Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Abgrundjabokiz - Ainaz MMVII

Abgrundjabokiz - Ainaz MMVII
80pg, A5, xerox, English

This booklet published by Anti-Cosmic Männerbund Abgrundjaskalkaz (non-political religious esoteric society). You can probably google that if want to know more about them. I was lucky to have this by trade.

The book have 3 chapters:
1) Wolves and Werewolves in Germanic Tradition
2) Prehistory a Golden Age?
3) The swastika and sauvastika in Germanic tradition

Probably after complete reading this, it can help me to understand some of the interviews in Doomsday Testament 'zine (review of this zine will be uploaded later). I must admit the one on swastika/sauvastika is really enlightening. There are lots of pictures so it keeps me awake in my reading session.

This booklet or Abgrundjaskalkaz is not connected to National Socialist. There is an article explaining this in Scythe of Death website. I found out later Scythe of Death is the distributor of publications issued by Abgrundjaskalkaz. To obtain a copy, please go the label's website.

Scythe of Death Productions

Friday, October 19, 2012

Psychomantium #2 (2000)

Psychomantium #2 (2000)
60 pg, A5, pro-print, English

Tales of The Macabre Mag, Enthroned, Denial Of God, Impiety, Aeternus, Anasarca, Grief, Secrets of The Moon, Kaamos

A second-hand zine I bought from some zine editor. If you have any zine to sell (used or new) just drop me an email. For the older issues, if the price is right I will buy it. Back to this zine, it reminds me of local zine like Thy Unholy Abyss that use electric typewriter. Psychomantium uses font type that looks similar to that. The layout is simple but looks great, using only 1 column per page for the interviews. They use the space in the paper to its maximum. You can see only few millimeters of free space at the edge of every page. Almost every page has pictures so this will kill the boredom you might feel when reading too many texts. They also put page number and table of content. Only for the review section (3 columns per page for "Vinyl Butchery", "CD" and 2 columns for "Demo & Tape") which I think the columns are too close with each other.

About the content, there is a small section for news, tablatures for 'Lunatic Gods's Creation' from Deicide and a tribute section; "A Tribute to Desecrating Metal", a tribute to old bands namely Blasphemy, Beherit & Mystifier. There is also a section called Playergirl: Entertained Women, which features some news of women in metal bands and also interview (interview with Aeternus's Morrigan is for this section). The reviews are arranged in alphabetical order and not rated. Some reviews with logo while some have the front cover.

There are contact addresses in this zine but due to my bad handwriting, I can't read what I've wrote (already traded this zine with someone). Anyway, I found an outdated Facebook page. There's a note there, "Psychomantium Zine is not dead but shaking in its sleep. The Awakening is soon to come." This is one of the good half-sized pro-printed zine I read for quite some time. I'm waiting for Hellios, Salva, Carol & Aleydis to start 'the awakening'.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Metal Havoc Zine

Check out Metal Havoc zine from Philippines.

We got a copy of the latest issue #6 from Oldgoat Corpse Distro (Malaysia).
Those interested to get the zine and also stuff from Paganfire, check out the web for ordering details:


Bands, labels, etc, you can send your promo pack to the address below.

Not necessary to send original copies, compiled releases on home-dubbed tape or CDr will do.

All items sent and traded will be reviewed in the zine.

Contact address:
Alvaro Martin Jr
83 Tugatog st. Bagong Barrio Caloocan City
1400 Philippines

Friday, October 12, 2012

Zilghayyab #3

Zilghayyab #3
66pg, A4, xerox, Malay

Perantaraan Zine, Deadhead Zine, Kemenyan Zine, Sangwitok Zine, Rantau Metal Zine

A zine featuring zine editors only. Great! This is the first so far after I (re)start buying zine. I did not experience the days when zine are hand-written. At the time I came into the scene in mid 90's, zine editors already using type writer. So this zine could be the first hand-written zine I got. But using this style now might look odd, isn't it? Anyway, kudos to the hard work of writing them in 'old scripture' font type page by page and with the letter t written upside down.

The zine starts with "Black List" which is their name for news section just like other zine. Interviews are with local zine editors and reviews are also 'zine only'. The reviews are not alphabetically arranged and not rated. Some zine did not get a good review but still get the chance to be interviewed in this issue. Oh well, how many active editors left in Malaysia anyway so I guess the zine can be forgiven in this aspect.

Although the content is a good read especially since it is written in Malay but it looks very dull to be honest. The layout is not cut and paste but page-by-page handwriting and lacking frame/border artwork. I find it awkward because the editor is good in doing artwork. A bit of artworks plus with the hand writings I think it will be a killer issue! By the way the pages are numbered but no table of content.

This zine is given free to anyone requesting it although I offer to pay for a copy. So it took a while for it to arrive in mailbox and that is in 2010. Only two years later after I got the zine the review come out in this website.

For those planning to contact the editor, please send my regards to him. No email, only the snail-mail way.

c/o Yahya
20 Lorong 7,
Kg. Warisan 2,
89357 Inanam,