Monday, April 15, 2013

Abysmal Scripture #4 (Jan.2005)

Abysmal Scripture #4 (Jan.2005)
40pg, A4, xerox, English

Imperial Hordes, Deadmoon, Thorn, Grabschander, Putridity, Prayer Book Zine, Vow Dreams, Desaster, Nefarious Azarak, Atavism, Litham/Lelahel Prod., The No Mads, Excarnated

Releasing 1 issue a year is quite impressive. Further improvement on the xerox quality. The layout style follows the one they started in #3. It will be great if both answers in Prayer Book interview shown here (what the hell I'm talking about here? that's for you to find out).

Before the release of this issue, Beast Petrify have just released "Webbed In Living Hell" so the editor (Al Falmi) take the chance in the interview asking the bands their opinion on his latest CD.

One thing that annoys me is having picture in the middle of the page (for the section with no column or 1 column). This is what I meant with 'this kind of arrangement' in #3. My old eyes have problem in joining back the sentence but probably this problem only applicable to me only :-)

The gore film & videos reviews are not as much as the previous issues. I noticed the editor added his comment at almost every answer which is good since he elaborate further the point of discussion.

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