Monday, December 22, 2014

Snakepit #18 (2008)

Snakepit #18 (2008)
112 pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Savage Grave, D.D.T., Kraken, H-Bomb, Artilerry, Sydney Product, Frigid Bitch, TNT, Juggernaut, Znowhite, Cyclone Temple, Charter, Chris Cronk, Hirax, Skullview, Fischel's Beast, Wehrmacht, Steel Assassin, Decapitator, Necropolis, Wargod, Morsure

My second issue, which I bought together with issue #17 from a local distro. Please bring more zines for sale!

Nothing much to add on the layout or the interview and other content of this magazine. If you like what you read and what you see in #17, you will definitely like this one. 

I have to agree with some people. This magazine is the magazine for the 80's. I hope all those seasoned metalheads bring out all the knowledge of the past and get them documented like what this magazine do before your life ends for the benefit of the scene and younger metalhead like me.

I think this is the time looking at the advertisement of Malaysia release in big magazine like this. It is Vulga - Mayhem With Mercy LP by Deathrash Armageddon. Yes, I know Deathrash is from Japan but somehow I am proud seeing Vulga in here.

The past issues are now reprinted with 7"EP. Now is your chance to get it before they are sold out again. You know where to get this.

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