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Turbulence #2 (2014)

Turbulence #2 (2014)
36 pg, A5, xerox, Malay

A bit thicker compare with #1 and having colored cover. #2 continues with how Samad and Joe become friends. The Drug King already instructed Joe to be killed. I didn't mention in my previous review that Joe owes huge sum of money to the Drug King. The band still rehearsing. The cartoonist also draws the logo of the band being covered by Turbulence in their rehearsal! This issue ends with the band arrive at the gig venue before the gig start. This issue has this 'sad feeling' after knowing Joe might die from the fight after reading the part at the mamak stall and after the motocross racing. I thought the fighting will happen in #2. I imagine a fighting scene with no gun shooting but just fist fight, swords and knife like those in Young and Dangerous movie (a Hong Kong movie on Chinese mafia).

About the layout and the rest, the same like I mentioned in Turbulence #1.

#3 please...

Virus #8 (2014)

Virus #8 (2014)
70 pg, A4, xerox, English

Tormentor, Obsessor, Denouncement Pyre, Beast Conjurator, Black Vul Destrucktor, Master, Sorcery, Karamah, Interment, Artillery, Kill, Witchrist, Vampire, Revel In Flesh, Demonic Rage, Necroccultus, Morbid Perversion, Terrorist, Graveyard, Grave Desecration, Manticore, Carnal Ghoul

Retribution of The Ancient

It took almost 3 years after issue #7. In between these years, he releases his other Malay-written zine, Darahhead.

Fauzi preserve his layout format and interview style like his previous issues. The pages are numbered but no table of content. Layout is combination of cut n paste or 2 columns per page with frame artwork. Front cover artwork this time made by Alex Olivares.

I thought that Master interview was made by Fauzi. It will be good to know Paul Speckmann's view on Malaysian scene (if such question is asked). By the way, Tormentor is not the band with Attila in it. This is the Malaysian one playing thrash metal.

Review covers music & zine. Very simple layout on this section. Not much graphic. They are not alphabetically arranged and not rated. There are some 2 pages on zine reviews. 1 page of news mostly on Malaysian metal scene which is still 'fresh' when reading it just a few months after the zine being release. This is my checklist of the stuff I should be buying.

As usual, the photocopy quality can be made better.

About the article, Retribution of The Ancient, it features Malaysian metal classic releases which Fauzi started since issue #7.

Get this while it is still available and also ask about his distro list. Or at least ask about Phenomistik mini-CD. He also distributes this band which consist One Barchiel.

virus_zine at yahoo dot com

Turbulence #1 (2014)

Turbulence #1 (2014)
28 pg, A5, xerox, Malay

This is not a zine but a comic issued by Metal Thrashing Mag. When I first saw this on FB, the first thing came into my mind was Nagawika's Bestial Avenger. This is the only comparison I can make.

The cartoonist or artist behind Turbulence is Rob Scallywag. Nothing much I can say about him except that I like his work in Turbulence. The drawings are good. The story is presented well. The photocopy quality is also good. You can see clearly the line strokes, those curly hair, etc. I think I need to read more comic review so I can review this kind of publication better because I don’t know what else to say beside that I like this a lot. There is no date of release mentioned in the comic.

About the story in Turbulence #1 is about the band called Turbulence, preparing for their first gig. While Dol, Jiman, and Samad rehearsing, Samad's old friend Joe came to see them. Joe, the pioneer of the thrash metal movement in the city also an ex-convict (drug offence) need a favour from Samad to join a fight with the Drug King. But this fight will clash with Turbulence's first gig and can be fatal. This issue ends with flash back on how they both met in 1991. You can see here how Central Market looks like back then (the way I remembered it).

Turbulence is written in Malay and sold at a very good price. Support!



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Iron Hammer #5

I reviewed Iron Hammer #3 years ago. Great to know another new issue is out now. Noticed the email & mail address now have changed.
- Iskar

Slowly We Rot #6

Also out in 2014, issue #6 of Slowly We Rot. #7 is already in the making. This zine is active as fvck. 
- Iskar

Ask for cheap wholesale rates and trades

Slowly We Rot #6 - looking for distributors!

- 60 pages
- English written
- b&w glossy pages
- professionally printed
- extreme metal compilation CD included!


For wholesale rates & trades please contact


 - Rising Demons section (interviews: Blodorn, Dasap, de profundis, Frostwork, Killrazer, Miserable Failure, Nerocapra, Plagues, Serpentrance, Sidious, Skinlepsy, Solace of Requiem, Solemn Curse, Sons of Famine, Taatsi, Terrorfront, Thy Legion, Winter Deluge)

- Merchants of Death section (interviews: Cold Raw Records, Metallic Media, Wydawnicto Muzyczne Psycho, TerrorGhoul Productions)

 - more than 250 reviews on CDs, tapes, vinyl and zines

- Romanian Attack section (reviews of Romanian Extreme Metal releases)

Free Extreme Metal CD Compilation (vinyl-like format) featuring tracks from: Blodorn, Dasap, de profundis, Frostwork, Killrazer,Miserable Failure, Nerocapra, Plagues, Serpentrance, Sidious, Skinlepsy, Solace of Requiem, Solemn Curse, Sons of Famine, Taatsi, Terrorfront, Thy Legion, Winter Deluge.

Burning Abyss issue #8 is out!

I received the email below with great delight!
- Iskar

Burning Abyss issue #8 is out!

You will not find here any infantile, cliché questions about the band histories, recording studios and such, only insightful, often obscure, inquiries addressed to entities such as Erik of Watain, Bob of Immolation, Steve ‘Zetro’ Sousa of Exodus/Hatriot, Mr. Mors Dalos Ra of Necros Christos, Silencer of Medico Peste, L.L. of Desolate Shrine, David of Domains, Mysth & Morbid of Ethelyn, Rou of Sartegos and Chris of Ominous Domain distro/Razed Soul Records.

To complete the whole, we have included a short article about France ’s Massacra and, as usual, Sascha of Mandatory’s memories of classic (death) metal albums of the 1990s, some quotes, playlists, and over 200 reviews of music and ‘zines.

All this written in English on 68 professionally printed, full-size pages. Price: €7/$9 (registered postage included).

Get in touch via the following email address:

“I will go through hell and high water, and suffer all the pains of Hell, to reach a state of artistic - and spiritual - independence.” Erik of Watain