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Metal Punk Death #2 (April 2013)

Metal Punk Death #2 (April 2013)
44 pg, A5, xerox, English

Saccage, Midnight, Speedwolf, Whipstriker

Not much different from the debut issue which was released two month prior of this second issue. They add some artwork now and movie reviews (probably the longest review I ever read in a zine). I wish to correct 1 error: Witchhammer Prod is not from Malaysia, they are from Thailand.

Metal Punk Death #1 (Feb. 2013)

Metal Punk Death #1 (Feb. 2013)
36 pg, A5, xerox, English

Iron Dogs, Rev. Jimmy Sinn, Ironfist, Invierno Nuclear, Speedboozer, Dowager, Nightwolf

This zine have some interesting chat even with those short questions (thanks to the bands). Not to mention the xerox quality are excellent. But the layout totally fails in my opinion. Too simple and looks very dull which not suppose to happen in year 2013. Even using MS Word can produce better output than this. The zine have no page number and no table of content.

The reviews are rated out of 5 (for album) and they are not alphabetically arranged. They also have book review section.

The editor, Jonathan Lozo is assisted by 7 contributors and they are here for the long run. They offer subscription (you can ask more details from them). This zine is available for $4 per issue which each issue 150 copies print run.

I hope they can evolve to something better to near future.

c/o Jonathan Lozo
8C Knollsbrook Drive,
Ottawa, Ont. Canada, K2J 1K8



Encyclopedia Of Svensk DodsMetal

Encyclopedia Of Svensk DodsMetal
216 pg (excluding cover), 21cm x 29.5cm

Publisher: EDN
ISBN 978-8887555653

After placing order of Euro35, I was very afraid the mail will not pass the check by Malaysian custom official. Fortunately, it pass...unchecked..twice! Well, I bought this book twice, the first one is for a friend that uses my paypal account. Only after I looked at the book, I decided to buy my own copy. Honestly, I'm not a fan of book but I made a wise purchase here.

Yes, you have read lot of review of this book elsewhere. Now it’s my turn.

What I like about this book that the layout might not look like book, it has some fanzine look which is great. Beside this, the writer, Nicola Costantini, put not just pictures of scanned cover but also picture of the actual tapes. There are also logos, flyers, covers in every page. You can just look at these if don't like reading.

Probably all the bands in Sweden during 1988 - 1992 era is here. Not just the kvlt like Nihilist, Morbid etc but also 'underrated' one (the one I never heard before) like Macrodex, Gorement. There is bands index at the back which is very useful.

I read somewhere that there are 50 interviews in this edition. Many of them already r.i.p. and 20 years later, they answered the questions for this book. It is amazing to know that some people have good memory.

The chapters & the bands presented here:

Enter the Eternal Fire - Introduction
featuring Bathory

Before The Creation of Time - Pioneers
featuring Morbid, Merciless, + 4 more

Only Shreds Remain - Milestone
featuring Nihilist, Treblinka, Dismember + 10 more

Into Eternity - Near to Make It Real
featuring Lobotomy, Sorcery, Seance + 5 more

Sleep Forever - On Their Own
featuring Crypt of Kerberos, Eternal Darkness + 10 more

Disembodied Spirits - Underrated
featuring Macabre End, Mastication, Evocation + 6 more

Greeting Immortality
featuring Grosteque, At The Gates, Eucharist + 3 more

Erosive Offals - Genital Grinders
featuring General Surgery, Necrony, Crematory, Traumatic

Obsequies - Those Left Behind
featuring Abhoth, Utumno, Vomitory + 18 more

Eternal Leftovers - Last but not least
107 bands with short reviews of the stuff released with logos and some graphic.

This book ended with a section on vinyl called "Dark Recollections - The Collectibles". It's a list of 7" EP/MLP, whether it is the actual release or the one he have. Also have an interview with Opionate Records.

Mine numbered #302. This is the ultimate Swedish Death Metal Demo encyclopedia for now. There is another version being release and I saw a local distro having that. Hope they still have it when I have enough money to buy.

I bought Daniel Ekeroth's Swedish Death Metal after reading this. He presented different side of Swedish Death Metal which is quite interesting too.

I found a very long interview with the editor. Please read them.


The Black Vomit (Goatcult Perversion) #2 (2010)

The Black Vomit (Goatcult Perversion) #2 (2010)
52pg, A4, pro-printed, English


Warfist, Chainsaw Carnage, Zemial, Angel Butcher, Paganus Doctrina, Heretic, Bastard Christ, Imperial, Wargoat, Wind Of The Black Mountain, Black Torment, Motorpenis, Lustful, Tearstained, Rot, Grave Desekrator, As Vampiric Shades And Belial Winds, Acheronias, Ungod, Blasphemophager, Vociferian, War Command, Unholy Archangel, Capitis Damnare, Evil Incarnate, Draconia Infernum, Infernal Kingdom, Blackthorns, Thy Rites, Nocturnal Blood, Goatfago, Spellcraft, Hekseri/Witchblood, Morbid Moon Records, Ancient Rites, Miasthenia, Cursed Christ, Blaspherian, Adorior, Obeisance, Hammergoat, Monument Of Bones, Necronomicon Beast, Nokturne

Huge improvement on the layout and the interviews although some bands got few questions asked and this only consumed half of the page. That explains the huge number of bands in this issue.

This issue is a good example of computer layout but keep the 'messiness' of a cut n paste style. Lots of pictures are being used and not wasting any space. The texts are almost reaching the edge of the paper. The pages are numbered and have table of content.

The arrangement of the questions and answers are quite weird. Never seen like that before.

There is a Tribute to Sarcofago section, 1 page with people's opinion and 1 page excerpts of their interviews from various zine/mag including Deadhead from Malaysia.

This issue is limited to 500 copies. #3 will be the last issue which has been released more than a year now. Hope I can find some distro still selling #3 to complete my collection.

Hermyth #2

Hermyth #2
36 pg, A4, xerox, Malay/English

Sickness, Zarquum, Insacred, Narsamum, Mandatory, Goatlusting Chaos

Sakrilege, Tahdiyul Arwah, G.O.D.A., Purge The Arbitrator

Good to see this zine releasing their second issue. The xerox quality has improved. In this issue they have co-editors: Jamalie (Horror Distro) & Askwhat (Nusantarajim). But they didn't mention which person made which interviews except a few. You can see some interview style different with the other. The one with Mandatory by Askwhat is the best one here. There is also 1 page with 5 questions being asked to band/zine/individuals.

The reviews are 90% in Malay, covering audio & zine. They are not alphabetically arranged and not rated. The first page made by Jamalie. There is some using cut n paste style format. The zine review format is like mine which starts with format of the zine before getting to the review.

The layout is better than the first one but still plenty of typo error. The pages are numbered but no TOC. Mine hand-numbered #43. The only way to contact the editor is via snail mail. "Email, fuckbook, hellspace can fuck up" as said by the editor. There are also few distro selling this in facebook as well if interested to buy a copy.

c/o M.Azman Aziz,
Lot 941, Jalan Stulang Daeng,
Pulau Gadong,
75200 Melaka,

Metal Havoc #6 (Dec.2011)

Metal Havoc #6 (Dec.2011)
40 pg, A5, xerox, English

Apoy Ng Kamunduhan, Corrupt Insanity, Interment, Karimlan, Pathogen, Rabies, Sacrosanct, Trident Nation Zine, Traces of War


A half-sized zine that have some similarities with Necroscope. What both Nescroscope and Metal Havoc have in common? One of it is the zine is not stapled. Another one is there are plenty of info on their local scene.

There are no pictures at all in this zine. The only graphics are the front cover, the page frame/border and the name of the bands (which used blood-dripping font type). This probably the first and the best graphic 'minimalism' zine (borrowed this term from a zine I read somewhere) however it doesn't look dull or boring. It uses the right font type and size. 2 columns for interviews and 1 column for articles. No page number and no TOC.

Beside the good chat, there are articles to read as well. Some articles are in full page to 1/3 of the page and these short articles are nicely separated with lines/frame art. There reviews (audio and zine) are not rated and not alphabetically arranged. Some reviews have contact address. The editor also put reviews of band's releases at the interview of the band. Another interesting section to share is "From The Past Reborns The Storm". It sounds like review of old album but the editor said it is not. It's "a retrospective look on the impact on the editor".

A good issue to know Philippines metal scene. The price is cheap too. I'll check Karimlan for sure. Sounds interesting after reading their interview.

metalhavoczine at gmail dot com


From Beyond #6 (2000)

From Beyond #6 (2000)
32pg, fullsize, pro-printed, English

Necrophagia, Diabolic, Decayed, Darkthrone, Immolation, Morbid Angel, Vomitory, Nifelheim, Holocaust Cannibal, Machetazo, Macabre, Rebaelliun

Jeffry Dahmer

A short review from me. This zine is printed (1000 copies) and distributed by Red Stream. The pages are numbered and have table of content.

The layout is in 3 columns per page and using different font size/type for the interviews and reviews.

The reviews cover both audio and zine format. The zine review section, entitled "Messenger of The Underground", the reviews are not rated. However for CD reviews (The Crypt), rated out of 6 points with 6 being the highest. If the stuff got a cross symbol it's a "If Jesus had a discman he'd listen to this album" which means either it’s a bad release or non-metal stuff. The reviews are quite short and also have different section for demo releases but they are not rated.

An old issue but I still saw this on sale in some Ebay store.

Karisma 11 (Jan.2011)

Karisma 11 (Jan.2011)
60pg, A4, pro-printed, Malay

SYJ, Deadsquad, Claim The Throne, Impiety, Voltan, Suicide, Black Flag, Chaos UK, Militant Attack, Ventorior

This is a very old issue which I should have write something about them years ago. Anyway, I still want to write about them here. Actually I have written this article earlier but I saved it as a draft. So not to waste my effort, here is the outdated review ;-)

Well, since I have reviewed Empayar with Impiety on the front cover, so I choose this one for Karisma. Formerly known as Empayar, it later change its name to Karisma.

While Empayar sucks on the layout, this magazine improved a lot in their layout. It’s like Malaysia version of Terrorizer minus the free CD and minus the colorful advertisement.

The writers are very much similar to Empayar team except now there are more writers (as at this issue) from members of the band such Mistik, Unitheism, Bentara and many more.

Writing style is using 'standard' Malay language which is very important because it is distributed openly or the public will accuse us metalhead as 'perosak bahasa melayu' ('destroying' the Malay language by writing with improper grammar and vocabulary).

I'm not really a regular reader of this magazine but if I saw this at the news stand I will buy a copy. Everything is good if not perfect on the content. Hope they can have more stuff in the review section. Send your promo there ASAP!

The interview with Shyaithan is conducted by Intheran and with picture of pre-Impiety era 1989 in color. That’s rare!

This magazine supposed to be a monthly publication but lately they seem to have problem releasing it monthly. Frankly I'm not sure if this magazine is still exist. The official website no longer exist but they still update their facebook page.


Impact Drill #2 (2005)

Impact Drill #2 (2005)
48pg, A5, xerox, English

One Step Beyond, Barbatos

Scene Report
Sardinia, Hungary, India, Mecadonia

Another old zine that I bought from some distro. Just 2 interviews and the questions are not in-depth. Only 9 questions asked to Barbatos! What consume most of the pages here are the scene reports, gig reports and reviews. I really like the scene report though. The layout is clean and looks organized even with the cut n paste style (3 columns per page) except vinyl review section which is totally different style. Good xerox quality. No table of content and no page number. The reviews are separated to several section; album, compilation, demo, and fanzine and of course the infamous 'last minute' reviews.

Mine numbered #178.

c/o Semih Orhan

impactdrillzine at hotmail dot com