Friday, June 25, 2010

Nermun #8 (2009)

52 page, A4, xerox, English

EvilDead Prod / Bestial Hordes, Nefarium, Krypt, Purgatory, Lecherous Nocturne, Possessed, Jasad, Putrid Pile, The Great Kat, Hereafter

1349, Barbalans

This is one of the earliest zine in Sabah! I was informed that this issue took years to complete (so that's explain why some content look outdated in 2010). The editor, AR Kid helped by some contributors finally manage to release #8. Xerox quality is excellent! Lets go to the layout. All the interviews have background image or grey color background. Printing quality are excellent so its nice to look at those sexy pictures on the background. The font for the interview are too big for me but review section use the reasonable size and looks better. The page are numbered but no table of content however on page 3 have sort of a summary of the content of this issue. The reviews are rated and mostly have the front cover. Reviews on audio stuff specially named as "Loudblast" and there's also fanzine review. Most zine have news section and the same with Nermun too. Only different is this zine have special section for fanzine news report. I enjoy a lot reading the EvilDead interview but cant say the same with the others. This issue hand numbered, limited to 100 copies only. Mine #3! And also comes with CDR sampler with DVD-size booklet. The editor also play in a band and have few releases out. You might want to check that too when asking about this zine.

Ahmad Ramdhan,
City Apartment,
Block F / F-16-02,
Kiansom Road, 88450 Inanam,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,



Evil's Best #3 (2009)

100 page, A5, xerox, English

Darkthrone, Dawn of Wolves, Bloodsoul, Beerage, High Spirits, Infernal Assault, Warhammer, Nocturnal, Children of Technology, Abazagorath, Heretic, Iron Kobra, Riotor, Death Invoker, Atomic Agressor

Issue #2 was made available again together with #3 so I ordered both issues. Looking at the new issue, the editor maintain almost all the things I said for the previous issue. Good chat I must say, again! Only things that changes is less picture is presented here, although the reviews still have the front cover. If you just flipping through the zine, you will think its have a very long interview but it is not. Reason is band's picture or logos are made as the background for the interview so you see no break between one interview to another. Some interviews still have some pictures tough. So dont worry, your eyes will not get tired looking at text only. One thing I forgot to mention in my previous review. The reviews, it written there the formats available of that release but the editor didnt mention whether he is reviewing CD version or LP version of that release (you know, some format got extra song and such). I dont know other English-written zine from this land and currently this zine is the best so far. Probably hard for other to beat. I still wondering about the Israeli bands mention in issue #2. Do they really make "fake" releases???

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Evil's Best #2 (2008)

92 page, A5, xerox, English

Hod, Superchrist, Strident, Morbid Tendency, Crushing Jackhammer, Recrucify, Thrash Storm, Apokalyptic Raids, Sacrificial Blood, Tangorodrim, Golgolot, Gehennah, Dead To This World, Ancient Rites

My first ever mail from Israel. I got mixed reaction before I ordered this zine. I thought our government might confiscated my mail and I could be probably boycotted by the local metalhead. Haha. Some imagination (but not so sure about the second one). Should politics be mixed? Well, at least this zine doesnt. It also feature band from neighbouring country, Lebanon (both country involve in war few years ago). This is the first issue written in English. A very well-layouted zine, page are numbered and have table of content. There's no border artwork and such, the layout looks clean done with computer. Almost every page have pictures although sometimes not related with the band. Example if the band say Clint Eastwood, you'll see his picture haha. Almost all reviews have the cover art as well. Well-done on the visual aspect. The content are much more interesting. The Q & A are done "live" so its very interactive, informative (the bands answered it quite long too) and with some humour in the questions as well. (if not "live", then it sure looks like a normal chat to me). I will never asked about band's bio to band like Ancient Rites (already read lots of intie bout this band since mid 90's) but Gunther very well summarized their bio. About the reviews, all formats are combined together, rated and not arrange in alphabetical order. There's also concert reviews, label's guide and address list of the bands/label featured in the zine compiled into one page. In this issue, you can discover some Israeli bands (I only know Salem, Orphaned Land & Melechesh). The editor will answered back if the band said "No" when asked about Israeli metal scene. So you'll have sort of a small scene report here and there. And the most important one is Tangorodrim (special feature in this issue, called "Tangorobituary" with interview and reviews). I'm also pleased to know Golgolot is a Hebrew word for "skull" (I thought of somebody teasing Gorgoroth after all the soap opera created by this band haha. The editor also run a label and have some release out. So also ask about that when contacting them.