Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ignominious Torments #3 (2010)

Ignominious Torments #3 (2010)
60 pg, A5, xerox, English

Affliction Gate, Dead Congregation, Ignivomous, Slugathor, Wintergewitter, Mefitic, Legion of Torture Zine, Denial, Anal Vomit, Daniel Ekeroth

Looks like it become a norm for me to upload the review after the new issue has been released to the underground. It's not intentional though. This is my first issue of this zine. As usual, I will flip through all the pages before start reading them. One thing that caught my attention is "Flyer of The Year" section. Great idea! Forgotten Wisdom Prod won for this issue. The flyer shows a guy pissing and with the words 'Pissing On trendies Since 1999' on it. Hope they can make this again in the next issue although flyers are almost extinct now. I'm referring to printed flyers though but I guess there are thousands of 'digital' flyers in facebook, myspace, etc can be used as well for this section.

The layout of this zine is in cut & paste style with the texts is arranged in two columns per page. The pages are not numbered and no table of content. Different font types are used for the interviews and for the reviews. I noticed more DM bands here but the editor stated he didn't limit the zine to specific style. It is only coincidence that this issue happens to have more bands of certain type of music. The review section, this zine covered both audio & print formats. The album reviews are in alphabetical order and they are not rated. It also didn’t specify the format (CD or LP) in the reviews. However these are minor issue for me. The reviews are quite detail. There are also demo, split releases, re-issues and also zine reviews. The reviews are quite long including zine review (French zine are reviewed in French though). This zine also have their own section of old school stuff named "From The Crypt of Past" which reviews Adramelech's Psychostasia. You can also find well-written article like “Fanzines, Ideology and Freedom of Speech” and also on Hellfest-controversy.

New issue already out now and possibly this issue already sold-out now. Contact the editor and ask for ordering details.

c/o Hadrien BRAULT,
2 allee du sentier,
45560 Saint Denis en Val


Darkness Against Light #4

Darkness Against Light #4
56pg, A5, pro-printed, English

Black Witchery, Order From Chaos, Bestial Warlust, Arphaxat, Annthennath, Blasphemy, Thy Antichrist, Nocturnal Blood, War Command, Nuclear Hammer, Black Feast, Mitochondrion

The first issue I got was issue #0 (yes, number zero). I got few copies by trading with some metalhead. It was a xerox publication (or photocopied by the people whom I'm traded with). Now having a new issue (not so new now though) I can say there are lots of improvements. Pro-print with some page on white text on black background. Killer!!! Mainly the layout is in cut & paste style. If only the editor stick to all in 'portrait' instead of 'landscape' (I am using the orientation in MS Office as reference here) is much better. No table of content and no page number. Beside the layout, the editor's English also improved. This is the editor who came out with the word 'Goatfather' which later became a song and released as limited edition of 66 copies EP boxset that I have fork out a lot of money to get a copy. There's a lyric of that song here in this zine. There are short interviews with some bands and the questions are related to Blasphemy (the band of course) and lastly the interview answered by the Blasphemy them self. Beside interviews there are live report on "God Beheading Live Ritual 2008" and one gig report contributed by Temple of Adoration Zine on "Under the Black Sun". The editor really shows his anti religion attitude. Face of Buddha in corpse-paint is very blasphemous indeed. This issue comes with an extra sheet consist of Blasphemy full page poster and interview on the other side. I assume this issue was released in 2008 or 2009 judging from the gig report. The new issue already out now. Looking at the pictures uploaded in NWN forum, looks like a good or much better than this issue layout wise. You know what to do. Contact the editor for info on the new issue and asked about this Blasphemy-tribute issue too.

c/o Daniac Yanawan,
171/2011 Phaholyothin Road,
Khlong tha-non, Sai Mai,
Bangkok 10220


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Deadbangers zine # 5 out now

Deadbangers Zine # 5 are finally done!

44 A5 pages of the usual old school metal journalism.


Prophecy / Prophets of Doom
Church Bizarre
Sinister Creation
Heavy Chainzz
Empire Drowns
Heavy Days in Doom Town Festival
+ reviews.

Price: 4 € (excl. postage)

Wholesale / trades are welcome.

Check out the distrolist as well:

This is one of the good zine from Denmark. We reviewed 2 of the previous issues in this blog.