Monday, December 22, 2014

Antichrist #12 (2011)

Antichrist #12 (2011)
44 pg, A4, pro-print, English

Obsessor, Demona, Teitanfyre, Denouncement Pyre, Vassafor, Pek, Moonreich, Blasphemous Noise Torment, Affliction Gate, Witchrist, Blasphemophager, Hellish Crossfire, Nunfuckritual, Tyranex, Proclamation, Pseudogod, Diehard, Vietah, Morbosidad, Nargaroth

The tradition stop at #11. They usually have this in couple of issues that I have. You need to read my review #11 to understand this.

The editor lamented that he don’t have time to read zine. I hope he has the money zine. So you buy and later you do clearance sales in your mailorder. I then buy them from you. How creative of me thinking that.

The content is pretty much the same including the audio reviews section (one section for current releases and the other for older releases). There is a special section called "Chinese Hell!". In here there are reviews on Chinese metal releases courtesy of Dying Legion Productions. All the reviews are rated. One thing I noticed long time ago that Chinese alphabets can make an extreme looking metal logo. Some bands using Chinese name as the logo (the name translated to English for marketing reason I think i.e. easier for you type or say them).

Another worth mentioning is Obituary 2011. Wow! I didn't realize so many people from the scene die in that year.

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