Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Soylent #1 (2013)

Soylent #1 (2013)
92 pg, A5, pro-printed, English

Sorrow, Cauchemar, Rot Gut, Stiff and Cold Zine, Hooded Menace, Anima Morte, Bizzare Charlie Alien, Fondle Corpse, Nadir, Kam Lee, Ruinebelll, 62nd Chamber Productions, Possessed, Tales From The Sick Zine, Machetazo

This could probably the best Malaysian zine in 2013 or maybe the best Malaysian zine since I started this blog. It's also the first time seeing something cute on the front cover (you see that 'monkey' in the middle. Look very cute). English-written, cheap price (it's pro-printed and thick!) and great layout. Well, the layout may not be good if it’s done in white background to be honest but if it’s in black background, it rules even if it's normal 2 columns per page without many graphics or artworks.

The zine starts with a very long introduction called My Fucking Column where editor wrote a little bit about the zine and later some reviews.

The interviews are varying in term of style, etc because many contributors involve in this issue. They have a big team, the editors and plus 8 or 9 contributors. The interview with Bizzare Alien is the longest and quite exhausting to read it till the end.

Not many review though. The reviews are not rated, alphabetically arranged and it covers audio stuffs only.

Having some local bands will be good to see in the next issue.

Limited copies of this zine come with Fondle Corpse 2 tracks promo (at slightly higher price). If not mistaken, the first print run already sold out but there will be a second print. Contact them if you purchase this. Highly recommended!


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