Thursday, November 21, 2013

Encyclopedia Of Svensk DodsMetal

Encyclopedia Of Svensk DodsMetal
216 pg (excluding cover), 21cm x 29.5cm

Publisher: EDN
ISBN 978-8887555653

After placing order of Euro35, I was very afraid the mail will not pass the check by Malaysian custom official. Fortunately, it pass...unchecked..twice! Well, I bought this book twice, the first one is for a friend that uses my paypal account. Only after I looked at the book, I decided to buy my own copy. Honestly, I'm not a fan of book but I made a wise purchase here.

Yes, you have read lot of review of this book elsewhere. Now it’s my turn.

What I like about this book that the layout might not look like book, it has some fanzine look which is great. Beside this, the writer, Nicola Costantini, put not just pictures of scanned cover but also picture of the actual tapes. There are also logos, flyers, covers in every page. You can just look at these if don't like reading.

Probably all the bands in Sweden during 1988 - 1992 era is here. Not just the kvlt like Nihilist, Morbid etc but also 'underrated' one (the one I never heard before) like Macrodex, Gorement. There is bands index at the back which is very useful.

I read somewhere that there are 50 interviews in this edition. Many of them already r.i.p. and 20 years later, they answered the questions for this book. It is amazing to know that some people have good memory.

The chapters & the bands presented here:

Enter the Eternal Fire - Introduction
featuring Bathory

Before The Creation of Time - Pioneers
featuring Morbid, Merciless, + 4 more

Only Shreds Remain - Milestone
featuring Nihilist, Treblinka, Dismember + 10 more

Into Eternity - Near to Make It Real
featuring Lobotomy, Sorcery, Seance + 5 more

Sleep Forever - On Their Own
featuring Crypt of Kerberos, Eternal Darkness + 10 more

Disembodied Spirits - Underrated
featuring Macabre End, Mastication, Evocation + 6 more

Greeting Immortality
featuring Grosteque, At The Gates, Eucharist + 3 more

Erosive Offals - Genital Grinders
featuring General Surgery, Necrony, Crematory, Traumatic

Obsequies - Those Left Behind
featuring Abhoth, Utumno, Vomitory + 18 more

Eternal Leftovers - Last but not least
107 bands with short reviews of the stuff released with logos and some graphic.

This book ended with a section on vinyl called "Dark Recollections - The Collectibles". It's a list of 7" EP/MLP, whether it is the actual release or the one he have. Also have an interview with Opionate Records.

Mine numbered #302. This is the ultimate Swedish Death Metal Demo encyclopedia for now. There is another version being release and I saw a local distro having that. Hope they still have it when I have enough money to buy.

I bought Daniel Ekeroth's Swedish Death Metal after reading this. He presented different side of Swedish Death Metal which is quite interesting too.

I found a very long interview with the editor. Please read them.


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