Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eternity #19 (2001)

Eternity #19 (2001)
76 pg, A5, pro-print, German

Ancient Rites, Sceptic, CSSO, Melechesh, Legacy, Katatonia, Alastis, Logar's Diary, Obligatorisk Tortyr, Forgotten Silence, Comma, Mangled, Circle of Grief, Anata, Trauma, The Awakening, No Return, Rebellion, Deranged, Enter My Silence, Mirror of Deception

This is the last issue that I have in my collection. Not sure whether I will get their newer issues (probably I will when I understand German). I think having 4 issues as introduction of this good magazine is enough for me.

I noticed there's a section called "Crossfire" (featured in last issue too). Not sure how that's work but I saw some reviews there.

Check out the web. They put a lot of stuff there.

Eternity #18 (2001)

Eternity #18 (2001)
76 pg, A5, pro-print, German

Belphegor, Blackend, Failed Humanity, Grim Force, The Prior's Diary, Defender, Neglected Fields, Harmony Dies, Legion, Festering Flesh, Pain of Salvation, Night In Gales, Kalmah, Dark Moor, Lykathea Aflame, Profanity, Hatred, Crawlspace, Houwitser, Abigor

Damn! When I checked their website, there’s no info available about this issue (and also the next one that I have). It will be easier if I can copy and paste. Above are interviews and the rest (layout, etc) I don’t see any major changes except for "Soundcheck" by 6 writers (with picture of them too). You know how that works, right? I don't think I need to explain further.

Profanity interview is the longest so far I've seen in Eternity. Plus they also put their mail-order list (CD) in the magazine.

Eternity #14 (2000)

Eternity #14 (2000)
88 pg, A5, pro-print, German

Depraved, Death Sentence, Anorexia Nervosa, Penumbra, Krisiun, Sleeping Gods, Defaced Creation, Throne of Chaos, Asphyx, Abrogation, Primordial, Grief Of Emerald, Godstone, Ritual Carnage, Fleshcrawl, Opera IX, Impure, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Mourning Caress, Legacy Of Hate, Final Cry, Sacrificial

Layout-wise, the content and almost everything keeps the style they did in #10. It's 'love or hate' thing. If you like the old issue, you might like this one. Anyway, this zine is released regularly every 3 month or so. You should expect any major changes like other pro magazine.

Eternity #10 (1999)

Eternity #10 (1999)
76 pg, A5, pro-print, German

Inner Grostesque, Satariel, Obscure Disaster, Blazing Eternity, Nile, Trail of Tears, Solar Spine, Vanitas, Evoke, Dying Fetus, Gone Sadness, Vintersorg, Forgotten Silence, The Crown, Mangled

I managed to get some issues of this magazine. Curious to know how this zine/mag looks like, so I bid in Ebay (my first ever bidding for this kind) and won. I suspected this mag is in German because the seller write to me in German (I didn't make any research about this magazine before and no info mentioned it's written in German). How true it was. A small sized magazine written all in German. I don't understand anything but I can always learn a thing a two.

I'm amazed at the layout. Unlike Grrrl Rebel (DIY zine, review elsewhere), this is pro-printed desktop publishing layout. Small in size but able to make few columns per page and still look very nice (like looking at normal magazine, except this one is small). And I have to compromise the picture size, some are really tiny. I'm sure many people will not like this.

And yes, CD sampler available too. All info you need about the songs/releases available on page 4 including the front covers.

About the content, some that I noticed are reviews; "Hard Stuff" (demo reviews, no front cover artwork and not rated), fanzine reviews (they are made in the layout that looks like newspaper. Very original concept. Other reviews are rated and some are placed in between interviews (as space filler) besides gathering them in on section called "Im Plattenladen".

Thank goodness we have Google translator! I type some words and I got to know there's also a book review in a section called "Die b├╝cherecke". And I got to know some other words too. Hail Google!

Other 'ingredients' are letters from readers, gig report, etc like other normal magazine will have. Special for this issue is probably "Dekade der Ewigkeit", celebrating 10 years of Eternity mag.

Looks like a good magazine especially when they featured some unknown bands.

I got 3 more issues (but not in chronological order) and those reviews will probably be the shortest I made.


Thrash Attack #8 (2010)

Thrash Attack #8 (2010)
88 pg, A5, xerox, English

Witchtrap, Harbinger, Commando Nuclear, The Force, Division Speed, Necronomicon Beast, Revenge, Savage Grace

Layout-wise and almost everything is like the previous issue (go read my reviews of their old issues if you haven't).

Audio reviews are separated into few parts in the zine (between the interview) but zine review have its own section although the quantity of the review is not that many compared with the previous issues.

The reviews accompanied with their front cover but the xerox quality is too dark. So putting the front cover is not useful. On some of the pages, lower part of the page can't be read probably truncated due to xeroxing. Those are the negative points of this issue.

One thing that I like is the gig reviews @ "Live Attack". There are a lot here and it is written like diary. Enjoy reading that.

And lastly, a page promoting his label, Dying Victims Production that already release some tapes but unfortunately most of it already sold out.

In this issue also start adding non-thrash bands. The editor, even considering changing the name the name of the zine and ask the opinion of the readers.

If you want to contact the zine or the label, take note of the new email address. Flo also changed his mailing address so please ask the new address before sending anything.

thrashingvictims @ gmail . com

Hellthrashing #3 (2009)

Hellthrashing #3 (2009)
52 pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Schizo, Hellish Crossfire, Future Tense, Pyoveli, The Wizard, Warth, Infernum Serpest, Self Desecrator (artwork artist), The Ana Frank Pimps, Procession, Force of Darkness, Hades Archer, Atomic Aggressor, The Krushers, Retaliador, Assaulter, Attacker Bloody Axe, Battalion, Ruins, Bathory (originally published in Morbid Mag. 1989), Antichrist, Baphomet's Blood, Medieval, Nocturnal, Hour of 13

A Brief History of Chilean Witchcraft
Tape Trading vs MP3
Darkside of The Universe (no title actually, I just took the name of the seminar mentioned in the article)
Old, Rotten, Buried Chilean Scene
Blood UK Report

The new issue and in full zine form! A good format change. It keeps the tradition of their previous issues which is cut n paste and, ofcourse "The one and only fanzine that doesn't waste space on a cover". The zine starts and ends with interviews. Original concept heh? Pages are numbered and have table of content too. To be honest, I didn't expect this at first but 52 pages thick need TOC to keep it organized.

One thing I found missing is the contest (go read my older reviews). Not missing is using so many small pictures on the background. That really takes a lot of time to do that. I hope no fingers are injured in the process. The result is great, especially on the Chile scene report.

Some humors are there, as usual. Photos of Spice Girls and Margaret Thatcher on UK scene report are among the highlight. On Retaliador & The Krushers’s interviews, you need to flip the zine to read it. Not sure whether that is part of the humor but I think some might get pissed off with this.

Some interviews are short and some are old interviews taken from editor's old zine, Warzone. Quite numbers of bands are from Chile, so you can get familiar with the present Chilean scene.

Reviews cover all formats and combined in one section. 8 pages are used for this and the reviews are not rated. Reviews are short sometimes whether the stuff is good or bad.

My copy is hand numbered #158 but I'm not sure how many is being printed. I bought this in early 2010; hopefully some copies might be available for sale. The postage really kills!

The old address might not be valid now so please email them first.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rites Of Zygadena #1 (2009)

Rites of Zygadena #1 (2009)
16 pg, A4, pro-print, English

Stillborn, Magnus, Mythological Cold Towers, Infernal Execrator, Throneum

There was time when I 'wander' in Myspace searching for zines as well to get as much 'friend' (that sound trendy but I don’t have time for that know). I'm glad I got in touch with the editor, name himself as Kreator, but I waited until issue #2 released. And I'm lucky issue #1 is still available.

This is no ordinary debut issue or the editor is some newbie. Let me copy the words from his 'flyers': "Die Hard Metal Fucker for over two decades!!!! And that's the way I'm gonna die!!!! Once a drummer of AMAZEROTH (Death/Doom Metal - Poland). Once an Editor of ELIGOR'zine and SILENT TEARS'zine (6 issues spawned between 1992 and 1999). Now after over 10 years break in my editorial activity I'm coming back with new underground magazine - RITES OF ZYGADENA!!!!".

Not much to add, experienced editor do know how to ask good questions and kept you reading from start till the end (Magnus is very long interview). The same goes to the layout. Computerized layout which look like a pro-magazine (although no page number & table of content). Glossy cover, very good B&W printing (I saw laser zerox give the same result like this though).

Except for the small fonts (not many will use this kind of size) which is unusual. If not for the small fonts, the size for this issue can be double or triple. I'm not used with this kind of size but still readable, at least for me. That Absu review is the smallest I've seen a in zine.

Reviews are rated and not separated to specific section/format. Stuffs reviewed are current releases and also some old LPs.

This is a free zine. You just pay for postage. I remember in the 90's there are zines giving his zine for free including the postage but doing that in this millennium, you have to be very rich. Postage killz these days.

Given free is bootleg-CDR. As I ordered 2 issues (including the new issue) and I have mixed up the CDRs. So I'm not sure which one belongs to which issue. But I like the one with SADNESS demo. I only heard a track from this band in some compilation tape in 90's. Now having the chance to listen to whole demo is like 'walking down the memory lane' ehehe.

Other than that are some gig report & pictures of tombstone by Kreator. There are some typo error which is forgivable hehe.

I saw in Nov. 2010, all issues is available in HHR’s mail-order. Add in a copy of this zine when you are shopping at HHR.

P.O.Box 1364
Yorktown Heights
NY 10598

ritesofzygadena @ gmail . com


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chaos #15 (2009)

Chaos #15 (2009)
80pg, A4, pro-print, English

Amon Amarth, Exmortem, Behemoth, Seance, Book of Black Earth, The Ugly, Vader, Pulverised Records, Evocation, Vacant Coffin, Hate Eternal, Unanimated, Sinister, Resurrection, Rogga Johansson, The Crown, Machetazo, Darkness By Oath

The fact I didn't mention earlier is I bought #14 together with #15, to save money on postage even though I already bought #14 before (strangely, its not hard for me to re-sell this mag). The first thing I did when I got the package is I looked at the front cover (nice artwork!) and notice tombstone with band's name on it. One of it is for Chaos magazine and engraved on the surface "Here Lies Chaos...". I said to myself, "will this be the final issue?".

After reading the editorial, it seems this might be the final issue. Although Joe Black will not retire totally because he still run Joe Black Records.

There’s not much to say about this issue. I already said a lot in my previous reviews. It keeps all the tradition they introduce since #13. So we will have another fine issue.

There are also too many reviews this time (the mag also have some writers). A good thing having some writer is they can review the stuff fairly according to their music style that they know more. Probably if Joe Black reviews the Dark stuff, they will sure get very low points. Anyway, since they separated the reviews according to the music style, I choose to skip the genre I don't like.

The highlight for me is the interview with Pulverized Records. I really wanted to know more about this label from Singapore. They have released Amon Amarth's 1st (mini) CD and that is some kind of history in the modern metal scene (especially when speaking about Amon Amarth and their viking thingy).

Given free this time is a card game. I, as a true black metaller (heheh), find this game quite funny. Some people might find this as ridiculous.

Oh yeah, when you see Rogga in the list, you'll know it will cover his bands. That means you can read about Paganizer, Ribspreader, Carve, Demiurg, Putrevore, Bone Gnawer. So many pages are dedicated to this talented madman.


Chaos #14 (2008)

Chaos #14 (2008)
80pg, A4, pro-print, English

Asphyx, The Black Dahlia Murder, Evocation, Profundi, This Ending, Gorefest, Detonation, Demonical/Centinex, Deathvokation, Suffocation, Lay Down Rotten, Nominon, Haemorrhage, Death Breath, Eroded, Dead Congregation

I already sold my copy of #13 and now I couldn't find a distro that have a copy to sell. Instead of waiting further (I think its nice to review stuff in chronological order), let just go to the next issue that I have. As I already told you, #13 is my first issue of this great magazine. Believe, when you read #12 and look at #13, there are huge improvement in the layout department. If I remember it right, the text of Amon Amarth interview are designed/layout that it will look like a Viking ship.

It took 2 years for #14 (entitled "Beyond The Grave") to be be released and the result is not disappointing at all. Really heavy stuff here, a lot to be read. Issue #14 still continue the same style of its previous issue. The layout is computerized but not the usual kind of layout. And to have the text on black background is of course, great for me.

I read some review about the newer issues of Chaos regarding the layout which is too unconventional (you have to flip the magazine on some interviews) but that is not a big problem for me. I think its creative and certainly not 'chaotic' as some might said.

The 'reading material' is interesting as always. Not much to comment here. Interviews are nicely done and really in-depth sometimes. The reviews also follow the same style which is separated to its genre and yes, "Hail to Sweden" is also available.

One changes that I noticed is Joe Black (the editor), change the name of this 'song-guessing game' (like Terrorizer's "Hard of Hearing", a song is being played and people guess from which album/band the song is from) from Goteborg Deathmix to Stockholm Deathmix. I think you can guess, this time the game focus more on bands from Stockholm. The 'celebrities' involved are from Dismember, Unleashed, Grave & Entombed.

And not to forget, a free CD sampler although I think this is not important.

Probably the last copies might be available for sale.