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Abysmal Scripture #2 (Jan.2003)

Abysmal Scripture #2 (Jan.2003)
60pg, A4, xerox, English

Atheist Fanzine, Suicidal Winds, Ghouls, Despairance, Agathocles, Surgical Dissection, Chainsaw, Shrunken & Mummified Zine, Bloodthirst, Noir Atasya, Juglans Regia, Maelstrom666 Zine, Dogface, Crystal Tears, Vrykolakas, Deadhead Zine

Scene Report

I got contacted by a distro and mentioned they have some copies of Abysmal Scripture for sale. That is a surprise for me. So here I am presenting another old issues here (even the staples have rusted badly) . I bought the debut issue when it was released many years ago. If my memory serves me right, the layout is pretty much the same. For your info, the editor of the zine is also in a thrash metal band called Beast Petrify.

The xerox quality is not at the best quality and I think the master copy are printed using bubble jet printer which does not give a sharp printing quality. The layout is made using standard MS Word functions (3 columns per page). The font size are small, the kind that I like. The pages are numbered and have table of content.

His English are great. Look at the name of the review section; Expressive Life Visionaries (video reviews), Bloodlusting Hunger for Dissection (horror/gore films), Ear Pleasure (music reviews) and Visional Thoughts (zine). The reviews are not in alphabetical order and they are rated. There is also a news section at the last pages of the zine and the scene report accompanied by band's logo and pictures.

If you look at the front cover, it is using laser color xerox/printing which I think a very rare at the time. And yes, you need full color if not the splatter for pictures on the back cover will lose it 'goriness' :-)

For contact address, read the review of the latest issue.

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