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Karisma 11 (Jan.2011)

Karisma 11 (Jan.2011)
60pg, A4, pro-printed, Malay

SYJ, Deadsquad, Claim The Throne, Impiety, Voltan, Suicide, Black Flag, Chaos UK, Militant Attack, Ventorior

This is a very old issue which I should have write something about them years ago. Anyway, I still want to write about them here. Actually I have written this article earlier but I saved it as a draft. So not to waste my effort, here is the outdated review ;-)

Well, since I have reviewed Empayar with Impiety on the front cover, so I choose this one for Karisma. Formerly known as Empayar, it later change its name to Karisma.

While Empayar sucks on the layout, this magazine improved a lot in their layout. It’s like Malaysia version of Terrorizer minus the free CD and minus the colorful advertisement.

The writers are very much similar to Empayar team except now there are more writers (as at this issue) from members of the band such Mistik, Unitheism, Bentara and many more.

Writing style is using 'standard' Malay language which is very important because it is distributed openly or the public will accuse us metalhead as 'perosak bahasa melayu' ('destroying' the Malay language by writing with improper grammar and vocabulary).

I'm not really a regular reader of this magazine but if I saw this at the news stand I will buy a copy. Everything is good if not perfect on the content. Hope they can have more stuff in the review section. Send your promo there ASAP!

The interview with Shyaithan is conducted by Intheran and with picture of pre-Impiety era 1989 in color. That’s rare!

This magazine supposed to be a monthly publication but lately they seem to have problem releasing it monthly. Frankly I'm not sure if this magazine is still exist. The official website no longer exist but they still update their facebook page.


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