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Snakepit #17 (2008)

Snakepit #17 (2008)
112 pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Exciter, Beehler, Sortilege, Backwater, Assassin, Ruthless, Leviathan, Fatal Violence, Death (with Erik Meade), Burner, Trial, Commander, Bat Attack, Devastation, Overkill, Mayhem (US), Evil, Enforcer, Hammeron, Rainforest, Slayer (SA), Riot, Karion 

My first Snakepit. Been reading a lot of good words on this publication and now able to witness it myself. The editor  Laurent Ramadier and other writers such as Frank Stover, Eddy Vermeiren (Bel) and Malcolm MacMillan (UK) sure have lot of knowledge on the bands.

The layouts are very simple 3 columns per page. Pictures are very small too, sized just enough to fit in 1 column. There is table of content and the bands are arranged in alphabetical order, not by sequence of appearance in the magazine. Not much praised can be made on the layout. Very dull I must say. 

However if you look at the interview, they are very in-depth. The questions are quite detailed and very long. They cover anything music-related regarding the bands and its member. Sometimes answered by 2 or more band members and all of the answers are very detail and long too. Patience needed because not much graphic here just pure text madness which can put you to sleep. Reading the interview, it is amazing to find out that some 'bad blood' still prevails after 20 years or more. Whatever happens back then surely left a big and deep 'scar' in some people heart. The interviews often ended with discography at the end of the interview.

The reviews are rated out of 10 with 10 is the highest (Hirax EP got 10). The reviews covers audio/music formats and they are clearly identified and grouped together (Album & EP, Re-release and Demos).

If not mistaken this is printed by NWN and also comes with a 7"EP. I think its true looking at the quality of the printing, etc.

c/o Laurent Ramadier
La Calloterie
72210 Voivres Les Le Mans



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