Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nordic Vision #1-2008 (2008)

Nordic Vision #1-2008 (2008)
80 page, A4, pro-print, English

Craft, Amok, Beastcraft, Strange Dolls (Beth Robinson), Leviathan, Enslaved, Kill, Tyrant syndicate, Aura Noir, Xploding Plastix, Satyricon, SunnO)))

Actually the size slightly bigger than A4. Anyway, this issue came out after 8 years since the last issue released. We certainly think that the editor quit the scene or stay "low profile". But they are back now.

For the old readers of this mag, you will surely be surprised with this new issue. Nordic Vision have changed (evolve?) to something different, that looks "un-metal" on the layout department. Also look at the front cover, Frost is smiling (normally metal would look fierce or macho on photoshoot haha).

This time, gone all the fancy looking layout which we usually see in a music magazine. What you can see here layout that looks like a journal, very clean and normal looking (or boring to some). Picture here will normally take a one full page and I thinks this is kind of good and original too.
Even the editor is using different name now (real name, I assume).

Old follower of this mag might be dissappointed. No more "Soundcheck" and "Sex and Satan" (honestly, "Sex and Satan" is not important at all but its just nice to look at the boobs).

There's an article entitle "Headhunting in the Nineties", complete with interview with a (real human) headcollector.

About reviews in this mag, if I count it right only 3 stuff being reviewed (how can people count it wrong?)

Despite the changes, I'm looking forward for the next issue. Its the content that really matters. Take a look at the cover story, Satyricon. It is very long and interesting chat and the same goes for the rest of the bands and people interviewed here.

And ofcourse, 80 pages printed on thick paper which mean this is a heavy mag and will cost some extra money for a copy due to the postage.


Nordic Vision #17 (2000)

Nordic Vision #17 (2000)
64 page, A4, pro-print, English

Incantation, Hypocrisy, Tormentor, Wolfen Society, Hammerheart Records, The Electric Hellfire Club, Morbid Angel, Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Zyklon

Another old issue that I bought together with other previous issues which I already reviewed before. If not mistaken, this is the last issue before Melankol-X "quit". This last issue has the best layout compare with all previous issues. It also looks like the same bands keep on apprearing in this mag. That's is not a bad thing because they are good anyway and worth reading their updates.

Other changes beside the layout is "Sexit" (previously know as "Sex & Satan"), and in addition to that to satisfy those perverts in the scene is the pull-out poster of naked ladies. Or if you dont like it, you can choose Maniac of Mayhem on the other side of the paper hehe. Oh yes, another hightlight is the picture collage of sexy girls partying and celebrating the 1st anniversary of "Sex & Satan", with Shagrath being massage by the girls. They made this in the center page for you to pull it out and put the wall if you want to.

"Fan mail" is back, and have 1 letter from Malaysia!

Regular columns such as "Soundcheck" & "Underground Avenue" is still here. "Underground Avenue" is a section where demo & vinyl is being reviewed (which I forgot to mention in my previous review).

In "Soundcheck", beside Fenriz, Frost, Samoth, Satyr & Shagrath, they invited a Finnish reader to rate the releases. Based on marks given, Guidance of Sin's "6106" is the worse release for this issue while Red Harvest's "Cold Dark Matter" is the best. Damn! Satyr is really hard to satisfy. 5 is the highest point he ever give out of 10.

Talking about Satyr (of Satyricon), he have his own column called "Megaphone Corners", which is new in Nordic Vision. In this issue Satyr gave his opinions on various subjects.

There are some live reports in Oslo (Cannible Corpse, Red Harvest, Iron Maiden). For some reason, not much fun reading them probably because I'm not into the bands.

But the last pages on the mag caught my attention is "World Domination". It has info on the print-run of Metallian, Close-up, S.O.D., Terrorizer, Metal Rules, Legacy & Nordic Vision and wanted to inform us they are dominating the metal press. Very big ambition. Most of the magazine still exist today but they probably dominate their local scene, not the world.

This is issue is for die-hard fans. Ludah Prod. probably have few copies left for sale.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Short, Fast + Loud #20 (2008)

Short, Fast + Loud #20 (2008)
88 pages, full size, pro-printed, English

Mind Of Asian, Flag of Democracy, ANS

I got hooked up with this mag because the local distro selling it says this is thrash zine. Only later after ordering the zine I got to know mag covers mostly 'non-commercial' hardcore/punk/grind.

Layout are OK but I dont like this kind of 'newspaper' printing. It will make your hands dirty after you finish reading.

The features of this zine:
Section "Gimme 5" where in this issue they asked 5 "toughest punks who could kick most ass",
12 page section called "Column", features articles of various topics and

there are reviews that cover noise stuff, demo (named as "Mosh of Ass"), other audio stuff (EP, CD, etc). Although its punk/hc zine, you see some BM stuff reviewed and some BM stuff being advertised here.

And after all that sections, come the interviews. Not the typical sequence you would normally see because most zine/mag put the reviews after the interviews.

But only 3 interviews? Is the interviews very long and indepth? Not really because Mind of Asian interviews are very short but that could be language problem.

Beside the reviews, other thing that make this zine 88-pages thick is the 20 page of advertisement. There's good and bad of this (lots of pages on ads). I think its good to see all those flyer and front cover artwork in pro-print but if you ordered this zine from outside USA, the postage price will be a problem at least for poor people like me haha.

This zine is released by Six Weeks Records. You can check out the cool stuffs released by this label beside info on past and present issue of this zine.

225 Lincoln ave.
U.S.A. 94931



Thursday, September 16, 2010

Burning Abyss #6 (2008)

Burning Abyss #6 (2008)
56 page, A4, pro-print, English

Underdark, Mandatory, Bloodwritten, Panzerfaust Zine, Apocalyptic Visions, Throneum, Dead Congregation, Death Breath, Nomad, Manticore, Vulcano, Inseminator, Repossession, Afgrund

I saw the flyers for this issue. The urge to buy this zine growing bigger day by day. Fortunately some copies are available from Domain Zine distro and bought a copy. A very good issue in terms of presentation & and the content. Layout is very professional made by Wisdemon (, not a single page have white background. Add that with the good content, then you have a great zine! Logo created by Szpajdel.

Maciek (the editor) is assisted by some writers (Hydrant, and also Sascha of Germany's Mandatory). As said by the Maciek, #6 is using different format and language. I'm guessing the previous issues is a xerox/photocopied-type of zine and is written in Polish. A wise change I must say. Maciek's english is much better than me and certainly not in the "kamikaze english" style hehe.

Most bands featured here are Polish bands (either the interviews or the reviews) which is great for us to discover and learn more on Polish metal scene.

Some columns which I think a regular feature in this zine: "News from the Abyss" (news section, ofcourse), "Reviews from the Abyss" (Audio reviews in alphabetical order, separated to two parts. Second part for stuff start with the letter M), "Burning Classics" (review for late 80's to mid 90's stuff) and "Burn Metal Press" (zine review)

My copy is hand numbered 399/500 but I think already sold-out by now.