Monday, April 15, 2013

Abysmal Scripture #6 (Sep.2007)

Abysmal Scripture #6 (Sep.2007)
30pg, A4, xerox, English

Heptameron, Swamp, Confinement, Medieval, Sempiternus, Kampf Records, Farasu, Hellish/Empheris, Merciless Crucifixion, The Wreckage

Scene Report

The final issue from Abysmal Scripture bundle sale. Not sure whether Al Fahmi release anymore issue after this. The zine delivers you all the content with the type of layout you already familiar with. The major improvement is now the zine is printed/xerox using laser printer. The pictures are crsytal clear!

There is a Rip Off list that I thought made by the editor but after reading further it is made by Nonoy of Paganfire.

To see a another issue will be great. DO let me know if you know #7 is on sale in any distro.

Last known contact address shown below.

c/o Al Fahmi
Yishun Central Post Office,
P.O.Box 420,
Singapore 917614.


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