, if not excellent! Questions are very long (no intro before the interview though). Although a bit 'unconventional' with no editorial section and starts the debut issue with #0.

The layout is in cut n paste style, small fonts, the pages numbered, no table of content, some page with frame artwork. Killer artwork especially on the review section. I got problem with page 34. Couldn't figure it out, written in language I don't understand.

Not much reviews in this issue. They are alphabetically arranged and not rated.

The one I like the most, the section call "Horrenda Vision...", which is the reviews of old Colombian bands and demos.

The zine is actually smaller than A5. I put the dimension to not confuse all of you.

I tried google the zine's name before uploading this post. Found some reviews (issue #3) and the editor's email and website.

Great work. Now I am looking for other issues of Bells of Acheron.

traumarkhan [at] hotmail [dot] com


Ultra Violent #9

Ultra Violent #9
60pg, 21cm x 26.7cm, pro-printed, English

Uwe Boll, Chuck Parello, Dennison Ramalho, Ben Tatar, John Wintergate, Meir Zarchi

The Abandon, Compound Pictures, Forced Entry, Independent Roll Call (on indie film) and Remembering Roger Watkins

This is a magazine that I bought many years ago. Horror & Exploitation Cinema magazine, as they call it. At that time, I kind of have motto for this blog "for publication promoting the forces of darkness" which featuring any publication that can be seen as absurd, dark, taboo, abnormal from Malay culture perspective but that topic is too broad for me to focus. Then I smaller the scope to fanzine and later to just metal zine/magazine. Since I already have this magazine and I like it too so I put it here.

Firstly, it's quite a surprise to see it on sale in the local bookstore. I hope the local authority can relax a bit their rule on censorship (or maybe they let it on sale by mistake).

Scott Gabbey and team made a good work here with the content. Interviews with horror movie director from cult movie like Boarding House or I Spit On Your Grave. Most of the topic discussed are the same topic you can read in a metal zine. Some gore arts, naked photos from the movies being discussed or reviewed.

The reviews section is of course focus on movies (in alphabetical order but not rated) but surprisingly there are some black metal CDs being review in the music CD section.

The layout however need some improvement. I am so used with professional magazine with fancy layout. What you can see here is normal 2 columns per page and 3 columns for review.

Ultra Violent Magazine
PO Box 110117
Palm Bay, FL  32911