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Arosian Black Mass - MMXI (2011)

Arosian Black Mass - MMXI (2011)
48pg, A5, xerox, English

Ormgård, Mare, Acherontas, Sons Of Fenris, Hetroertzen, Tomhet, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, One Tail, One Head

This is an interesting publication. This booklet was given to all visitors of Arosian Black Mass MMXI that bought pre-sale tickets and also sold at the event. It features only the bands performing in this black metal festival. It is not a booklet I would say because looking at the number of pages it looks like a normal zine. The interviews (or excerpt of interview) are taken from various webzine or fanzine with a short bio of the band before the interview starts. The editor uses frame/border artwork in their layout and the arrangement are neat with clear laser printing. The table of content is made based on the order of the band performed including the time they supposed to be on stage and that is how the interviews are arranged in here. Having more band picture will make this booklet even better.

Unless you have read the interviews somewhere else, you might be disappointed with what you read here but I think that should not be the case since I am pretty sure there layout in both version are different. At least you can enjoy the different layout and of course having this in printed form is always better than web.

Some distro might have this for sale, together with t-shirts of the festival. Try your luck.

So what is Arosian Black Mass? They have website but if you don’t have time to read it there, I'll end this review with some info copied from the website.

Arosian Black Mass MMXI is a two day event of esoteric music and art held in November 11 & 12, 2011. This 2 days event took place in the city of Västerås (Arosia in Latin), Sweden (~100 km west of Stockholm).

Arosian Black Mass should be seen as an officially associated but independent continuation of the Nidrosian Black Masses, Trondheim Norway (Pt.I (2007), Pt.II (2008) and Pt.III (2010)).

"The intention with Arosian Black Mass is not to be another cliché and standard "Black Metal festival". The whole event will have its focus upon an esoteric process within which all participating artists will play key roles. The visitors shall expect a complete arcane impression through visions, audio and atmosphere. It is meant to be an extraordinary experience that they will never forget!"


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