Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Barb Wire #1 (2009)

Barbwire #1 (2009)
119pg, A5, pro-printed, English

Lantern, Morbius, Stargazer, Martial Barrage, Mefitic, Inkisitor, Grima Morstua

I bought this from Afterlife Prod long time ago. Thanks goodness I bought this because this is very unusual looking metal fanzine in terms of layout. At a glance, it looks like my final year thesis when I did my degree in 2003. It is bind like a book and so does the font, layout and the text indentation.

The content? The content separated to 6 chapters with each chapter consists of 1 interview except for Morbius/Stargazer (for this interview, the creatively arranged Morbius on page with even number and Stargazer on odd number. I think this is a bit hard to do in computer even with the same questions being asked). Before that, there is an introduction that took 1 full page of the zine.

Barbwire have table of content, pages are numbered and printed in glossy paper.

No review though.

A little bit more about the questions, they barely touch about the band. The questions foucsing more on music and on various subjects which make it quite interesting

There are also some quotes from some famous people but not in my interest (probably because I am not a good book reader)

No contact address can be found in the zine but luckily I got their flyer later from someone and got to know their email address and country of origin.

Interesting zine I must say, looking forward for the next issue.

Barbwire at gmail dot com

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