Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Autoeroticasphyxium #16 (Feb. 2010)

Autoeroticasphyxium #16 (Feb. 2010)
76 pg, letter xerox, English

Beltane, Eros Fire, H-George, Psychic Times International, Brutal Ballet Company, Reverend John Hex, Crome Molly, Twisted Hillbilly Records, Jesse "Savage" Kahler, Lushmontana, Minty Pineapple Productions, Reborn From Ashes Zine, The Starship, Rosemary Stovokor, Winston Blakely

This zine featuring not just metal bands but there are also poet, performer, artist or probably other personality which I don’t know how to classify them. I remembered having an issue of Autoeroticasphyxium many years ago and I think the layout is still in the same style.

2 column per page no page number and and table of content. There is no band logo before the interview, just normal text on top of the page. The zine lack of pictures which make this zine look a bit dull. You have to be patience in reading them. Good xerox quality by the way.

The content is good. There is a lot of interesting chat. The people interviewed gave very long answer.

They also featured some cartoon, artwork, articles, short stories and poem. The reviews are not rated, arranged in alphabetical order and they covers audio, zine, books and DVD.

I got motivated every time when reading interview with zine editor but then when the sunrises the next day, I still am lazy. My posting in this blog alone are getting lesser now.

One interesting fact I got from reading this zine which make me wondering, can you ballet dancing to metal music? I need to find the video on youtube. How about oriental belly dancing to metal music?

Latest check before this posting is up; the official web no longer works.