Monday, April 15, 2013

Inside Artzine #5 (1995)

Inside Artzine #5 (1995)40 pg, A4, pro-print, German

Tanja Bagusat (GER), Lomp (GER), Hadayatullah Hübsch (GER), Gabi Berndt (GER), Tuberkel (GER), Thierry Gayrard (FRA), Bogislav (GER), Andreas Thedens (GER), Gregor Beckmann (GER), Marcel Ruijters (HOL), Michael Schönauer (GER), Karl Vogel (A), Jenz (GER)

I bought couple of issue of this artzine to get a discount very long time ago. I wanted to check this mag after reading about it in Nobullshit zine (front cover # uses their art). I have no experience reading artzine before this. Thanks to the info on their website, I can copy and paste the list of artist in every issues here. I'm too busy at the moment as you can see from the number of my posting here but I don't want to waste my money by buying this mag by not sharing it with you all.

This is a very old issue. Still using DM as the currency! I can't really tell about what those articles are because they are written in German. Probably it's about the artist and those artworks/drawings belong to the artists featured in this mag. I like the half naked nun holding the cross upside down. Beside these there are some comic, poem and some flyers/advertisement. Layout wise, it look primitive (it's 1995 publication by the way). This issue is not comparable with the newer issue (the layout, content, printing quality, etc). The newer one are a lot better.

Info on other issues will be uploaded later, I hope.


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