Monday, December 22, 2014

Swedish Death Metal Book

Daniel Ekeroth's Swedish Death Metal
447 pg, 17cm x 24cm, English

My second big metal music book after Nicola's which I bought earlier. Unlike Nicola, this book looks 'academical'. The layout is like a normal book. A bit dull like school text book. You can't compare these two books (beside the layout) because they offer different content.

My copy is already the third print (2011).

The book cover the history from Punk to BM, the scene in Sweden (Upsala, Stockholm, etc), the labels supporting Swedish bands, A to Z list of death metal bands (writer's view on the band, info on line-up, discography).  Of course there are lots of pictures too as well as old flyers, demo covers. Beside these, the book also covers fanzine and 'cast of central characters', individuals which contribute or important in Swedish scene.

All these are cramped in 2 columns per page with small font size in hundreds of pages.

Is this book is important for a heavy metal fan? My answer is YES especially for death metal fans. I can just flip through the book and look just at the pictures if I don't want to read.

My next book will be Voices Of The Darkside. It will cost me nearly MYR500 a copy including registered postage. Oh my...


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