Monday, May 6, 2013

Bestial Avenger #1 - No Sleep 'till Doomsday

Bestial Avenger #1 - No Sleep 'till Doomsday

52pg, A5, xerox, English

Metal-themed comics is something I rarely see. There's none of this kind of project that I know off. This comic is made by Nagawika. The story is about a 2-piece doom band called Bestial Avenger and their journey in the scene. With a drummer and lady named Sima as the guitar/vox. Interesting story and at times hilarious too. Not sure if the drawing resemble anyone in the real world except the well-known metal 'personalities' I assumed. There is a scene where the audience start making fun of the band and asking for Nirvana song when they saw Sima on stage. Once this band starts to play, they blew the place with their music. The fun continues afterwards. This issue ended when they arrived at The Doomsday Fest.

Good drawing with excellent xerox quality. This comic is issued by SataniCat Comics is a sub-division of Forgotten Wisdom Production (FWP) dedicated to Metal minded comics.

Last time I checked, the entire issue can be viewed online. Check that out. If interested to buy a copy can get this at FWP.



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