Thursday, May 17, 2012

Slowly We Rot #1

I got an email from this zine. Will get a copy soon!

Below are the info taken from their website and also the screen shot of the email.

English written print fanzine covering Old-School Metal Slowly We Rot #1 Out Now! 

40 pages, A4 format, glossy covers and professional printed pages 4 Euro (Europe) / 5 USD (World), plus postage (in normal or registered pack)!
- 96 reviews of Old-School Metal releases
- free DIY Compilation CD (19 Extreme Metal bands featured)
- first 50 copies ordered come with a free copy of INSETUS ZINE !

 Payments accepted as bank transfer or well hidden cash. Paypal payments available soon!

A list of Worldwide distributors will be published soon, looking for more distributors!

Slowly We Rot Fanzine #2 to be released this Autumn!

Bands / labels / zines into old-school metal get in touch for reviews/interviews/ad space through:

Deadline: 1st of August 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Words ov Nonexistence #4 (2010)

Words ov Nonexistence #4 (2010)
28pg, A5, xerox, English

Vasaeleth, Pek, Pure Evil, Kaosritual, Ithdabquth Qliphoth, Disjecta Membrae, Pestilentia, Lord Of Doubts, Mors Aeterna, Art Of Anticreation, Death Ritual, Verge, Innsmouth

Another zine from Belarus! I bought this at the same distro where I bought Caducifer. Another thing they both have in common is they also use the help from Lifeless Visions. "Fourth Word. Timeless Reign Of Death" is the title for this issue. Words ov Nonexistence is a small sized zine with some interviews are taken from previous issues (translated to English). I'm not exactly sure when they started doing this zine in English. Page #2, the editorial section is in the weirdest style I ever seen. Another weird thing is reading the zine in 'landscape' instead of 'portrait'. Weird doesn’t mean it is bad! I hope you know what I mean here. Small font size, cut & paste style with frame art and no space waste. The texts are arranged in 3 or 4 column per page. The overall layout is well organized. This issue will be double the size if they are not done this way. The line that separates the interviews looks like the Arabic word for 1. The pages are numbered but no table of content however there is a list of bands in alphabetical order at the editorial page. Only interviews and gig report made available in this zine. As the editor say it, "no freaky reviews and pathetic articles". Some of the questions are quite creative. I was tricked in Vasaeleth interview. My copy is hand-numbered #14/200. No contact address can be found here though but try Google the name of this zine. I found some distro selling this issue.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Caducifer #2 (2010)

Caducifer #2 (2010)
56pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Imynvokad, Abyssian Desolation, Dreaming Void, Satanic Apostate, Necroparthenophagy, Teutoburg Forest, Panphage, Deus Ignotus, VI, Fides Inversa, Sanctus Nex, Inconcessus Lux Lucis, Ocultan

Caducifer is a black metal zine from Ukraine/Belarus. Looks like pro-printed or factory printed but it can be good laser printing. Whatever it is, the quality is excellent! Info from the website says this issue which called "The Second Ceremony" is printed in 200 copies (mine hand-numbered #75). The zine has a table of content and the pages are numbered (in Roman). The layout is made by Kronum Masochist (Lifeless Visions. Email address: kronum.masochist at gmail dot com). The layout is simple 1 column per page but it still looks good. Different font types are used to differentiate the questions & answers. They are not using the typical font type. The first letter of every page is 'drawn' and has some 'decoration' around it. This makes it looks like ancient manuscript. The border/frame artwork is only available at the bottom of the page where the page number is situated. The reviews are long and are rated in scale of 10 (10 the best/highest point) arranged in alphabetical order. I saw Neftaraka & Omen being reviewed. Some articles also available: "Zos Kia Cultus", "Alternative to Tolkien", & "Black Metal and Enochian Magick". Both the editor (Fulgurius) and the bands are heavily into occult. Most questions are around this topic. The article "Black Metal and Enochian Magick" discuss about bands using Enochian themes. In this issue I came across with 'Religious BM' which is the first time I heard such genre exist. I think I haven’t heard all of the bands in this issue too. Not having contact address of the bands being interviewed cause a bit of disappointment in me. I know you are going to say "check Metal Archives!". OK. I will, after this.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dysplasia 'zine #1

Thanks for sending the news.

Dysplasia 'zine released it's issue #1. Below are the email I got. Check them out!

Dysplasia 'zine #1

Death Metal/ Brutal Death Metal/ Goregrind/ Grindcore specific fanzine.
60 pages, A/4 size, English language!


-Interviews: Agathocles (Bel), Amagortis (Swi), Machetazo (Spa), To Slay Devastation (Hun),Goblin Gore (Hun), Carcharias (Hun), Limb for a Limb (Hun),Gutted (Hun),Vile Disgust (Hun), Human Discount Records (Ita)

-Album reviews, fanzine reviews! Horror column; it: horror movie, horror magazine, horror comics-reviews!

Moreover interview with Ferenc Vozak (Mask maker and horror sculptor!)

-With Cd annex: Gutted Boots - Violence In The Fields CD-R (Dirty Goregrind/ Grindcore Music)

11€ / 15USD included world p&p! Trades are welcome!!

Paypal is possible just ask for details!

Exchange temporarily i don't care! Sorry

Picture attached!

Dysplasia 'zine