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Arosian Black Mass - MMXI (2011)

Arosian Black Mass - MMXI (2011)
48pg, A5, xerox, English

Ormgård, Mare, Acherontas, Sons Of Fenris, Hetroertzen, Tomhet, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, One Tail, One Head

This is an interesting publication. This booklet was given to all visitors of Arosian Black Mass MMXI that bought pre-sale tickets and also sold at the event. It features only the bands performing in this black metal festival. It is not a booklet I would say because looking at the number of pages it looks like a normal zine. The interviews (or excerpt of interview) are taken from various webzine or fanzine with a short bio of the band before the interview starts. The editor uses frame/border artwork in their layout and the arrangement are neat with clear laser printing. The table of content is made based on the order of the band performed including the time they supposed to be on stage and that is how the interviews are arranged in here. Having more band picture will make this booklet even better.

Unless you have read the interviews somewhere else, you might be disappointed with what you read here but I think that should not be the case since I am pretty sure there layout in both version are different. At least you can enjoy the different layout and of course having this in printed form is always better than web.

Some distro might have this for sale, together with t-shirts of the festival. Try your luck.

So what is Arosian Black Mass? They have website but if you don’t have time to read it there, I'll end this review with some info copied from the website.

Arosian Black Mass MMXI is a two day event of esoteric music and art held in November 11 & 12, 2011. This 2 days event took place in the city of Västerås (Arosia in Latin), Sweden (~100 km west of Stockholm).

Arosian Black Mass should be seen as an officially associated but independent continuation of the Nidrosian Black Masses, Trondheim Norway (Pt.I (2007), Pt.II (2008) and Pt.III (2010)).

"The intention with Arosian Black Mass is not to be another cliché and standard "Black Metal festival". The whole event will have its focus upon an esoteric process within which all participating artists will play key roles. The visitors shall expect a complete arcane impression through visions, audio and atmosphere. It is meant to be an extraordinary experience that they will never forget!"


Slowly We Rot #1 (2012)

Slowly We Rot #1 (2012)

40 pg, A4, pro-print, English

Nokturnal, Morgue Supplier, Naetu, Infernal Death, Executer, Master, Blaspherion, Blodarv, Funebria, Atomkraft, Necrophagia

Slowly We Rot is the name to be remembered when you are talking about zine from Transilvania at this digital age. Although this is the debut issue, the content is good if not excellent. The editor (Adrian) is also the man behind Pest webzine, which have been running for many years. So have no doubt on the quality of the interviews for this maiden issue. Some interviews are taken from the webzine and from their writers.

The layout mostly 2 columns and with simple line as page frame, very basic layout for me which is not that bad considering the good printing quality. I think with such printing quality, we can expect better layout with a bit more of graphic or artwork.

The review section cover audio format and compilation complete with band's logo in alphabetical order and rated out of 10. To fill up the space, they created "Rising Demons", short bio of new bands. So there are a lot to read between the pages.

This issue comes with free CD-r compilation with 19 bands and first 50 copies will get a free copy of issue #1 Insetu's zine (review elsewhere in this site).

At the moment they have released issue #3 with all the previous issues sold out and submission and advertisement for issue #4 have been open.

I still have some copies for trade. Contact me quick before they are gone.

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Legion Of Torture #3 (2011)

Legion Of Torture #3 (2011)

32pg, A4, xerox, English

Abhorrot, Caligula, Sartegos, Necrofagore, Demonic Cremator, Paganfire, Disinter, Croix Mortis, Evil Spectrum

The third issue of this Peruvian zine. Legion of Torture maintained the same size that they started from issue #2 (A4) and also the 'thickness' but don't be fooled with the amount of page (32 page only) because there are lot to read. Yes, small font size but not to the extent of torturing your normal eyes like Rites of Zygadena #1 ;-)

Lesser bands for this issue and no "Ladies of the Underground" too since only Demonic Cremator replied for this issue. Interviews lengths are varied, some maybe just 16 questions and some have 30 questions.

Reviews are very long which one of the thing I like in this zine. The reviews are separated by format and it covers both audio & zine. The reviews are numbered with number 105 as the last review. There are also 'last minute review' which uses band logo and I like this layout a lot. The reviews are not rated.

There are local gig report and a long report of Infernal Curse S.E.A. tour in Manila contributed by In Death We Thrash 'zine.

Overall, there is improvement on the layout because I don't like 1 column per page like in issue #2 because the text will too long in 1 line. Now with mostly 2 to 4 columns per page, there are OK. There are logos or artworks on the background and some with frame/page border. No TOC and page are numbered.

I have few copies for trade and all copies are hand-numbered. Contact me if interested or contact the editor. Check out the past reviews for the contact address.

Now it is 2013, more than 2 years have passed by. Maybe a new issue might be around the corner? I’m looking forward for the next one!

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Hellfukking Metal Fanzine

Received the flyers via email weeks ago. Contact the email below to get copies of this zine. Support!

Issue #2:
Abhorrot, Cruel Force, Nekromantheon, Anal Vomit, Death Invoker, Mockery, Bohemian Grove, Morbid Gods, Darkthrone, Almighty Sathanas, Grave Miasma, Black Crucifixion, Heptameron, Omega, Hades Archer

Issue #3:
Sadokist, Communion, Assassin, Midnight, Veinen, Black Feast, Destroyer666, Crucifixxx Sodomy, Assassin, Midnight, Ocean Of Zero, Black Grail, Slaughtered Priest, Bone Sickness and many more.

For price, trade, wholesale, etc contact the address below:

HFM Fanzine,
P.O.Box 18405,
54003 Thessaloniki,


Abysmal Scripture #6 (Sep.2007)

Abysmal Scripture #6 (Sep.2007)
30pg, A4, xerox, English

Heptameron, Swamp, Confinement, Medieval, Sempiternus, Kampf Records, Farasu, Hellish/Empheris, Merciless Crucifixion, The Wreckage

Scene Report

The final issue from Abysmal Scripture bundle sale. Not sure whether Al Fahmi release anymore issue after this. The zine delivers you all the content with the type of layout you already familiar with. The major improvement is now the zine is printed/xerox using laser printer. The pictures are crsytal clear!

There is a Rip Off list that I thought made by the editor but after reading further it is made by Nonoy of Paganfire.

To see a another issue will be great. DO let me know if you know #7 is on sale in any distro.

Last known contact address shown below.

c/o Al Fahmi
Yishun Central Post Office,
P.O.Box 420,
Singapore 917614.


Abysmal Scripture #5 (Jun.2006)

Abysmal Scripture #5 (Jun.2006)
38pg, A4, xerox, English

Faceit Out, Detrimentum, Slejpnir, Au Revoir, Zubirun, Heathen Hoof, Hormala Fanzine, Vomepotro, Nocturnal Graves, Crucifire, Akal Sari

A little bit off than the usual release month. The reviews are short now. Ear Pleasure is only 1 part (in #4, there are 3 parts) but there are more gore movies reviews this time. The rest are pretty much the same like the older issues except in the news section the font size are too small than normal.

Abysmal Scripture #4 (Jan.2005)

Abysmal Scripture #4 (Jan.2005)
40pg, A4, xerox, English

Imperial Hordes, Deadmoon, Thorn, Grabschander, Putridity, Prayer Book Zine, Vow Dreams, Desaster, Nefarious Azarak, Atavism, Litham/Lelahel Prod., The No Mads, Excarnated

Releasing 1 issue a year is quite impressive. Further improvement on the xerox quality. The layout style follows the one they started in #3. It will be great if both answers in Prayer Book interview shown here (what the hell I'm talking about here? that's for you to find out).

Before the release of this issue, Beast Petrify have just released "Webbed In Living Hell" so the editor (Al Falmi) take the chance in the interview asking the bands their opinion on his latest CD.

One thing that annoys me is having picture in the middle of the page (for the section with no column or 1 column). This is what I meant with 'this kind of arrangement' in #3. My old eyes have problem in joining back the sentence but probably this problem only applicable to me only :-)

The gore film & videos reviews are not as much as the previous issues. I noticed the editor added his comment at almost every answer which is good since he elaborate further the point of discussion.

Abysmal Scripture #3 (Jan.2004)

Abysmal Scripture #3 (Jan.2004)
40pg, A4, xerox, English

Parricide, Human Error, Argon, Nobody, Dick Stink, Germinale, Flesh Ripper, Carpe Noctem, Break The Silence, Rudra, Age Of Agony, Twilight Zone

"Intervisual Music Fanzine Emphasises On Gore & Metal!!!", how's that for the tagline? Exactly a year later, spawn another issue of Abysmal Scripture. The xerox quality is better than #2. There are few more changes. The obvious one is the back cover. The editor is now using 2 columns per page for interviews (no column for reviews). In the video reviews, the editor put some still image of the video but I honestly don't like this kind of arrangement.

The rest (writing style, etc) are still the same. There is a short intro before the interview and ended with the band's bio & discography. Back then it was sold with Still Supreme Chapter 3 Compilation tape.

Abysmal Scripture #2 (Jan.2003)

Abysmal Scripture #2 (Jan.2003)
60pg, A4, xerox, English

Atheist Fanzine, Suicidal Winds, Ghouls, Despairance, Agathocles, Surgical Dissection, Chainsaw, Shrunken & Mummified Zine, Bloodthirst, Noir Atasya, Juglans Regia, Maelstrom666 Zine, Dogface, Crystal Tears, Vrykolakas, Deadhead Zine

Scene Report

I got contacted by a distro and mentioned they have some copies of Abysmal Scripture for sale. That is a surprise for me. So here I am presenting another old issues here (even the staples have rusted badly) . I bought the debut issue when it was released many years ago. If my memory serves me right, the layout is pretty much the same. For your info, the editor of the zine is also in a thrash metal band called Beast Petrify.

The xerox quality is not at the best quality and I think the master copy are printed using bubble jet printer which does not give a sharp printing quality. The layout is made using standard MS Word functions (3 columns per page). The font size are small, the kind that I like. The pages are numbered and have table of content.

His English are great. Look at the name of the review section; Expressive Life Visionaries (video reviews), Bloodlusting Hunger for Dissection (horror/gore films), Ear Pleasure (music reviews) and Visional Thoughts (zine). The reviews are not in alphabetical order and they are rated. There is also a news section at the last pages of the zine and the scene report accompanied by band's logo and pictures.

If you look at the front cover, it is using laser color xerox/printing which I think a very rare at the time. And yes, you need full color if not the splatter for pictures on the back cover will lose it 'goriness' :-)

For contact address, read the review of the latest issue.

Inside Artzine #5 (1995)

Inside Artzine #5 (1995)40 pg, A4, pro-print, German

Tanja Bagusat (GER), Lomp (GER), Hadayatullah Hübsch (GER), Gabi Berndt (GER), Tuberkel (GER), Thierry Gayrard (FRA), Bogislav (GER), Andreas Thedens (GER), Gregor Beckmann (GER), Marcel Ruijters (HOL), Michael Schönauer (GER), Karl Vogel (A), Jenz (GER)

I bought couple of issue of this artzine to get a discount very long time ago. I wanted to check this mag after reading about it in Nobullshit zine (front cover # uses their art). I have no experience reading artzine before this. Thanks to the info on their website, I can copy and paste the list of artist in every issues here. I'm too busy at the moment as you can see from the number of my posting here but I don't want to waste my money by buying this mag by not sharing it with you all.

This is a very old issue. Still using DM as the currency! I can't really tell about what those articles are because they are written in German. Probably it's about the artist and those artworks/drawings belong to the artists featured in this mag. I like the half naked nun holding the cross upside down. Beside these there are some comic, poem and some flyers/advertisement. Layout wise, it look primitive (it's 1995 publication by the way). This issue is not comparable with the newer issue (the layout, content, printing quality, etc). The newer one are a lot better.

Info on other issues will be uploaded later, I hope.