Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Compilation Of Death #1

Compilation Of Death #1
104pg, 21cm x 27cm, pro-printed, English

Abhorrence, Accidental Suicide, *Anima Damnata, Asphyx, Atrocity, Carbonized, *Crypt Of Kerberos, Darkthrone, *Dead Congregation, Demigod, *Demise, Expulsion, Entombed, *Voices From The Darkside, *Funebrarum, Grave, *Ignivomous, *Incubus, Malediction, Megaslaughter, Merciless, Incubus, Morbid Angel, Morgue, Mortem, Monstrosity, Necrophobic, Necrovore, Nicola Constatini, Order From Chaos, *Pek, Revenant, Sanguis Imperem, Suffocation, Traumatic, Unleashed 

The words 'compilation of death' is not just words combined to create a name, it does have a meaning and related with the content of the zine. The zine is consist of the editor’s (Gabriel "Exhumator" Gatica & Joseph Curwen) original interviews and also interviews taken from other zines. As stated on the cover; 'Exhumation' from old zine like Putrefaction, Sadistic Noise, Spikehead, Suppuration or Voices From The Darkside. One important reason of using old interviews is to enlighten the younger generation. I think not many will buy zine these days especially considering the high price on postage so I guess it is not a bad idea to 'compile death' like this.

But I also think the other best way to enlighten the younger generation is by scanning the old zine and put them free for downloading. Might look better in Ipad hah!

Back to the zine, I like the layout (typewriter font-type, some cut n paste, some have page frame and lots of old flyers). The pages are numbered but no table of content.

Interviews are long and questions are individually numbered. The one marked with * are their original interview. 70 questions asked to Frank Stover. Well, that is not the average amount of questions you will see in any zine. I like mostly the one made by Gabriel or the one contributed by Frank (I normally read reviews in VFTD website. Interviews will make eyes bleed if reading them on my PC screen).

No review in this issue. Couldn't find their contact address in the zine either.

Issue #2 already out and I guess sold out long time ago. When that issue out for sale, I don't have enough cash to spare at that time. Anyone selling this and at it original price or cheaper do contact me.

compilationofdeath at hotmail dot com
joseph_curwen at hotmail dot com

Barb Wire #1 (2009)

Barbwire #1 (2009)
119pg, A5, pro-printed, English

Lantern, Morbius, Stargazer, Martial Barrage, Mefitic, Inkisitor, Grima Morstua

I bought this from Afterlife Prod long time ago. Thanks goodness I bought this because this is very unusual looking metal fanzine in terms of layout. At a glance, it looks like my final year thesis when I did my degree in 2003. It is bind like a book and so does the font, layout and the text indentation.

The content? The content separated to 6 chapters with each chapter consists of 1 interview except for Morbius/Stargazer (for this interview, the creatively arranged Morbius on page with even number and Stargazer on odd number. I think this is a bit hard to do in computer even with the same questions being asked). Before that, there is an introduction that took 1 full page of the zine.

Barbwire have table of content, pages are numbered and printed in glossy paper.

No review though.

A little bit more about the questions, they barely touch about the band. The questions foucsing more on music and on various subjects which make it quite interesting

There are also some quotes from some famous people but not in my interest (probably because I am not a good book reader)

No contact address can be found in the zine but luckily I got their flyer later from someone and got to know their email address and country of origin.

Interesting zine I must say, looking forward for the next issue.

Barbwire at gmail dot com

Soylent #1 (2013)

Soylent #1 (2013)
92 pg, A5, pro-printed, English

Sorrow, Cauchemar, Rot Gut, Stiff and Cold Zine, Hooded Menace, Anima Morte, Bizzare Charlie Alien, Fondle Corpse, Nadir, Kam Lee, Ruinebelll, 62nd Chamber Productions, Possessed, Tales From The Sick Zine, Machetazo

This could probably the best Malaysian zine in 2013 or maybe the best Malaysian zine since I started this blog. It's also the first time seeing something cute on the front cover (you see that 'monkey' in the middle. Look very cute). English-written, cheap price (it's pro-printed and thick!) and great layout. Well, the layout may not be good if it’s done in white background to be honest but if it’s in black background, it rules even if it's normal 2 columns per page without many graphics or artworks.

The zine starts with a very long introduction called My Fucking Column where editor wrote a little bit about the zine and later some reviews.

The interviews are varying in term of style, etc because many contributors involve in this issue. They have a big team, the editors and plus 8 or 9 contributors. The interview with Bizzare Alien is the longest and quite exhausting to read it till the end.

Not many review though. The reviews are not rated, alphabetically arranged and it covers audio stuffs only.

Having some local bands will be good to see in the next issue.

Limited copies of this zine come with Fondle Corpse 2 tracks promo (at slightly higher price). If not mistaken, the first print run already sold out but there will be a second print. Contact them if you purchase this. Highly recommended!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Besi Hitam #1 (2006/2010)

Besi Hitam #1 (2006/2010)
60pg, A4, xerox, Malay

Samartary, Parasite, Dark Regime, Bazzah, Farasu, Orion, Mentally Murdered, Nrocinu, MuzikBox Prod

Parasite, Nebiras, As-Sahar, Shamanic Rites

Scene Report

I am familiar with 're-issue' of CD or any audio format but not zine. This zine was first released in 2006 and re-issue in 2010. I found the info about this zine is someone FB wall and immediately SMS the editor @ Abu. In case you want to know, "besi hitam" means black steel/iron in English. 

About the layout he uses simple computer layout and left too much empty space on the page frame Good xerox quality though.

The interviews can be a little bit outdated now but there nicely-written articles which are interesting to read:
- Pengertian Sebenar Underground (with a question asked to some band's member)
- Pembetulan Suatu Kekeliruan

Other content of this zine:
- 'Skolah Lame' (means old school in English); review of Rator's "Evil Symphony" demo & Suffercation's "Day Of Darkness" album
- poem
- reviews: reviews of all format in 1 section. Not alphabetically arranged and not rated.
- gig report
- 5 pages of neatly arranged flyers 

There is also a special section for 80's/90's Malay rock bands with pictures and some info on the bands and then followed by "Khanazah Lama", reviews of old albums mostly from rock genre.

I just wish more in-depth interview with Bazzah because it's hard to see them in a zine.

About the editor's address, If not mistaken, Bandar Jengka has been renamed but I don't remember the new name. As long the postcode still the same, I guess your mail will not get lost.

c/o Abu Huzaifah
C-1333 (F) Raya Jengka 14,
26400 Bandar Jengka,

Dis-Carnage #1 (June 2013)

Dis-Carnage #1 (June 2013)
36 pg, A5, xerox, Malay

Disobeyed, Deathevoker, Desultory, Rotten Disease, Derangement Project Production, Interment

A debut issue from Sabah. A good debut issue I must say in terms of layout although 8 pages or more are filled with flyers only. The pages are numbered and have TOC. The xerox quality can be better. The layout is in cut n paste style which is one of the best I seen so far because using lots of pictures for the background. The text print looks like it being printed by dot matrix printer but not sure whether the editor intends it to be that way. The interviews are rather short (10+ questions each bands). This issue features some of the current good Malaysian bands so probably some in-depth or more questions can be asked to them will be better. Only Interment interview is in English, the rest are in Malay including Desultory (because this is the Malaysian one). The reviews are not rated not alphabetically arrange and separated to 2 parts. "Rot Review Part 1" covers all audio formats and zine and Part 2 features only stuff produced by SABBAT (Japan).

Mine hand-numbered #49.

If not mistaken, the editor also plays in a band. You can ask about this when contacting them. The zine is being sold at a low price so please buy a copy and support!

(Muhammad Mikail)
Syamsul Hijar
d/a Yee Hong Hardware,
Lot 1&2, Block C,
Pusat Dagangan Putatan,
88200 Kota Kinabalu,


Selipar Malaya #2 (April 2013)

Selipar Malaya #2 (April 2013)
68 pg, A5, xerox, Malay

Cloudberry, This Order, FallxToxGround Zine, Behind The Death, Deadscore, Romance Not In Fashion, Muntah Darah, 199X, Bloodymary, A.L.I.A, Keladak, Triumph Ov Fire, Medussa Safannah

Luckily this zine safely arrived in my mailbox. My P.O.Box number was not written. Well, I guess not really hard for the postman to not notice me, thanks to the lots of international registered mail I received.

The focus is still the same, featuring hc/punk and metal. The layout and everything is like the previous issue. So if you like what you see in #1, wou will definitely like this one. I like a lot this kind of layout. I hope I can do this using dekstop publishing freeware.

Improvement in this issue are they are more artworks (made by the editor) and more articles.

There are few sections for the articles like "Aku Yang Menulis", "Info Muzik" and "Karya Sejarah" and within this sub-column there are lots of 1 page article on various topics or issues (as per what the section name would suggest). It is quite common for zine in the hc/punk scene writing articles which sometimes good to read.

I notice no review in this issue but there are already plenty to read. However the questions are quite short but the bands answer it very long which I think that can reflect to the (good) music they produce.

Mine numbered #51.