Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Evil Assault #1

64 page, A4, xerox, English

Metal Savage, Eternal Devastation, Oppression, Nunslaughter, Witchaven, Infernal Demon Zine, Victimizer, Bloodthirst, Evil Army, Ironfist, Darkness Against Light Zine

They surely proud having their vinyl signed by Tom. You can assumed that after looking at the front cover of this zine. This debut issue is very different compared with other zine that I have read from Siam. The editor English is as good as mine hehe. What we have here is a cut n paste xerox publication with an OK xerox quality. Some pictures are a bit dark though but that is just a matter of personal taste. The interviews can be made better I guess but I think they will improve that in their next issue. For example question about band bio, most band dont like this question though. You can see some band's respond to this question, not really a friendly one. Surely there are other creative way to get it. The zine is thick, due to the large font used here (postage can be saved here). Being a cut n paste format, some more pictures/graphic can be used for the background. The inner front/back cover, have this cool picture collage of Thai (probably) metalheads as well as Gezol performing on stage which you can see some of his testicle haha. No table of content but the page are numbered... in Thai! Nevertheless, its still a good read. I have no doubt, there will be some progression for the next issue. I got this copy from Domain Zine distro. Syaiful might have some copies left (if paypal is your payment mode). For you that want to buy the snail mail way, please contact the editor for address.



Monday, October 12, 2009

Die You Poser #2 (2009)

34 pages, letter, xerox, English

Ancient Horns, Nadiwrath, Pathogen, Riotor, Yawa, Deiphago, Necrovomit, Sacrosant, Diobolical Holocaust, Paganus Doctrina, Retaliate, Sadomator, Temple of Adoration Zine

Another zine, cursed with Sickness666 art on the front cover. "Philippines Anti-Poser Publication" returns with the second issue. I haven't seen the first one, hopefully they have some copies for sale for people like me who missed their debut. About this issue, I wish the xerox quality is as good as the quality of the front cover. The layout, purely made by computer (probably except the last 3 page, just flyers) with 3 columns per page. This is the first time I see this kind of style. The interview starts from column one and once the interview ends (let say ends at half of column three), editor continue with the new interview at that column with only some pictures or band logo (size reduce to fit in 1 column) separating the interviews. Do you get what I mean? If not, buy it haha. No intro on the interviews though and some bands dont have the contact address (well, this might not be a problem with people having internet. Just go to Metal Archives!). Some interviews are quite interesting, especially Pathogen (the Philippines one). I think in all interviews I read so far, this band never fails to give us a good read. Review here are only audio stuff (CD, CDR, tape). Pages are numbered and include table of content as well. After reviewing this zine, I ponder whether I should change the "format" that I use at top of this review. Should I just put it "half size" (for size smaller than A4) and "full size" for A4/'letter' size @ 8"x11" paper. Of yes, you got it right. This is my first letter size zine haha. Maybe the size is a bit thin but you still need to support this one! The front cover artwork is so cool!!!!

c/o Ace Moradante
Ph. 1 Blk 17 Lot 6 Roseville Subd.
8000 Davao City


Thursday, October 8, 2009

From Human To Insane #2 (2009)

60 pages, A5, xerox, English

Hereafter, Mortuary Ancestor, Pathogen, Inside, Hellish, UGH, Sabbatical Rites, Barbalans

Another Sabahan zine to be reckoned with, manned by editor Fauzie and co-editor Firdaus (now ex-editor, also the boss of Evil Dead Prod). 60 pages (no page number but have an 'index' on the editorial page) with less than 10 interviews, I think you wondered how the content is arranged in this zine. Border artwork is a bit large for A5 format but I can't say this is wasting space. The border and plus the font used (similar like an electronic typewriter we used in the old days), the zine look like it was release in mid 90's. OK, maybe FHTI is a bit clean but I really like this layout. Some pages are made into looking like a 'cut and paste' style using computer (background art on the page and 'highlighted' text on top of it). Well done on the content too. The zine written in English except for Inside, UGH and Barbalans (in Malay). Review section looked a bit modern though and they are called "From Fire to Hellfire" (music review) and (if I read it right, the font is not clear...) "Unleash From Fire" (zine review). The front cover is printed using the same material like booklet of Evil Dead's releases like 666 MCD which is nice too. The editor also make some pages with black background and white text but due to not so good xerox quality (or maybe the printing quality?), the text in Mortuary Ancestor interview is a bit hard to read. This is the only small 'problem', else, this is issue is still a must have. Some copies might be available from Evil Dead (that is where I got my copy).

c/o Fauzie
P/S 1265,
89008 Keningau


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Al Zannahk #1 (2008)

52 pages, A5, xerox

Noiratasya, 13 Winters, Abvulabashy, Battlelore, Mortiferia, Riwayat, Tvangeste, Black Abyss, Dedengkot, The Foetal Mind, Metal Zone Distro, Heidevolks

Spektr, Menosgada, Orna Annon, Avernus, Emancipation, Echidna, Necryptic, Angtoria, Gwyllion, Sol Asunder, Kromlek, Dagoba, Veneficum

Debut issue from this Sil Khannaz maniac! Spell that band's backward, then you have this zine's name and that is how Askwhatra got the name. I my jaw dropped after knowing the logo is crafted by Christhope Szpajdel, and combine with the artwork by Jamil Grinder you get some demonic front cover! The layout is neat, have page number and table of content, computerized style 2 columns per page with background artwork on the pages. The font size is a bit small though and look a bit cramped but the xerox quality is in the best quality ever. Some of the columns they have here; "Dark Hymns of Apocalypse" (music reviews, although the review is short but almost every stuff reviewed accompany by the cover art. that's good!), "Manuscript of Death" (zine review), "Infernal Ceremony" (gig report), some page on news and an article "Black Metal as Art" (no name of the author, probably written by the editor himself). The interviews are OK, no intro on the bands, just straight to the questions . The best is Abvulabashy but some questions did annoy Black Abyss a bit haha. Not that the question is bad but it is rather sensitive for some Malay band. Came together with this issue is a CDR sampler (11 bands, also featured in this zine). True copy of the zine is hand-numbered with red pen but no info on how many copies made for this issue. All in all, this is a good debut issue and worth to support. Some may not like the small fonts but I'm OK with that except for the small picture of the band in the intie. If you get in touch with Askwhat, ask also about his band and label.

c/o Khairul Askwhat,
Rumah Pangsa Sri Pauh,
Lrg Pauh 2, Taman Pauh,
13500 Permatang Pauh,
Penang, Malaysia.



Nordic Vision #14 (1998)

60 pages, magazine, English

Immolation, Darkthrone, Godflesh, Dodheimsgard, Infernal, Hades, Cadaver, Deathwitch, Nightmare Lodge

I missed out 2 issues after #11. What a loss! Interviews are interesting as I expected and so does the review. "If this is art, then my telephone is a go-cart". That was the review for Thy Majesty's "German Black Metal Art". That's a good to let people know you dont like the stuff hehe. Some of the interesting part in this issue are; Necropolis Records press statement and 'Declaration Of WAR' (As Blackmoon said "We Are War" is a bootleg, its good to hear the both side of the story but I couldn't make any conclusion. Both said they are "true"); SOUNDCHECK (some black metal "star" giving their points for some releases. Total up the points given by Shagrath, Satyr, Maniac, Frost and Fenriz, Burzum's "Hlidskjalf" if the worst release and When's "Psychedelic Wonderbaum" is the best release of the issue). Well, at first I thought the fan mail section have been removed. After reading further, I found the fan mail section in Sex and Satan (I havent informed you about this 'fan mail section'. As usual the readers give their bad (or good) comments but the reply for the editor are quite funny although the replied do have some sense). Oh, Sex and Satan? Now I'm really relieved this mag didn't go the custom check. If the officer see this, it will be confiscated. In this column the model (the same one you see on the front cover) will posse as to what the reader request (if I understand it right). So here you have Diva Demona possed as 'black widow', etc either nude or semi-nude. I'm sure male readers will rejoice over this but not female as we can see in the fan mail section hehe. Nothing else to add, just another good issue. And this issue already sold out but few copies is available from distro such as Ludah Prod.

Nordic Vision
P.O.Box 285,
1451 Nesoddtangen,