Monday, December 3, 2012

Slowly We Rot Fanzine #3 (February 2013)

Slowly We Rot will be back in February 2013 with issue 3!

Deadline for promo submission, advert, poster and compilation booking: 1st of January 2013!

Please find below some new details on SWR#3:

- 500 copies printrun
- English written
- b&w pages professionally printed
- A4 size
- glossy paper
- A3 poster included
- traditional & extreme metal compilation CDR included
- Worldwide distribution (Europe, South & North America, Asia and Australia)
- interviews (confirmed: ASPHYX, AUTOPSY, CELESTIAL SEASON, DEATH, ECLIPSE ETERNAL, EVOL, MANEGARM, MOONSPELL, OSCULUM INFAME, PESSIMIST, POSSESSED, RAGE, RAVEN, SATURNUS, TANKARD, and more to be announced), CD / Tape / Vinyl / Zine reviews, Rising Demons section, Merchants of Death section
- genres promoted: Heavy, Thrash, Death, Grind, Black, Doom

Ad-rates still available, please get in touch if interested:

1/4 page
1/2 page
full page
cover 2 (already booked)
cover 3 (already booked)
back cover
A3 poster

Accepting tracks submission for compilation CD.

 - please email first and ask for availability
- traditional & extreme metal only
- good recordings
- symbolic rates if track accepted
- 500 free copies distributed with SWR#2

Deadline for promo submission & advert booking:
1st of January 2012

Thanks for your support!

Slowly We Rot Fanzine

Slowly We Rot Fanzine #2

OUT NOW and looking for distributors!

- 500 copies printrun
- English written
- 60 pages
- b&w pages professionally printed
- A4 size
- glossy covers
- extreme metal compilation CD included




- more than 100 reviews


For wholesale rates and trades please contact

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Virus #7 (2011)

Virus #7 (2011)

52pg, A4, xerox, English

Insulters, Deathroner, Anal Vomit, Sekhmet, *Iron Skull, Witching Hour, Thorns Of Hate, Battlestorm, Sakrilege, Lobotomy, Saktism, Nocturnal, Torture Throne

Hellstorm, Atomicdeath

"The 7th Black Magic", the title for this seventh issue. Fauzi have stopped using blue inked stamp which is sad new for me. It's already Virus 'zine tradition that reader will expect in every issue. I'm also not fond of using different color paper other than white for a xerox zine for the front cover. Black & white is the only way for zine. Layout-wise, pretty much the like the previous issue with border/frame artwork with some pages are made in cut n' paste style. The xerox or photocopy are OK but not at excellent quality. I don't understand why some drawings/artwork are censored but anyway, must be a good reason for that for example avoiding 'interrogation' with the lady at the photocopy shop (the only one reason I can think off hehe).

This issue also features a tribute, this time for SLAYER. Now you can see the relation with the "The 7th Black Magic". Doing the Slayer tribute on 'landscape' layout is not a good idea in my opinion. It is better made it all in 'portrait' like the rest of the content but then the number of pages might increase another 10 page. Anyway the content is what matter the most, right? I guess if you have lot of time surfing the internet, you can read all of them but for me, reading this in a printed zine like this suit me just fine. Too many to be read here since the fonts have been reduced to much smaller size than usual you read in A5 size zine. They can torture your eyes. The editor also compiled what 'metal celebrities' (that's my term hehe. In other words, well-known metalhead in the scene) opinions on Slayer.

Other contents in this issue beside the usual interviews (Battlestorm gave the great answers! I like the demo and split tape issued by Deathrash Armageddon) and reviews (in audio section the tapes & CDs are not separated between the format and not rated and not arranged in alphabetical order. The fanzine reviews also not rated).

There is one gig report here; Impiety in Kota Kinabalu. It seems like now bands with the status like Impiety are having KK in their tour list, not just KL anymore. That's good new for East Malaysian scene. Great scene you have there!

Beside the usual contents, the editor made "In Memorium Grave"; review of old Malaysian releases. Also includes info on the line-up for the recording. Great feature! A flash back for me. Those tapes are long gone from my collection.
Some copies of the zine might be available for sales. For metalhead from Malaysia, also ask about his distro lists that include some good fanzines.

*interview contributed by Perantaraan Zine

c/o Fauzi

Morbid Noise #9 (2003)

Morbid Noise #9 (2003)
48 pg, pro-print, Indonesian

Fermento, Brodequin, Wicked Innocence, Cephalic Carnage, Spinecast, Damnable, Psychoroptic

I did mentioned somewhere in this website (or blog, whatever you want to call it) that I don't review every issue of a publication released on monthly basis. I think I can make some exception if there is something new to talk about. This time around the magazine is more 'open-minded' (no more censoring pictures that shows nudity which I didn't mention in the previous review).

There are some changes on the layout. They removed the line between the columns and reduced the font size. It looks better now especially the new font size.

I notice there is a Metal Crossword and Morbid Letter in this issue which I think you can guess what they are. No need for me to explain that here. Other 'morbid' content are similar like in the previous issue. The 'Morbid Angel' section this time features Lena Soraya Watulingas.

This issue come with free sticker & Six Feet Under poster. I don't have the CD sampler. It is mentioned in the previous issue but I'm not sure whether it was release at all since I got this from a trade. Anyway, the magazine is much more important.

At the moment, I still have these 2 issues. Interested to trade? Drop me an email.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Abgrundjabokiz - Ainaz MMVII

Abgrundjabokiz - Ainaz MMVII
80pg, A5, xerox, English

This booklet published by Anti-Cosmic Männerbund Abgrundjaskalkaz (non-political religious esoteric society). You can probably google that if want to know more about them. I was lucky to have this by trade.

The book have 3 chapters:
1) Wolves and Werewolves in Germanic Tradition
2) Prehistory a Golden Age?
3) The swastika and sauvastika in Germanic tradition

Probably after complete reading this, it can help me to understand some of the interviews in Doomsday Testament 'zine (review of this zine will be uploaded later). I must admit the one on swastika/sauvastika is really enlightening. There are lots of pictures so it keeps me awake in my reading session.

This booklet or Abgrundjaskalkaz is not connected to National Socialist. There is an article explaining this in Scythe of Death website. I found out later Scythe of Death is the distributor of publications issued by Abgrundjaskalkaz. To obtain a copy, please go the label's website.

Scythe of Death Productions

Friday, October 19, 2012

Psychomantium #2 (2000)

Psychomantium #2 (2000)
60 pg, A5, pro-print, English

Tales of The Macabre Mag, Enthroned, Denial Of God, Impiety, Aeternus, Anasarca, Grief, Secrets of The Moon, Kaamos

A second-hand zine I bought from some zine editor. If you have any zine to sell (used or new) just drop me an email. For the older issues, if the price is right I will buy it. Back to this zine, it reminds me of local zine like Thy Unholy Abyss that use electric typewriter. Psychomantium uses font type that looks similar to that. The layout is simple but looks great, using only 1 column per page for the interviews. They use the space in the paper to its maximum. You can see only few millimeters of free space at the edge of every page. Almost every page has pictures so this will kill the boredom you might feel when reading too many texts. They also put page number and table of content. Only for the review section (3 columns per page for "Vinyl Butchery", "CD" and 2 columns for "Demo & Tape") which I think the columns are too close with each other.

About the content, there is a small section for news, tablatures for 'Lunatic Gods's Creation' from Deicide and a tribute section; "A Tribute to Desecrating Metal", a tribute to old bands namely Blasphemy, Beherit & Mystifier. There is also a section called Playergirl: Entertained Women, which features some news of women in metal bands and also interview (interview with Aeternus's Morrigan is for this section). The reviews are arranged in alphabetical order and not rated. Some reviews with logo while some have the front cover.

There are contact addresses in this zine but due to my bad handwriting, I can't read what I've wrote (already traded this zine with someone). Anyway, I found an outdated Facebook page. There's a note there, "Psychomantium Zine is not dead but shaking in its sleep. The Awakening is soon to come." This is one of the good half-sized pro-printed zine I read for quite some time. I'm waiting for Hellios, Salva, Carol & Aleydis to start 'the awakening'.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Metal Havoc Zine

Check out Metal Havoc zine from Philippines.

We got a copy of the latest issue #6 from Oldgoat Corpse Distro (Malaysia).
Those interested to get the zine and also stuff from Paganfire, check out the web for ordering details:

Bands, labels, etc, you can send your promo pack to the address below.

Not necessary to send original copies, compiled releases on home-dubbed tape or CDr will do.

All items sent and traded will be reviewed in the zine.

Contact address:
Alvaro Martin Jr
83 Tugatog st. Bagong Barrio Caloocan City
1400 Philippines

Friday, October 12, 2012

Zilghayyab #3

Zilghayyab #3
66pg, A4, xerox, Malay

Perantaraan Zine, Deadhead Zine, Kemenyan Zine, Sangwitok Zine, Rantau Metal Zine

A zine featuring zine editors only. Great! This is the first so far after I (re)start buying zine. I did not experience the days when zine are hand-written. At the time I came into the scene in mid 90's, zine editors already using type writer. So this zine could be the first hand-written zine I got. But using this style now might look odd, isn't it? Anyway, kudos to the hard work of writing them in 'old scripture' font type page by page and with the letter t written upside down.

The zine starts with "Black List" which is their name for news section just like other zine. Interviews are with local zine editors and reviews are also 'zine only'. The reviews are not alphabetically arranged and not rated. Some zine did not get a good review but still get the chance to be interviewed in this issue. Oh well, how many active editors left in Malaysia anyway so I guess the zine can be forgiven in this aspect.

Although the content is a good read especially since it is written in Malay but it looks very dull to be honest. The layout is not cut and paste but page-by-page handwriting and lacking frame/border artwork. I find it awkward because the editor is good in doing artwork. A bit of artworks plus with the hand writings I think it will be a killer issue! By the way the pages are numbered but no table of content.

This zine is given free to anyone requesting it although I offer to pay for a copy. So it took a while for it to arrive in mailbox and that is in 2010. Only two years later after I got the zine the review come out in this website.

For those planning to contact the editor, please send my regards to him. No email, only the snail-mail way.

c/o Yahya
20 Lorong 7,
Kg. Warisan 2,
89357 Inanam,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Morbid Noise #8 (2003)

Morbid Noise #8 (2003)
48 pg, pro-print, Indonesian

Traumatism, Inhumate, Gods Of Emptiness, Pyamia, Vrykolakas, Bastard Saints, Atavism, My Self Am Hell, Mental Abberation, Dalmation Records, Gerilyawati Bawah Tanah

The first issue was released as xerox format zine in 1997. Then it became a monthly publication. That is what the ambition initially but magazine ceased to exist since 2006 (at issue #11). I got few issues from a trade. Some info that I know if not mistaken, the editor is a member of the death metal band TRAUMA, the Indonesian one ofcourse and also run a label called Morbid Noise Production. The band and the label still exist active.

The layout of the magazine is simple; 3 columns per page for the interviews but the size of the fonts are quite big. There are some obvious typo error which is hard to ignore since it is written big at top of the page. The review section have much better layout as you can see from the picture above.

About the content, every thing are 'morbid' here;
Morbid Profile (band bio. There are plenty of them here),
Morbid Classic (article on classic albums),
Morbid News (also a lot of news. As oppose to most mag/zine which put the news at front pages, they put it at the back),
articles (Music Extrim Untuk Berpola Fikir Maju),
cartoons and some advise ('Stop Terrorism', 'Stop Racism', etc). Beside Morbid News, there are also "Flash News" whereever there are empty spaces in the magazine.
The review section only covered CD format and zine only. The reviews are not arranged in alphabetical order and not rated.

There is also a section for female in underground called 'Morbid Angel'. In this issue only have one interview with a lady named Titie. I'm not being a sexist here but honestly, it is not important to have this section in the magazine.

They also give free full color poster & (bands circa mid to late 90's). It is also mentioned in the magazine from issue 9 onwards will come with a CD sampler.

The language use is understandable for a Malay like me unlike Arus Bawah. It's great to have this kind of professional magazine covering the local extreme metal scene.

There are some infos available from Morbid Noise Facebook page. Check it out the photo album:
If you can't access this, try searching for Morbid Noise Production in Facebook.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Call To The Infernal Hordes #7

I have issue #5, the review is here . Flyers of the new issue posted on our Facebook page by Gilbert. Damn! I missed out issue #6. Will be sending the order soon!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Widmo zine fourth issue

news from Widmo Zine!

soon before the end of the world the fourth issue of Widmo zine got unleashed straight from the abyss... this time featuring interviews with:

ARKONA (Khorzon), BIAŁY VITEŹ (Wojmir/Skogen), DARK FURY (Raborym), DARKTHRONE (Fenriz), DUSZĘ WYPUŚCIŁ (Sars/Blzn), FJORD (Wodansson), FLAME OF WAR (Njord), FOREFATHER (Wulfstan), IPERYT (The Schocker), KALOT ENBOLOT (Svart/Mike), KHORS (Khorus), NECROSCOPE zine (Skalpel), SEGES FINDERE (Strigoi), SKYFORGER (Peter), STABAT MATER/NORTHERN HERITAGE (Mikko), TEMNOZOR (Gorruth), THE WOLVES OF AVALON (Metatron) and VARATHRON (Necroabyssious)... of which most turned out to be extensive and informative. many pseudo-intellectual, narrow minded or simply silly (the ones dealing with reality) questions and wrong answers (or maybe the other way around?). all of it English written and professionally printed on 44 A4 pages. no ads or space wastes (apart from the trendy/glossy cover) nor fancy /unnecessary graphics! yet lots of reading for devoted maniacs! To be found at:








or directly from:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Zine from OldGoat Corpse Prod.

In the past few weeks, OGC, a distro run by Fauzi of Virus Zine selling some zine for local metalhead.

Those interested please contact him either through email or search "Oldgoatcorpse Prods" in Facebook.
Not sure when the review can be upload. The list in 'New Arrival' are now getting longer and longer haha! Laziness might be the problem here.

These are some of the zine I bought. Look at these first before before the review comes in the coming months.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BsV Logo!

We finally have our own logo! What do you think?

The black & white version looks great too. I'll save that for the printed version if I manage to release one in the future.

The logo made by Luciferium Wargraphics

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some zine from Malaysian distro

Just to update. I bought some zine from local distro:
- Afterlife Prod.
- Oldgoat Corpse Prod.
- Trooper Art Regime Distro.

Thanks to them!

Before the review being upload, have a look at the front cover first. I think you can guess the name of the zine since it is quite obvious.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thrash Attack zine – the 10th Crusade

Thrash Attack zine – the 10th Crusade. 30 Years of Thrash and Speed from Germany

The news below copied from their mailing list. I have already pre-order this issue. Can't wait to have it on my hand!!

This jubilee issue is completely dedicated to German bands from the last 3 decades. You will find anything from the tiniest obscure outfits from the 80s, over big well known names to the most recent acts. The following hordes are featured:

Assassin, Backwater, Beer Pressure, Blizzard, Chainsaw, Cruel Force, Darkness, Deathfist, Deathrow, Defender, Desaster, Erazor, First Aid, Holy Moses, Harris Johns/Music Lab Studios, Iron Angel, Living Death, Mad Butcher, Messerschmitt, Monumentor, Necronomicon, Nocturnal Witch, Outrage, Paradox, Poison, Poseidon, Pyracanda, Rezet, Slaughter Command, Succubitch, Torment, Unscared, Vampyr, Vendetta, Violent Force, Wardance, Warrant.

In addition you will find the usual ton of Live Reports (long Finland report included), Vinyl/CD/Tape/Zine reviews (over 260), some articles on Thrash Metal in the GDR, the story of Germany’s first heavy metal tv show, a bit on overlooked records and the personal memories of a die hard thrasher that has listened to this music for the last 30 years. Finally there are also lots of tributes to various bands to be found.

All of this pressed on 212 pages, Din A4 sized, English written. Professionally printed.

Honoured by killer art work exclusively contributed by Mark Riddick, Matt Putrid and Nagawika.

Get in touch for wholesales and trades, however due to the printing costs and weight only certain deals will be possible.

Preorder it directly in the webshop and also check out the distro of Dying Victims Productions.


Preorder will only be made, due to the fact that Dying Victims Productions shop will be closed during August for personal reasons. Everyone that pre orders will receive their copy just before the summer break.

Satanic Malediction #08

Satanic Malediction have released issue #8 in April 2012!

Thanks for sending the news.

Download the flyer for more info.

Contact the editor (Irlan Asaradel) for ordering, etc.

A/C Irlan Asaradel.
P.O. BOX 30

E-mail: S6m6z6[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]br

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sangwitok #10 (2012)

Sangwitok #10 (2012)
96pg, A5, xerox, English

Singhasari, Vinterblot, Thy Fallen Kingdom, Thirsty Blood, Tahdiyatul Arwah, Jane Dark, Crown Ov Hornd, Viniir, The Ancient War, Zuriats

Emathor, Zora, Nechbeyth, Ifrid, Hell United, Suicidal, Hellstorm

The zine keep it's 'tradition' (layout, small font size, interview style, etc) just like the previous issues (read our previous reviews. Check out our archive). It's like 'love it' or 'hate it' situation. I like this zine. The editor always got some humor in his writing which does not mix well with some metalhead (I saw bad review about this in some zine). I also like the creative way of doing the frame artwork in this issue by using only band logo and keep on repeating it around the edge of the paper. This issue supposed to be a 'Viking tribute' issue but due to lot's of 'Viking metal' bands didn't reply, so you will only have an article on Viking and some interviews. The content beside interview/reviews includes Infometal (metal news section), gig review (1 contributed by Morbid Devastator of Death Invoker), flyers, obscene comics and artworks (made by Gurathitam Art/ Raynard Stevens).

About the reviews, they are scattered everywhere in the zine but have separate section for zine review. The reviews are not rated and too long sometimes. Some interviews and bio with Malaysian and Indonesian bands are written in Malay. How about the review of previous issues? Actually, the editor starts the zine with this review, or better said, article on all his issues with the front cover (and back cover too? Or maybe some issue made with different front covers? Whatever it is, they are all good artwork!). Why is that, you might ask? Because #10 is their final issue! Sad isn't it? Well, at least for me.

And to give this final issue a 'kick in the ass' is the "Fuck Off" list; the list of bands that didn't reply the interview nicely arranged in 5 pages complete with the band's picture and logo. That is waste of effort, not just the making the interviews but also making the graphics for this list. Some of the bands are a bit 'mainstream' for me. This is probably because I read too much Terrorizer & Metal Hammer (you can check out my facebook page where I sell those used mag at cheap price).

Nothing else to add. I wish the editor have a happy life. Thanks for the contribution to the scene!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Slowly We Rot #1

I got an email from this zine. Will get a copy soon!

Below are the info taken from their website and also the screen shot of the email.

English written print fanzine covering Old-School Metal Slowly We Rot #1 Out Now! 

40 pages, A4 format, glossy covers and professional printed pages 4 Euro (Europe) / 5 USD (World), plus postage (in normal or registered pack)!
- 96 reviews of Old-School Metal releases
- free DIY Compilation CD (19 Extreme Metal bands featured)
- first 50 copies ordered come with a free copy of INSETUS ZINE !

 Payments accepted as bank transfer or well hidden cash. Paypal payments available soon!

A list of Worldwide distributors will be published soon, looking for more distributors!

Slowly We Rot Fanzine #2 to be released this Autumn!

Bands / labels / zines into old-school metal get in touch for reviews/interviews/ad space through:

Deadline: 1st of August 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Words ov Nonexistence #4 (2010)

Words ov Nonexistence #4 (2010)
28pg, A5, xerox, English

Vasaeleth, Pek, Pure Evil, Kaosritual, Ithdabquth Qliphoth, Disjecta Membrae, Pestilentia, Lord Of Doubts, Mors Aeterna, Art Of Anticreation, Death Ritual, Verge, Innsmouth

Another zine from Belarus! I bought this at the same distro where I bought Caducifer. Another thing they both have in common is they also use the help from Lifeless Visions. "Fourth Word. Timeless Reign Of Death" is the title for this issue. Words ov Nonexistence is a small sized zine with some interviews are taken from previous issues (translated to English). I'm not exactly sure when they started doing this zine in English. Page #2, the editorial section is in the weirdest style I ever seen. Another weird thing is reading the zine in 'landscape' instead of 'portrait'. Weird doesn’t mean it is bad! I hope you know what I mean here. Small font size, cut & paste style with frame art and no space waste. The texts are arranged in 3 or 4 column per page. The overall layout is well organized. This issue will be double the size if they are not done this way. The line that separates the interviews looks like the Arabic word for 1. The pages are numbered but no table of content however there is a list of bands in alphabetical order at the editorial page. Only interviews and gig report made available in this zine. As the editor say it, "no freaky reviews and pathetic articles". Some of the questions are quite creative. I was tricked in Vasaeleth interview. My copy is hand-numbered #14/200. No contact address can be found here though but try Google the name of this zine. I found some distro selling this issue.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Caducifer #2 (2010)

Caducifer #2 (2010)
56pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Imynvokad, Abyssian Desolation, Dreaming Void, Satanic Apostate, Necroparthenophagy, Teutoburg Forest, Panphage, Deus Ignotus, VI, Fides Inversa, Sanctus Nex, Inconcessus Lux Lucis, Ocultan

Caducifer is a black metal zine from Ukraine/Belarus. Looks like pro-printed or factory printed but it can be good laser printing. Whatever it is, the quality is excellent! Info from the website says this issue which called "The Second Ceremony" is printed in 200 copies (mine hand-numbered #75). The zine has a table of content and the pages are numbered (in Roman). The layout is made by Kronum Masochist (Lifeless Visions. Email address: kronum.masochist at gmail dot com). The layout is simple 1 column per page but it still looks good. Different font types are used to differentiate the questions & answers. They are not using the typical font type. The first letter of every page is 'drawn' and has some 'decoration' around it. This makes it looks like ancient manuscript. The border/frame artwork is only available at the bottom of the page where the page number is situated. The reviews are long and are rated in scale of 10 (10 the best/highest point) arranged in alphabetical order. I saw Neftaraka & Omen being reviewed. Some articles also available: "Zos Kia Cultus", "Alternative to Tolkien", & "Black Metal and Enochian Magick". Both the editor (Fulgurius) and the bands are heavily into occult. Most questions are around this topic. The article "Black Metal and Enochian Magick" discuss about bands using Enochian themes. In this issue I came across with 'Religious BM' which is the first time I heard such genre exist. I think I haven’t heard all of the bands in this issue too. Not having contact address of the bands being interviewed cause a bit of disappointment in me. I know you are going to say "check Metal Archives!". OK. I will, after this.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dysplasia 'zine #1

Thanks for sending the news.

Dysplasia 'zine released it's issue #1. Below are the email I got. Check them out!

Dysplasia 'zine #1

Death Metal/ Brutal Death Metal/ Goregrind/ Grindcore specific fanzine.
60 pages, A/4 size, English language!


-Interviews: Agathocles (Bel), Amagortis (Swi), Machetazo (Spa), To Slay Devastation (Hun),Goblin Gore (Hun), Carcharias (Hun), Limb for a Limb (Hun),Gutted (Hun),Vile Disgust (Hun), Human Discount Records (Ita)

-Album reviews, fanzine reviews! Horror column; it: horror movie, horror magazine, horror comics-reviews!

Moreover interview with Ferenc Vozak (Mask maker and horror sculptor!)

-With Cd annex: Gutted Boots - Violence In The Fields CD-R (Dirty Goregrind/ Grindcore Music)

11€ / 15USD included world p&p! Trades are welcome!!

Paypal is possible just ask for details!

Exchange temporarily i don't care! Sorry

Picture attached!

Dysplasia 'zine

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ignominious Torments #3 (2010)

Ignominious Torments #3 (2010)
60 pg, A5, xerox, English

Affliction Gate, Dead Congregation, Ignivomous, Slugathor, Wintergewitter, Mefitic, Legion of Torture Zine, Denial, Anal Vomit, Daniel Ekeroth

Looks like it become a norm for me to upload the review after the new issue has been released to the underground. It's not intentional though. This is my first issue of this zine. As usual, I will flip through all the pages before start reading them. One thing that caught my attention is "Flyer of The Year" section. Great idea! Forgotten Wisdom Prod won for this issue. The flyer shows a guy pissing and with the words 'Pissing On trendies Since 1999' on it. Hope they can make this again in the next issue although flyers are almost extinct now. I'm referring to printed flyers though but I guess there are thousands of 'digital' flyers in facebook, myspace, etc can be used as well for this section.

The layout of this zine is in cut & paste style with the texts is arranged in two columns per page. The pages are not numbered and no table of content. Different font types are used for the interviews and for the reviews. I noticed more DM bands here but the editor stated he didn't limit the zine to specific style. It is only coincidence that this issue happens to have more bands of certain type of music. The review section, this zine covered both audio & print formats. The album reviews are in alphabetical order and they are not rated. It also didn’t specify the format (CD or LP) in the reviews. However these are minor issue for me. The reviews are quite detail. There are also demo, split releases, re-issues and also zine reviews. The reviews are quite long including zine review (French zine are reviewed in French though). This zine also have their own section of old school stuff named "From The Crypt of Past" which reviews Adramelech's Psychostasia. You can also find well-written article like “Fanzines, Ideology and Freedom of Speech” and also on Hellfest-controversy.

New issue already out now and possibly this issue already sold-out now. Contact the editor and ask for ordering details.

c/o Hadrien BRAULT,
2 allee du sentier,
45560 Saint Denis en Val


Darkness Against Light #4

Darkness Against Light #4
56pg, A5, pro-printed, English

Black Witchery, Order From Chaos, Bestial Warlust, Arphaxat, Annthennath, Blasphemy, Thy Antichrist, Nocturnal Blood, War Command, Nuclear Hammer, Black Feast, Mitochondrion

The first issue I got was issue #0 (yes, number zero). I got few copies by trading with some metalhead. It was a xerox publication (or photocopied by the people whom I'm traded with). Now having a new issue (not so new now though) I can say there are lots of improvements. Pro-print with some page on white text on black background. Killer!!! Mainly the layout is in cut & paste style. If only the editor stick to all in 'portrait' instead of 'landscape' (I am using the orientation in MS Office as reference here) is much better. No table of content and no page number. Beside the layout, the editor's English also improved. This is the editor who came out with the word 'Goatfather' which later became a song and released as limited edition of 66 copies EP boxset that I have fork out a lot of money to get a copy. There's a lyric of that song here in this zine. There are short interviews with some bands and the questions are related to Blasphemy (the band of course) and lastly the interview answered by the Blasphemy them self. Beside interviews there are live report on "God Beheading Live Ritual 2008" and one gig report contributed by Temple of Adoration Zine on "Under the Black Sun". The editor really shows his anti religion attitude. Face of Buddha in corpse-paint is very blasphemous indeed. This issue comes with an extra sheet consist of Blasphemy full page poster and interview on the other side. I assume this issue was released in 2008 or 2009 judging from the gig report. The new issue already out now. Looking at the pictures uploaded in NWN forum, looks like a good or much better than this issue layout wise. You know what to do. Contact the editor for info on the new issue and asked about this Blasphemy-tribute issue too.

c/o Daniac Yanawan,
171/2011 Phaholyothin Road,
Khlong tha-non, Sai Mai,
Bangkok 10220