Monday, April 15, 2013

Abysmal Scripture #3 (Jan.2004)

Abysmal Scripture #3 (Jan.2004)
40pg, A4, xerox, English

Parricide, Human Error, Argon, Nobody, Dick Stink, Germinale, Flesh Ripper, Carpe Noctem, Break The Silence, Rudra, Age Of Agony, Twilight Zone

"Intervisual Music Fanzine Emphasises On Gore & Metal!!!", how's that for the tagline? Exactly a year later, spawn another issue of Abysmal Scripture. The xerox quality is better than #2. There are few more changes. The obvious one is the back cover. The editor is now using 2 columns per page for interviews (no column for reviews). In the video reviews, the editor put some still image of the video but I honestly don't like this kind of arrangement.

The rest (writing style, etc) are still the same. There is a short intro before the interview and ended with the band's bio & discography. Back then it was sold with Still Supreme Chapter 3 Compilation tape.

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