Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Selipar Malaya Zine #1

Selipar Malaya Zine #1 now available. I just sent my order. Hope to get this soon. Not sure what to expect from this debut issue. Most probably written in Malay. They featured some good Malaysian metal bands like Ajal, Tarantulah & Purge The Arbitrator.

Check out their Facebook for some info.

Soleil Tryste Zine No. 3

received email on the new Soleil Tryste:

Soleil Tryste Zine no. 3 is now available and ready to be shipped. 72 professionally printed pages in half-letter format. Full color hardboard cover and well layouted content in classy black/white.

Although we were (and still are) very satisfied with the previous issue, the new Soleil Tryste no. 3 is able to top it. As usual, we have done some long, deep and personal interviews with:
Anguish (Sweden)
Cruciamentum (UK)
Gevurah (Canada)
Ominous Silence Rec. (UK)
The Nihilistic Front (Australia)
Vulturine (Brasil)

Also, we are very proud to present a long diary of the »Doomwards let us row« european tour 2012 with:
Esoteric (UK)
Ahab (Germany)
Ophis (Germany)

One further features includes a report on the »Congregation of the Obscure« european tour 2012 with::
Dead Congregation (Greece)
Infinitum Obscure (Mexiko)

Get your copy for 5 Euro plus postage. Distributors feel free to ask for wholesales/trades.



Domain #7

I start the first postings for 2013 with some zine news.

Domain issue #7 already out since November 2012. However this issue already sold out from the editor.

You can try your luck from some distro such as http://www.dunkelheit.cc/

Act fast or you will be disappointed.