Monday, March 25, 2013

Insetu's #1 (2011)

Insetu's #1 (2011)
20pg, A4, xerox, English

Hellbastard, Diskontrolly Social, Winds Of Genocide, Descarga Negativa, Le Scrawl

Scene Report
Brazil HC scene

The release of this zine is to celebrate 10 years anniversary of Insetu's Prod. I think based on the type of bands featured here you can guess the type of genre the label's is into. This "descarga" issue (the title for this issue which means 'the flush') is not really for metal music maniac (if you are looking extreme metal-only bands). I like A4 size zine with cut n paste layout like this but the font size is too big. Because of the big font size you can finish reading this in couple of minutes. Upon searching the internet for info, I found couple of links where you can download the whole issue. Having the zine physically is of course much better than looking at your computer screen. My copy is photocopied on thick (and a little bit brownish) paper and was given free when I bought Slowly We Rot #1.


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