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Metal Storm #2 (2007)

Metal Storm #2 (2007)
101 pg, full size, pro-printed, English

Destruction, Witchtrap, Avenger Of Blood, Nocturnal, At War, Trench Hell, Bestial warlust, Infinitum Obscure

Editor of Api zine text me about some zine he's going to order and I chipped in for some issues of Metal Storm and Snakepit. The zine is slightly larger than A4 and damn heavy.

I couldn't find the contact address of this great zine except email. Quite surprise to see some hand-written message on the last page. Not sure if the editor a.k.a Hellthrasher do this in all 250 copies.

The zine have table of content, the pages are numbered. The layout is in cut n paste style with lots of cool pictures on the background.

The article on Lost Angeles thrash metal, the editor used the alphabet from band logo for the text of the article. Example, the letter P is taken from P from Possessed Logo. Total of 10 pages on this article and with lots of picture. I like this a lot.

The editor put lots of pictures on the gig report. The gig reports are among the best one I've read. It tells about the journey to the venue, the crowd, the bands and the setlist and short interviews of the fans attending the gig. There are also pictures of metalheads buying issue #1.

The reviews are rated out of 10. There are only 4 reviews but they are the lengthiest review I ever seen. Some review are of small font size and 2 pages long.

My copy hand-numbered #214.



Swedish Death Metal Book

Daniel Ekeroth's Swedish Death Metal
447 pg, 17cm x 24cm, English

My second big metal music book after Nicola's which I bought earlier. Unlike Nicola, this book looks 'academical'. The layout is like a normal book. A bit dull like school text book. You can't compare these two books (beside the layout) because they offer different content.

My copy is already the third print (2011).

The book cover the history from Punk to BM, the scene in Sweden (Upsala, Stockholm, etc), the labels supporting Swedish bands, A to Z list of death metal bands (writer's view on the band, info on line-up, discography).  Of course there are lots of pictures too as well as old flyers, demo covers. Beside these, the book also covers fanzine and 'cast of central characters', individuals which contribute or important in Swedish scene.

All these are cramped in 2 columns per page with small font size in hundreds of pages.

Is this book is important for a heavy metal fan? My answer is YES especially for death metal fans. I can just flip through the book and look just at the pictures if I don't want to read.

My next book will be Voices Of The Darkside. It will cost me nearly MYR500 a copy including registered postage. Oh my...


Eternal #1 (2012)


Eternal #1 (2012)
60 pg, A4, laser xerox, Malay

Namsar, Noiratasya, Hellstorm, Mortuary Ancestor, Larrong, Immolate, Saktism, Horace Divinity, Kambing Sakti, Eastern Voice Production

Luk Tujuh, Mortuary Ancestor, Majestic East, Larrong, Immolate, Eastern Voice Production

This zine focussing on Borneo metal scene that includes not just Malaysia but will also include Brunei and Indonesia as well. That's a great concept. Some of the bio are at the first page before the interviews start. I think it's good reading them in Malay so I list them down on the bio list above. 

No specific style on the layout. Couple of pages with ads and gig flyers, no page number and no table of content. Mostly using background image with no column for the text. I dont like pictures on the middle of the page because it breaks the line (the text) which a bit annoying. The xerox quality are excellent. Don't be afraid to use dark background or use more graphics if using laser printing like this.

There is a special section on "Unholy Triangle" metal scene that consist of interviews of the bands from Sarawak 'unholy triangle' scene and opinion from metalhead on this scene.

The reviews has a section called "Classick Demo" that includes the demo '93 of the controversial Bruneian band, Tombcrusher. The reviews are not rated.

My copy numbered #92/100 which actually the second 100 printing. Not sure what's the difference between the first and this version but looking at the flyers, the first 100 might use different cover however the distro selling this said no difference between the two. New issue #2 have been released. Hope this zine can continue to support their scene.

Reading this zine featuring the bands you're in contact with during your high school years sometimes motivate you a bit. I guess they are reaching 40's year old with family and kids and permanent day job but still producing stuff with their bands. While some people like me on the other hand have become a "keyword warrior" :-)


Nordic Vision 1-2010

Nordic Vision 1-2010
76 pg, pro-printed, English

Messer Chups, Horned Almighty, Ov Hell, Profound Lore Records, Sigh, Burzum, Damien Bash, Topper & Cadburry, Meshuggah, Ohlsdorf,

I can't resist myself from getting this issue with front cover like that. Yes, Sigh might be a litle bit 'mainstream' nowsdays but we can’t deny Sigh earlier material are kvlt and newer ones are avantgarde.

Not much has changed in layout. You can read my previous review on the 'mature' Nordic Vision.

Not all are metal bands being featured in the zine. You should have known this by now. Damien, I think the boss of the company that produce perfumes. Lucifer and Omen are some of its brands.

There are book review section. More music review this time (not rated) and horror movie review.

Weird though, stuff that did not get a good review but given a full page. 

Review of Hell and Gorgoroth are made like they are a football match. Hell won 3-1.

Antichrist #12 (2011)

Antichrist #12 (2011)
44 pg, A4, pro-print, English

Obsessor, Demona, Teitanfyre, Denouncement Pyre, Vassafor, Pek, Moonreich, Blasphemous Noise Torment, Affliction Gate, Witchrist, Blasphemophager, Hellish Crossfire, Nunfuckritual, Tyranex, Proclamation, Pseudogod, Diehard, Vietah, Morbosidad, Nargaroth

The tradition stop at #11. They usually have this in couple of issues that I have. You need to read my review #11 to understand this.

The editor lamented that he don’t have time to read zine. I hope he has the money zine. So you buy and later you do clearance sales in your mailorder. I then buy them from you. How creative of me thinking that.

The content is pretty much the same including the audio reviews section (one section for current releases and the other for older releases). There is a special section called "Chinese Hell!". In here there are reviews on Chinese metal releases courtesy of Dying Legion Productions. All the reviews are rated. One thing I noticed long time ago that Chinese alphabets can make an extreme looking metal logo. Some bands using Chinese name as the logo (the name translated to English for marketing reason I think i.e. easier for you type or say them).

Another worth mentioning is Obituary 2011. Wow! I didn't realize so many people from the scene die in that year.

Antichrist #11 (2011)

Antichrist #11 (2011)
48 pg, A4, pro-print, English

Ares Kingdom, Anal Vomit, Sojaruun, Autumnal Reaper, Bloody Sign, Nalrage, October Falls, Incantation, Savage Machine, Deiphago, Ophis, Disfigured Dead, Dissidium, Asphyx, Inferno, Nuclear Hammer, Hell Torment, Desta Porcina, Adversarial, Grave Desecrator, Forgotten Path Zine, Scorhed Earth

I like metal magazine when you open the first pages, they 'greet' you with picture of topless ladies. #11 continues the tradition of having pictures of topless lady holding the magazine.

As usual, Antichrist present interviews with lots of band and fortunately in this issue all are in English. The layout pretty much the same like the previous issues. 3 columns per page computer layout with black or dark background. It lack of consistency of the font size but probably the editor would like all to fit in just 48 pages so you will see some interview having bigger or smaller font size to maximize or maximize the usage of space on the paper. Some interviews are short but enough for me as introduction to Ukrainian metal scene.

Reviews are plenty. All are alphabetically arranged and rated (with 100% as highest score). There is section on 'past year stuff reviews' for those released in 2010 or earlier and not to forget, the infamous 'last breath reviews' (as the editor named it). The zine reviews are not rated.


Burning Churches #9 (2012)

Burning Churches #9 (2012)
32pg, A4, xerox, English

Crown Ov Horns, Hekseri, Black Torment, Quintessence, Imperial Tyrants, Manzer, Wartillery, Sigh, Bestial Hordes

I miss out issue #8. I hope I can find one soon to fill the gap. This issue differs a bit because it starts with DVD reviews. The layouts are pretty much the same. The pages are not numbered but there is a table of content. The reviews are longer this time but they are still not rated.

This issue is called "The Cursed Issue" because some of the bands cancel the interview after they agree to be interviewed in the first place. I experienced this few times in the past but personally this is better than the bands that are keeping themselves in silence after getting the interview, not knowing whether they will reply or not. Even worse, not replying when we ask about the interview. Suddenly I remembered that 'Fuck Off' list that Sangwitok or Metalwarpage did. 

It is amazing to know Sigh still answer fanzine. I thought they are a bit mainstream lately. Can't remember how many times I saw Mirai & Dr. Mikannibal in Terrorizer or Metal Hammer. You know, the zine still keep it tradition by having the band's discography and Sigh is probably the longest one ever in the zine history.

Burning Churches #7 (2010)

Burning Churches #7 (2010)
36pg, A4, xerox, English

Apparition, Pest, Assaulter, Warfield, Sad Legend, Metraliator, Sonillon, Annthennath, Funeral In Heaven, Unlight Dawn, Martydom, Tormentress

So here is another issue with good selection of bands. The layouts are the same like previous issues. The first questions always about the history of the band. It is a boring one it seems for some the bands but most of the bands are quite obscure especially for European metalheads so you shouldn't be complaining. The end of the interview always has discography of the band.

Burning Churches is among the few non-Malaysia zine that I keep following since the beginning of BloodstainedVision. Besides having the cool front cover concept, they also feature some obscure bands.

Brutallica #9 (2004)

Brutallica #9 (2004)
60 pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Luciferion, Agathocles, Torture Killer, Dead Infection, Decayed, Chuck Schuldiner's mother, Manegarm, Audiopain, Mind Eclipse, Ingrowing, Serpents Aeon, Carnal Forge, Detrimentum, Paganizer, Cadaveria, Braindance, Malevolent Creation, Exhumed, Attila Csihar,

Gig report
Summer Breeze Festival

A year later came out issue #9. Nothing much has changed since #8. All are in the same style like #8 (layout, 1 page for news, The Real Underground section, etc) and also comes with free CD sampler.

If not mistaken, Chavdar still runs mailorder/label. Maybe some old copies are still available for sale.

Due to my bad memory, I bought this issue twice (one copy still sealed). The second one I bought from Dirs of Mortuary Ancestor. Nevermind, I can sell or trade them later.

Brutallica #8 (2003)

Brutallica #8 (2003)
60 pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Alienation Mental, Primordal, Rot, Red Harvest, Lividity, Cock And Ball Torture, Bleeding Black, Spite Extreme Wing, Squash Bowels, Bard Eithun, Crypthowl, Severe Torture, Mustan Kuun Lapset, Bloodshed, Taetre, Vader, Hagalaz Runedance, Avulsed, Unsilence, Repudiate, Blackseed Boys, Gerbe Of Life, Running Wild

This is very old magazine. It smells ‘old’ too but I have smelled far more worse than this and even my fingers starts to feel itchy when I flip the pages.

Not sure if Chavdar still do the magazine. Layout-wise, not much to complaint (yes, I complaint a lot here, right?). Good layout like most professional mainstream magazine but Brutallica features more bands from the underground. Some pages are in full color.

Interviews are OK, out-dated of course if you read them now. The one I really enjoy is Faust, made by deputy editor Vanya Marinova which focuses more on lyric writing and drumming.

CD reviews are rated but not in alphabetical order and mostly have their front cover. Meanwhile "The Real Underground" which is demo reviews are not rated and also not alphabetically arranged. Found Bilharzia review here.

There is also 1 page full of news from the metal scene.

This issue comes with free CD sampler.


Doomsday Testament MMXI

Doomsday Testament MMXI
116pg, A5, xerox, English

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Hetroertzen, Tomhet, Kaosritual, Celestial Bloodshed, Sons Of Fenris, Horns, Wod

I bought this from some metalhead in NWN. Thanks! Layout wise I am impressed. 2 columns per page, frame art, using untraditional font type, small font size, clear laser printing, table of content available, have page number. Everything just fits nicely in A5 size format (folded A4 size actually).

Those artworks for the border/frame made by them too which show the editor is also quite talented (plays in Hetroertzen too). Empty spaces filled with drawings, occult symbols, runes and pictures. It is like looking at some medieval/ancient book.

I am also entertained with the interviews which have some interesting questions. The interviews are called "Immoral Conversations" Some are not straight forward questions. Fortunately the bands answer it well. Amazingly the questions are not repeated. Every band is asked different set of questions. That is crazy amount of time to make those long questions. For your information, the interviews are divided to 3 parts (copying the info stated in the zine):
i) Black Metal Audio Devastation (music)
ii) What is important (deeper discussion on the bands)
iii) The Carcinogenic Human Side (on superficial matters)

The reviews are rated out of 6 where 6 are the highest. The stuff will be reviewed and rated in all aspect of the release (lyrics, music, and artwork) or the overall feelings on the releases. Also includes 'best track' from the editor point. I am surprised to see one review with just 1 star.

Other content of this zine: 6 pages on flyers, some rip off list and article (Occult Writings as mentioned by the editor)

The Occult Writings for this issue is "The Swastika and Sauvastika in Germanic Tradition"
-with diagrams, pictures, detailed explanation including footnotes like a formal book or your final year thesis. 34 pages on this subject. I think this article have more pictures than the one in they contribute in Abgrundjabokiz - Ainaz MMVII.

My copy hand-numbered XXII/33. So I guess only 33 copies made? I am really looking forward for the new issue of this zine. Upon googling the web, found out this issue printed exclusively and for sale in Arosian Black Mass. No website available. The closest you can find some info are in some forum including NWN.

Encylopedia of Heavy Metal

Encylopedia of Heavy Metal (2003)
300pg, 29cm x 29cm, English

Daniel Bukszpan

ISBN 978-0-7607-4218-1

I found this huge book on the shelf. Thinking I can get income tax rebate for book purchase, I bought the book although knowing most probably the book will be shitty in content. The book was in shrink-wrap so I can't flip through before purchasing.

Encyclopedia for heavy metal music? That is a very big words. Can you really make an Encyclopedia for heavy metal? I don’t think so. If you can do it, it will be more than just 300 pages. The author acknowledges this. He has his own criteria on selecting the bands such as Him as heavy metal. You can also see Katatonia, Napalm Death, Opeth, The Sweet and even Immortal from Norway in the list.

According to the book there 200 bands and 600 color photos. Info about the band including line-up, short bio and discography but not all has photos. There are some some indicators or icons are given to the band members and the lyrics. Example a 'syringe' indicates 'notorious drugs use' and inverted pentagram represent satanic. For band members, will have 4 maximum icons and lyrics will have 7 maximum. So I think if a band can score 4 + 7, then it must the truest heavy metal band. The highest is Black Sabbath (9) and then Type O Negative (7) 

Beside this there are also sections on info on genre of Heavy Metal, infamous band rivalry (example Mustaine vs Metallica), Heavy Metal fashion, Heavy Metal magazine (no Terrorizer?), Record label, Radio show, Drugs & intraband conflict (example Richie Blackmore). And not to forget the Top 10 best selling metal artist, Top 10 most essential album, Top 10 best album of all time and many more 'Top 10' according to the author.

To help you out, there are bibliography, index and appendix. This is a must for all books

The problem with this book is the size. I don't like it because it's not in the normal shape. I am having problem in putting it on the shelf at home.

The author founded the label call “Smoking in Bed” and has some tips from the late Ronnie James Dio (which also made the foreword) on vinyl playing.\

Overall, not really important to have this in your bookshelf. You can skip this. But honestly, I only like looking at the pictures. There are plenty.


Snakepit #18 (2008)

Snakepit #18 (2008)
112 pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Savage Grave, D.D.T., Kraken, H-Bomb, Artilerry, Sydney Product, Frigid Bitch, TNT, Juggernaut, Znowhite, Cyclone Temple, Charter, Chris Cronk, Hirax, Skullview, Fischel's Beast, Wehrmacht, Steel Assassin, Decapitator, Necropolis, Wargod, Morsure

My second issue, which I bought together with issue #17 from a local distro. Please bring more zines for sale!

Nothing much to add on the layout or the interview and other content of this magazine. If you like what you read and what you see in #17, you will definitely like this one. 

I have to agree with some people. This magazine is the magazine for the 80's. I hope all those seasoned metalheads bring out all the knowledge of the past and get them documented like what this magazine do before your life ends for the benefit of the scene and younger metalhead like me.

I think this is the time looking at the advertisement of Malaysia release in big magazine like this. It is Vulga - Mayhem With Mercy LP by Deathrash Armageddon. Yes, I know Deathrash is from Japan but somehow I am proud seeing Vulga in here.

The past issues are now reprinted with 7"EP. Now is your chance to get it before they are sold out again. You know where to get this.

Snakepit #17 (2008)

Snakepit #17 (2008)
112 pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Exciter, Beehler, Sortilege, Backwater, Assassin, Ruthless, Leviathan, Fatal Violence, Death (with Erik Meade), Burner, Trial, Commander, Bat Attack, Devastation, Overkill, Mayhem (US), Evil, Enforcer, Hammeron, Rainforest, Slayer (SA), Riot, Karion 

My first Snakepit. Been reading a lot of good words on this publication and now able to witness it myself. The editor  Laurent Ramadier and other writers such as Frank Stover, Eddy Vermeiren (Bel) and Malcolm MacMillan (UK) sure have lot of knowledge on the bands.

The layouts are very simple 3 columns per page. Pictures are very small too, sized just enough to fit in 1 column. There is table of content and the bands are arranged in alphabetical order, not by sequence of appearance in the magazine. Not much praised can be made on the layout. Very dull I must say. 

However if you look at the interview, they are very in-depth. The questions are quite detailed and very long. They cover anything music-related regarding the bands and its member. Sometimes answered by 2 or more band members and all of the answers are very detail and long too. Patience needed because not much graphic here just pure text madness which can put you to sleep. Reading the interview, it is amazing to find out that some 'bad blood' still prevails after 20 years or more. Whatever happens back then surely left a big and deep 'scar' in some people heart. The interviews often ended with discography at the end of the interview.

The reviews are rated out of 10 with 10 is the highest (Hirax EP got 10). The reviews covers audio/music formats and they are clearly identified and grouped together (Album & EP, Re-release and Demos).

If not mistaken this is printed by NWN and also comes with a 7"EP. I think its true looking at the quality of the printing, etc.

c/o Laurent Ramadier
La Calloterie
72210 Voivres Les Le Mans



R'Lyeh #10

R'Lyeh #10
116 pg, A4, pro-printed, Polish

Morbosidad, Wehrmacht, Bulldozer, Widmo, Nuclear Death, Deadthorn, Cut-Throat, Conquest Icon, Moloch Letalis, Blackhorned Saga, Absence Of The Sacred, Bloodthirst, Tank, Neolith, Opera IX, Vader, Morbid Angel, Eric Daniels, Pyscho, Unseen Terror, Test Fobii Kreon, Haemorrhage, Afterlife Prod, Dragon Incantation, Prophecy Of Doom, Inquisition, Markiz De Sade, Exumer, Cryfemal, Plutonium, Negura Bunget

Thanks to Afterlife Prod for bringing some copies for sale. After reading some good reviews about this zine, now I have my chance to view it myself. I can only comment on the layout because everything is in Polish. The editor must have spent a lot of time in translating those interviews to Polish.

Not many zine in cut n paste format are printed professionally but if they can make one, I am sure the result will be as good as R'Lyeh. R'Lyeh has this very old school look using typewriter font type with border artwork. 2 columns per page or some 3 columns. Not entirely in cut n paste or they also use plain MS Office layout like Morbid Angel. They don’t have any specific style or consistency in the layout but they are all look great. Cryfemal layout/graphic is a bit different but nice. No page number and no table of content though. Some obscene pictures here and there which of course I like them a lot too.

The zine starts with gig report: Extinguished Party, Impiety and small news section. There also some gig report in between the interviews. About the interviews, there are lots of bands here. I might miss out some bands in the list above. Looks like interesting chat including with the owner of Afterlife Prod.

Reviews are rated including the zine review which I rarely see. All audio formats are combined in one section. There are also movie reviews.

Other than this you can also read about African scene report and one section featuring short articles by zine editors.

The editor, Adrian also plays in some bands. You might know this because I think this zine/magazine is quite well-known in Polish metal scene.

c/o Adrian
P.O.Box 20,
02-919 Warszawa 76,