Monday, December 22, 2014

Brutallica #9 (2004)

Brutallica #9 (2004)
60 pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Luciferion, Agathocles, Torture Killer, Dead Infection, Decayed, Chuck Schuldiner's mother, Manegarm, Audiopain, Mind Eclipse, Ingrowing, Serpents Aeon, Carnal Forge, Detrimentum, Paganizer, Cadaveria, Braindance, Malevolent Creation, Exhumed, Attila Csihar,

Gig report
Summer Breeze Festival

A year later came out issue #9. Nothing much has changed since #8. All are in the same style like #8 (layout, 1 page for news, The Real Underground section, etc) and also comes with free CD sampler.

If not mistaken, Chavdar still runs mailorder/label. Maybe some old copies are still available for sale.

Due to my bad memory, I bought this issue twice (one copy still sealed). The second one I bought from Dirs of Mortuary Ancestor. Nevermind, I can sell or trade them later.

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