Monday, December 22, 2014

Nordic Vision 1-2010

Nordic Vision 1-2010
76 pg, pro-printed, English

Messer Chups, Horned Almighty, Ov Hell, Profound Lore Records, Sigh, Burzum, Damien Bash, Topper & Cadburry, Meshuggah, Ohlsdorf,

I can't resist myself from getting this issue with front cover like that. Yes, Sigh might be a litle bit 'mainstream' nowsdays but we can’t deny Sigh earlier material are kvlt and newer ones are avantgarde.

Not much has changed in layout. You can read my previous review on the 'mature' Nordic Vision.

Not all are metal bands being featured in the zine. You should have known this by now. Damien, I think the boss of the company that produce perfumes. Lucifer and Omen are some of its brands.

There are book review section. More music review this time (not rated) and horror movie review.

Weird though, stuff that did not get a good review but given a full page. 

Review of Hell and Gorgoroth are made like they are a football match. Hell won 3-1.

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