Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hermyth #2

Hermyth #2
36 pg, A4, xerox, Malay/English

Sickness, Zarquum, Insacred, Narsamum, Mandatory, Goatlusting Chaos

Sakrilege, Tahdiyul Arwah, G.O.D.A., Purge The Arbitrator

Good to see this zine releasing their second issue. The xerox quality has improved. In this issue they have co-editors: Jamalie (Horror Distro) & Askwhat (Nusantarajim). But they didn't mention which person made which interviews except a few. You can see some interview style different with the other. The one with Mandatory by Askwhat is the best one here. There is also 1 page with 5 questions being asked to band/zine/individuals.

The reviews are 90% in Malay, covering audio & zine. They are not alphabetically arranged and not rated. The first page made by Jamalie. There is some using cut n paste style format. The zine review format is like mine which starts with format of the zine before getting to the review.

The layout is better than the first one but still plenty of typo error. The pages are numbered but no TOC. Mine hand-numbered #43. The only way to contact the editor is via snail mail. "Email, fuckbook, hellspace can fuck up" as said by the editor. There are also few distro selling this in facebook as well if interested to buy a copy.

c/o M.Azman Aziz,
Lot 941, Jalan Stulang Daeng,
Pulau Gadong,
75200 Melaka,

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