Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thrash Attack #6 (2008)

60 pages, A5, xerox, English

Abigail, Cut Throat, Barbatos, Tiger Junkies, Chornyj Woron, Morbid Saint, Witchaven, Rigor Mortis

Gig Review
Overkill/Motorhead (Munich), Rites Of Violence, Metal Mania Party, Italian Thrash Assault, Thrash Assault 2, Thrash Attack Part V, Possessed By Thrash 2, Keep It True X, The Metal Attack, Gama Bomb (Baureth), Revenge Of True Metal PArt II, Municipal Waste (Munich), Sabbat (Lahnstein)

It seems like interview with cult bands, are longer compare with the rest. So the 'special' interview for this issue is Rigor Mortis. And of course if you are interviewing Yasuyuki, you will ask about all the projects he's in. So Flo cover his main project Abigail/Cut Throat / Barbatos / Tiger Junkies in single session separated with the band's logo, etc when the question shifted from one band to another. It's also good for Flo releasing 2 issue in a year, instead of having all release in 1 issue. Because I think A5 size (A4 paper folded into two kind of format) zine not suitable to have thicker or have like 100 pages. I dont know how to say this. Just take 50 A4 paper, fold it into 2. It will have some "leftover" paper. I dont like that. Its look messy. Issue #6(66) still maintain 60 page. The new issue is thicker though. Check out the review for #7.

Thrash Attack #5 (2008)

60 pages, A5, xerox, English

Baphomet's Blood, Banished Force, Maot, Hellish Crossfire, Bulldozer, Enforcer, Witches Hammer

Gig Review
Wacken Open Air, Metal On Metal, Metal Meridian Festival 9/9/07, Metal Forces Night, Return Of Darkness And Evil 2, Cordobar/Germering 11/9/07

The front cover artwork is funny though. The devil is reading issue #4 but looks like he doesn't enjoy it. If issue #2, I understand why he is sad (because of "panda black metal" haha). The zine is thicker this time still with the usual ingredient, THRASH METAL! If you like the previous issue, you must like this a lot. The reviews have more front cover art compared with the previous issues. Steve of Witch Hammer ended the interview in an unusual way. When asked "anything to add..", he then talk about various subject; global warming, Bin Laden, nutrition, etc. Explaining it like it is one of the X-Files case which Fox Mulder should investigate.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Panzerfaust #4 (2005)

56 pages, A4, xerox, English

Godus, 9th Plague, Blacklodge, Misericordia, Crucifier, Must Missa, Bloody Sign, Hatework, Death Squadron, Triswood, Necrovation, Evocation, Paganizer, Nocturnal Vomit, Ancient Rites, Calvarium, Bloodthirst, Delirium Tremens, Bestial Raids, Strandhogg, Masse Mord, Mordhell, Aguynguerran, Atomizer

This is a very old issue which I got by trade in year 2009. Very out-dated issue you will say but I think it's OK to give some promo here. This is the first issue made in English. Layout-wise, neatly done probably using some desktop publishing software. But there are some interview which I think the arrangement of the text and logo a bit messy or causing confusion. There's an article, criticizing Turbosperminator (where this Turbo.. criticize and laugh at black metal). And also talks on American BM elite, bootlegs, (un)black metal @ christian metal. Comparing his English with other English zine I read from Poland, Panzerfaust is way better. Will be great to see their latest issue, if they are still alive.

c/o Marcin Olczak
Wyszynskiego 1/35,
86-105 Swiecie 5,


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thrash Attack #3 (2007)

52 pages, A5, xerox

Evil Army, Strike Master, Witchburner, Executioner, Deathhammer, Bloodquest, Antacid

Gig Review
Motörhead in Munich, Fuck X-mas

The format is the same like other issue. The improvement for this issue is the font size, its better look like this. Starting from this issue, there's a news section but a very small one like half of page only. I forgot to mention this in issue #2, the zine small in size but have page number and table of content. One of the interesting part is the mailorder guide. 2 pages of info on good mailorder distro. Some featured here are Nuclear War Now!, Hell's Headbanger Records and Witchhammer. I'm not sure whether this going to a regular feature or not. It is not in issue #4.

Thrash Attack #2 (2006)

48 pages, A5, xerox, English

Meltdown, Merciless Death, Toxic Holocaust, Redimoni

Scene Report

Gig Review
Bang Your Head Festival, Up The Metal Punx, Minotaur gig, Trench Hell gig

After reading issue #4, I contacted Flo and bought issue 2 to 6. The debut issue no longer available. Sigh. Cool if can read the complete discography and see how the zine progress. Flo was 17 years old when completing this issue. Cut n paste style ofcourse, but the pictures quality are not sharp enough though. The font for the interview is too big for my liking. The interview I'm looking forward to read is Toxic Holocaust but the answer is too short. Reviews are separated to few parts and for audio review they are rated from 0 to 10. The editor really show his hatred to black metal in this issue. There's a picture of some 'panda' black metal folk with the quote "where's my toilet paper?". It's funny for some but some might get pissed off.

Arus Bawah #5 (2008)

40 page, A5, pro-print, Indonesia

The Bolong, Siksakubur, Dead Vertical, Kubur Masal

Bumi Berputar, Teleriax, Black13, Koil, Straight On View, Core Meddle, GunxRose, One Voice, Tersanjung13, Romantical Tragis, Screwface, Fall, Ovi, My Seven Years, Indonesian Flag, The Sabotage, Day of Atonement, Rage Generation Brothers, Naked Truth, Dream Angel, Gagab Rimang, Anarchy Terror Crew, The Nonsense, Jagal, All Virgin Hated, Diabolical, Gamelanoink, Pulverizer, MAB, Killharmonic, Endless Love, Foxy Roxy, HumanxRight

Phew! I hope I didn't missed any name from the bio. Seriously, this is one of my fave zine in term of space usage. Very packed! Hope I will not have to wear spectacles after this. I missed few issues after #2. Actually this is the second issue I bought. Not much difference compare with the previous issue I read. The layout, the humour, everything is almost the same except this issue is pro-printed! Now beside the usual intie/bio @ text material, I can also enjoy watching babes in bikini hehe. Beside all that, there are few articles and a gig report "Napalm Death Tour 2007". And you will also get a free sticker with this issue.

Brutallica #13 (2008)

60 pg, pro-print, English

Venificum, Sinoath, Carved In Stone, Satariel, KD Basses (Bass guitar manufacturer), Kult, Gospel Of The Horn, Satanochio, Cerebral Turbulency, Battlegod Productions, Warface, For Ruin, Spearhead, Exumer, Blood Duster, Saxorior, Devilish Impressions, Deicide

Good to know Chavdar still release Brutallica Magazine to the metal masses! Not much to complain, already 13th issue so you can get a good read. Layout-wise, some got large font size, well, not the average size I used to read but not a big problem. Some interview dont have any intro maybe want to save some space. Most interesting interview is with Battlegod Prod (not so shy to share his business tip). Not many reviews here. Chavdar said they received 600+ promo, of course impossible to review them all so he choose those who are related to Brutallica (eg. those who advertise with them). And ofcourse, free CD sampler with every issue. Check out their web for some info on Brutallica Records and Print Brutallica.

Brutallica Records,
Parlichev Str.,
Block 1, Apt. 1,
5800 Pleven,



Monday, July 27, 2009

Hellthrashing #2 (2007)

12 pages, A4, pro-print

Devastation, Selvageria, Hateful Agony, Tyrants Blood, Filli Nigrantium Infernalium

For this issue only left Carlos managing the newsletter. The content have increased and he said issue 3 might be a full magazine. Great! Another kult cut n paste madness! The answer for the last Cuntest is the song Public Suicide by DBC (from Dead Brain Cells LP). That's an obscure release! Sexy and nude pictures are a bonus for me. You dont see that in issue 1. Although the interviews and reviews (nearly 70 reviews of audio stuff and zine) are serious, you can get some humour in between the pages. "I am so true!! I dont use email" are some of the hillarious quotes you can find here. The first 25 copies of this newsletter will get "Pussy Worshipper Warrior" button. Arghh! My copy is #142!!

Hellthrashing #1 (2006)

8 pages, A4, pro-print

Pagan Rites, Messiah, Betrayed

I never read a pro-printed underground newsletter before except for Necrovassago newsletter in 1996. Kult looking cut n paste layout but no news? I thought newsletter should have news hehe. Well, there is a few in form of flyers. Just 3 interviews but really entertaining especially with Devil Lee Rot of Pagan Rites and Messiah. Only 2 pages on reviews and all (audio stuff and zine) are mixed together. The first thing I do before reading this newsletter is counting how many cunt they put on the cover page. Is it 25? Damned! I couldn't get the same amount in every count. They also have a contest called "Cuntest" where they put on some lyrics and you guess what song is that lyrics is from and you must send a picture of you holding that release. Wow. That's original! Since it's a "newsletter", I can't complain on the small amount of content in this issue. This newsletter is handle by Carlos (Kuravilu Prod) & Slaughter (Morbid Tale Zine) and they did a good job for this issue. My copy are hand-numbered 208.

c/o Carlos Kuravilu,
P.O. Box 548,
Valdivia, Chile.


Blessing Moment #6 (2007)

40 pages, A4, xerox, English

Symbiosis, Nortt, Graven, Expulser, Darkregime, Endstille, Otesanek, Audet, Neochrome, Summoning, Stalaggh, Acheron, Keep Of Kalessin, Balberith, Barbalans, Deimos, Akitsa, Pagan Hellfire, Kafan, Feneral Dusk, Obscurus Advocam

Sick, Blasphemous, Tasteless: The Cover Art of 2006

This issue offered "obscure, unknown yet never been explored bands", said by its editor Xxxul. You have to agree with that statement unless you are diehard supporter of underground raw black metal because some bands I only knew them from this zine only. An OK xerox quality but when comes to article section, written by Todd De Palma, some of the cover artwork is not clear enough to see the details. Good computerized layout but no page number and table of content. This is zine long sold-out. Made in 100 copies only and hand-numbered (mine numbered 8). You can contact the editor and can also ask about his BM band, NEFTARAKA which have produced some interesting releases.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sangwitok #6 (2008)

100 pages, A5, xerox, English

Hayagriva, Heaven's Inversion, Infernal Rites, Diman, Teurgia, Stench Of Virginity, Dedengkot, Helheim, Crucifier, Uxorius Tyrant, Morggorm, Kampfar, Dictator, Sanguineous, Blasphemous

Scene Report

Some might not like "computer layout" for a xerox zine but the layout here are quite good. I wish the zerox quality are better than this. Some pages got page number and no table of content. Zine as thick as 100 pages must have one. The content are mostly in English but there are interviews in Malay. Reviews are plenty and they are not separated to specific section. Some pages are filled with flyers and flyers are also used to fill up space. Also displayed some artwork from Po'G, Fadzlee Lufie, Nurhidaya (sounds like a girl's name. wow, female artist? that's rare!), Kaz & shahjehanbanjabar (also responsible for the logo for this zine). I also like the background or artwork of naked chics on the same of pages hehe (text are also spaced just to show the tits. Ed, you are sick hehe). The zine starts with "Info metal", 7 pages of metal news. The font are small, lots of news to read but I prefer reading those related with underground bands since its hard to get their news in the internet. Also a page called F.A.Q where readers ask questions to the editor to answer. Some questions are quite stupid, probably sent by those with IQ of 5 years old. A column called "Diskusi Metalik" (or Metallic Discussion in English). Cool, for this issue bands are asked about how artwork influence them. The rarest thing is he review his own zine! And that you dont see a lot. This is already the 6th issue and I must say he's a seasoned editor and know how to do a zine with a good content.



Grrrl:Rebel #3 (2001)

A5, 78 pages, xerox, English

Gofukuya, Civet, Synthesis Zine, Hello Luca, Dzap Dau Dau

Scene report
Germany, Rochester (NY)

Looks Who's Being Exploited, Fagphobia Analysis, Not Punk Enough, Can A Grrrl Change The World?, Beauty Princess, Diary Of A Punk Rock Grrrl #2, Fashion Statement, This is Hardcore.

Punk Chic N Riot Slutz Ep. 3

This is my first Grrrl zine. I'm trying to broaden my knowledge on the music scene and this is a start. I read some punk and HC zine before, they all like to write articles (there are more articles in the "Column Section" beside the one listed above), which we don't see a lot in the metal scene. I can't say I like what I read but its good to read something different once a while and try to understand those from the scene others than metal. They also review audio stuff and zine. This issue is old but they still sell it and I bought together with their newer issues. The printing and xerox quality is bad especially on the pictures but the have vastly improved in their next issues. Other section in this zine is "I Hate Mails" (fan mail section), "Humour Me" and the informative "Queens of Noise Part 2".

c/o Rizal
23 Jalan Bakti, Off Jalan Kamaruddin,
20400 Kuala Terengganu,


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thrash Attack #4 (2007)

52 pages, A5, xerox, cut n paste

Flagelator, Hirax, Sodomizer, Bloodfeast

My first introduction to this zine. I got this by trade. Then I bought issue 6 to issue 2. Only 4 interviews but with only four interviews, the editor put on a table of content. Good, that's how I my zine to be. A bit organized I would say. Wonder how 4 interviews + some reviews on audio stuff and zine takes 52 page? Well, HIRAX interview contributed by Laszlo consist of 11 pages (82 questions if I count it right!), damn long and informative interview I ever read in a small publication like this! Reviews are separated to several parts and also there's a 'concert preview', promoting Metal Forces Night. And yes, also some gig reviews (Possessed by Thrash, Keep It True, etc). Beside all this the zine have a "German Thrashers" section, promoting new German thrash bands with short (5 questions) interviews. For this issue Flo featured INFERNAL DEATH, EINSATZ KOMMANDO & WITCHING HOUR.

I think there's not many zine dedicated to one specific genre. Mostly will cover death and black metal or anything that is called "metal". Quite cool concept especially when you like thrash like me. Support!

c/o Florian Grill,
Ganghoferstrasse 10G
83043 Bad Aibling



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Arus Bawah #2

32 page, A5, xerox, Indonesia, no page number, no table of content

Ritual Orchestra, Devadata, Prilayanning Jagad, Slowdeath, Brutal Torture, Belphegore, Nicronomodz

The Game Over, Suicide Family, Cremated, Tiara Lestari, Navicula, Belphegore, Malawitowong, Licked Torment, Silver Chair, The Obbelix, Deathor, Rest In Peace, Medusa, Sexual Sickness, Kubur Masal, Disphercy, Saka Qlawn, Liang Lahat, Brutality Syndrome, Diabolical, Monotheism, Death Vomit, Seek Six Sick, Emergency, Pulasara, Mizerota, People of Shit, Holygore, Injector, Banxkai Anjinx, Anus Coitus.

I'm exhausted in typing all those band names. It's a lot for a small size zine. The zine features metal and punk bands mostly from Indonesia. The font are small and everything are very well arranged not to waste any space. If there is space, they put some pictures of sexy girl (no nudity though) with funny quote, which is one of the factors I like this small xeroxed publication. Oh, forgot to tell you, their called their selves as "The Lunatic Funzine". You should know what to expect with that kind of slogan. There's a picture of NOFX saying, "if you don't give pictures along with your bio, we'll use the pictures we think appropriate" (I think. well, my translation is not that good hehe). By saying that, bio with no band picture and logo, they put picture of a girl in bikini hehe. That doesn't mean they are not serious (you can see that from their interview) but they put some funny quotes here and there which is quite hilarious. I know this concept does not blend well with some metalheads but nevertheless it is still a good read for those who are open minded. Only problem is, it is written in Indonesia language and some words I couldn't understand the meaning. There are also review on audio and movie but the reviews are too short.

No Label Records,
Dharmahusada 30,
Surabaya 60285,


Ranjau Metal #2 (2008)

A4, 46 pages, xerox, Malay

Bestial Raids, Gayang Kulintangan Revolt, Pyron, Deadhead Zine, Inside, Morggorm, Devastator, Atavism, Sculptured, Dosa, Antacid, North Poem Records, Farasu

I finished reading this zine is less than 1 hour. Not much to be read here. 46 pages but the fonts are huge. I can write lots of things that I don't like here but I not going to that. All I can say is this zine need lot of improvement for the next issue. Although this "improvement" is a subjective matter (what I think is good, others might not) but I'm sure at least most people would like to see a better layout (if they are using computer) or good xerox quality (what a waste of ANTACID poster!). I read a lengthy review in SANGWITOK so I hope the editor will take note of that. Not many Malay zine nowadays (that I know of) so don't get dishearten with these comments. Fauzi of VIRUS Zine is been helping this dude on some parts in this zine though so maybe we can see some good issue in the future.

c/o Azahar bin Asmunik,
No. 117 Felda Sungai Koyan 1,
27650 Raub,

Massakrak #2 (2008)

A5, 48 pages, xerox, English

Unholy Archangel, Vow Dreams, Atavism, Wounds, Ironworx Gravefix/Disastrous Weirdwerk/Foetal Carnage, Animae, Capronii, Virus Zine, Inside.

Gig report
First grindcore show in Algeria

In previous issue, they use different name (MASSAKRE) but now changed to MASSAKRAK, which according to its editor, sounds more metal. And starts from #2, it will be in English. Common thing about English zine from here (I'm included too), our English is not that good but using the term "bastard level" for his English in this zine is too degrading I would say hehe. Kamikaze English rules! I've seen the worse! But here is still understandable. I think doing a cut n paste zine in this small A5 format is difficult but Hisham made it look like easy to do. Its not messy, the xerox quality is excellent and I would say one of best A5 cut n paste zine here. The news page contain flyers (or typed news) and I'm really pleasant at looking at these flyers even though there are old (THRASH ATTACK #3 but at that time #6 have been released) because I rarely get flyers these days (I thought it have extinct). The questions are creatively are done. He want to ask about the band's bio but he made it look like they are chatting 'live' although it was made the traditional way (you know what I mean with "traditional way", right?). I couldn't find his email address. The only you to contact him is using the snail mail way. Unfortunately he is away from the address he used and only back few times a year but all mail will be answered.

c/o Hisham Jaimie
Tambunan Dental Clinic,
P.O. Box 260,
89657 Tambunan,