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Metal Havoc #6 (Dec.2011)

Metal Havoc #6 (Dec.2011)
40 pg, A5, xerox, English

Apoy Ng Kamunduhan, Corrupt Insanity, Interment, Karimlan, Pathogen, Rabies, Sacrosanct, Trident Nation Zine, Traces of War


A half-sized zine that have some similarities with Necroscope. What both Nescroscope and Metal Havoc have in common? One of it is the zine is not stapled. Another one is there are plenty of info on their local scene.

There are no pictures at all in this zine. The only graphics are the front cover, the page frame/border and the name of the bands (which used blood-dripping font type). This probably the first and the best graphic 'minimalism' zine (borrowed this term from a zine I read somewhere) however it doesn't look dull or boring. It uses the right font type and size. 2 columns for interviews and 1 column for articles. No page number and no TOC.

Beside the good chat, there are articles to read as well. Some articles are in full page to 1/3 of the page and these short articles are nicely separated with lines/frame art. There reviews (audio and zine) are not rated and not alphabetically arranged. Some reviews have contact address. The editor also put reviews of band's releases at the interview of the band. Another interesting section to share is "From The Past Reborns The Storm". It sounds like review of old album but the editor said it is not. It's "a retrospective look on the impact on the editor".

A good issue to know Philippines metal scene. The price is cheap too. I'll check Karimlan for sure. Sounds interesting after reading their interview.

metalhavoczine at gmail dot com


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