Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Legion Of Torture #3 (2011)

Legion Of Torture #3 (2011)

32pg, A4, xerox, English

Abhorrot, Caligula, Sartegos, Necrofagore, Demonic Cremator, Paganfire, Disinter, Croix Mortis, Evil Spectrum

The third issue of this Peruvian zine. Legion of Torture maintained the same size that they started from issue #2 (A4) and also the 'thickness' but don't be fooled with the amount of page (32 page only) because there are lot to read. Yes, small font size but not to the extent of torturing your normal eyes like Rites of Zygadena #1 ;-)

Lesser bands for this issue and no "Ladies of the Underground" too since only Demonic Cremator replied for this issue. Interviews lengths are varied, some maybe just 16 questions and some have 30 questions.

Reviews are very long which one of the thing I like in this zine. The reviews are separated by format and it covers both audio & zine. The reviews are numbered with number 105 as the last review. There are also 'last minute review' which uses band logo and I like this layout a lot. The reviews are not rated.

There are local gig report and a long report of Infernal Curse S.E.A. tour in Manila contributed by In Death We Thrash 'zine.

Overall, there is improvement on the layout because I don't like 1 column per page like in issue #2 because the text will too long in 1 line. Now with mostly 2 to 4 columns per page, there are OK. There are logos or artworks on the background and some with frame/page border. No TOC and page are numbered.

I have few copies for trade and all copies are hand-numbered. Contact me if interested or contact the editor. Check out the past reviews for the contact address.

Now it is 2013, more than 2 years have passed by. Maybe a new issue might be around the corner? I’m looking forward for the next one!

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