Monday, August 8, 2016

Morbid Abominations #2 (2011)

Morbid Abominations #2 (2011)
44 pg, A4, pro-print, English

Funeral Goat, Maniac Butcher, Sadomator, Ysengrin, Ravencult, Impure Worship, Satanic Warmaster, Morbosidad, Dead Congregation, Mitochondrion, Tundra, Mortem Zine, Communion

Grom, Black Feast, Blut Aus Nord (own words by Dalihrob)

In this second issue the layout is the same like the debut issue except that the frame art kills this time as you can see. Some flyers to fill up the space at end of the interview. The pages are numbered and have table of content, as usual.

The editorial this time consist of PB, and writers Dalihrob, Werwolfthron, Xalpian and contributors RLF & Behherit. Again, a very entertaining read. This issue was among the first interview with Barbarud of Maniac Butcher since their 'resurrection' that I read. Used to trade Malaysian metal with Pussy God's releases and bought Abhorer & Impiety 7" from his mailorder during my high school year. BTW, I bought this zine like 5 years ago. Read many other interviews since then.

The reviews covers music format and zine. They are not rated, arranged in alphabetical order and the format are stated. There's Deadhead zine review, a very long review by Xalpian. Beside reviews, there is also report on Deathkult Open Air (Germany).

Unfortunately this zine already sold-out but I still have some copies left for trade.

No news on the new issue when visiting their website. The label however is very active.


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bonecrunch #3 (2000)

Bonecrunch #3 (2000)
36 pg, A4, xerox, English

Nile, Cenotaph, Bones Brigade, Prophecy, Regurgitation, Flatulation, Razorback Records, Anticipate, Cerebral Turbulency

Another 'pre-owned' zine I gladly add to BsV archive. There is contact address in here but I can't read it. Not sure the origin of this zine.

The zine is not stapled. There are some layout with white text on white background or black text on dark background making them hard to read. No page number and no table of content. Layout is a bit messy but after a while I can deal with it. Not much pictures is used here. The layout on the review section is better. The printing of the mastercopy and the xerox quality can be made better.

The interviews are good. The review section only cover music format (separated by formats; album, 7" and demo). They are not rated and not alphabetically arranged.

One of the interesting read here is the article on rip off, named as "Rip Off Denunciation Department". Among the dishonored cunts here is a place called "Le Crockmore" in France which ripping off bands performing there. This is new for me. Usually rip-off section only list label, bands etc which didn't send the stuff we order or trade but here they widen the scope of rip-off.

Some info missing for me to update here is the zine contact address. Anyone having this info, do contact me.

Cranial Impalement #1 (2001)

Cranial Impalement #1 (2001)
24 pg, A5, xerox, Italian/English

Brodequine, Cripple Bastards

Bought a 'pre-owned' (new term I discovered recently to replace the word 'second-hand'). Just curious to see how the zine looks like and add to BsV archive.

The zine is written in English & Italian. The editorial is made in 2 language (Italian/English). No page number and no table of content. Very basic computer layout. There are some flyers to fill up the page. The questions are 'simple and easy' type. Xerox quality can be made better. 

The reviews are short and they are rated. They cover music reviews (plenty of them!) but didn't mention the format. From the stuff reviewed, the zine support brutal death/gore/grind scene. Well, you can already guess that from the name of the zine too.

The fuck off list includes Heavy Metal music (maybe because of the normal vocals?) along with priest and religion.

Not sure the email still working or not. If you know any info on the zine, leave your comment here.

analstench at libero dot it

Discarnage #2 (2014)

Discarnage #2 (2014)
68 pg, A5, xerox, Malay/English

Funereality, Muntah Darah, Acid Knight, Structure Fire Records, Mu-Aru, Brood Carnage, Mental Distortion, Rotgut, Disgraved, Kimar Records/Perantaraan Zine

Issue #2 of this zine from Sabah. The name changed? It was Dis-Carnage in #1. In this issue it is spelt as Discarnage. Anyway, compared with the debut issue, obviously you can see the size is 3 times thicker. Still maintain the cut n' paste style but this time using less background pictures. The editor replace this with black background which looks nice too when you can make it in this kind of photocopy quality. The text print and the pictures are still in the same quality like the previous one.

Also in this issue, there are few bands from outside Malaysia and these are in English. The rest of the content are in Malay.

The reviews are separated in 2 sections, simply named as CD/Tapes/7" reviews & zine reviews. All are not alphabetically arranged and not rated. Unlike in issue #1, they are named 'Rot 1', 'Rot 2'.

Other than this there are also gig report and articles.

The gig report is on Sickening Art Vol. 6. Just a simple review of the band perform and the whole setlist by the bands.

The are articles are interesting too. One is about "Metal Punk Death Squad (MPDS)" and the best of 2013 Death Metal demos (from the editor's own collection). The best of 2013 features the front cover artwork, a short review and they are rated. On the last pages also having short section on Morbid Bastard Records (short review of the label's releases. And lastly on the last page is their distro list.

Of all the interviews, Kimar Recs is the longest one. Very interesting chat. Unfortunately it is in Malay. Other interesting one is with Structure Fire Records, featured using the original hand-writing.

I am not sure how many copies was made for the first print. The one I have now is the second print (in March 2015, made in 50 copies, hand-numbered). In this second print, the editor used different front cover and different editorial. The front cover arwork is made by Frank (Sir, You Die). If not mistaken, Frank also drawn my Enslaved In Blackness blog logo (like 10 years ago) but I can be wrong. My hotmail email account was hacked and lost the details.

All copies are hand-numbered. I have #32 to #36. I think I will keep #36.

Contact the editor now for info or to purchase a copy. Or if you are lucky enough I might have some copy left.

dis_carnage at yahoo dot com