Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Slowly We Rot #1 (2012)

Slowly We Rot #1 (2012)

40 pg, A4, pro-print, English

Nokturnal, Morgue Supplier, Naetu, Infernal Death, Executer, Master, Blaspherion, Blodarv, Funebria, Atomkraft, Necrophagia

Slowly We Rot is the name to be remembered when you are talking about zine from Transilvania at this digital age. Although this is the debut issue, the content is good if not excellent. The editor (Adrian) is also the man behind Pest webzine, which have been running for many years. So have no doubt on the quality of the interviews for this maiden issue. Some interviews are taken from the webzine and from their writers.

The layout mostly 2 columns and with simple line as page frame, very basic layout for me which is not that bad considering the good printing quality. I think with such printing quality, we can expect better layout with a bit more of graphic or artwork.

The review section cover audio format and compilation complete with band's logo in alphabetical order and rated out of 10. To fill up the space, they created "Rising Demons", short bio of new bands. So there are a lot to read between the pages.

This issue comes with free CD-r compilation with 19 bands and first 50 copies will get a free copy of issue #1 Insetu's zine (review elsewhere in this site).

At the moment they have released issue #3 with all the previous issues sold out and submission and advertisement for issue #4 have been open.

I still have some copies for trade. Contact me quick before they are gone.

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