Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Compilation Of Death #1

Compilation Of Death #1
104pg, 21cm x 27cm, pro-printed, English

Abhorrence, Accidental Suicide, *Anima Damnata, Asphyx, Atrocity, Carbonized, *Crypt Of Kerberos, Darkthrone, *Dead Congregation, Demigod, *Demise, Expulsion, Entombed, *Voices From The Darkside, *Funebrarum, Grave, *Ignivomous, *Incubus, Malediction, Megaslaughter, Merciless, Incubus, Morbid Angel, Morgue, Mortem, Monstrosity, Necrophobic, Necrovore, Nicola Constatini, Order From Chaos, *Pek, Revenant, Sanguis Imperem, Suffocation, Traumatic, Unleashed 

The words 'compilation of death' is not just words combined to create a name, it does have a meaning and related with the content of the zine. The zine is consist of the editor’s (Gabriel "Exhumator" Gatica & Joseph Curwen) original interviews and also interviews taken from other zines. As stated on the cover; 'Exhumation' from old zine like Putrefaction, Sadistic Noise, Spikehead, Suppuration or Voices From The Darkside. One important reason of using old interviews is to enlighten the younger generation. I think not many will buy zine these days especially considering the high price on postage so I guess it is not a bad idea to 'compile death' like this.

But I also think the other best way to enlighten the younger generation is by scanning the old zine and put them free for downloading. Might look better in Ipad hah!

Back to the zine, I like the layout (typewriter font-type, some cut n paste, some have page frame and lots of old flyers). The pages are numbered but no table of content.

Interviews are long and questions are individually numbered. The one marked with * are their original interview. 70 questions asked to Frank Stover. Well, that is not the average amount of questions you will see in any zine. I like mostly the one made by Gabriel or the one contributed by Frank (I normally read reviews in VFTD website. Interviews will make eyes bleed if reading them on my PC screen).

No review in this issue. Couldn't find their contact address in the zine either.

Issue #2 already out and I guess sold out long time ago. When that issue out for sale, I don't have enough cash to spare at that time. Anyone selling this and at it original price or cheaper do contact me.

compilationofdeath at hotmail dot com
joseph_curwen at hotmail dot com

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