Thursday, November 21, 2013

Impact Drill #2 (2005)

Impact Drill #2 (2005)
48pg, A5, xerox, English

One Step Beyond, Barbatos

Scene Report
Sardinia, Hungary, India, Mecadonia

Another old zine that I bought from some distro. Just 2 interviews and the questions are not in-depth. Only 9 questions asked to Barbatos! What consume most of the pages here are the scene reports, gig reports and reviews. I really like the scene report though. The layout is clean and looks organized even with the cut n paste style (3 columns per page) except vinyl review section which is totally different style. Good xerox quality. No table of content and no page number. The reviews are separated to several section; album, compilation, demo, and fanzine and of course the infamous 'last minute' reviews.

Mine numbered #178.

c/o Semih Orhan

impactdrillzine at hotmail dot com


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