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Besi Hitam #1 (2006/2010)

Besi Hitam #1 (2006/2010)
60pg, A4, xerox, Malay

Samartary, Parasite, Dark Regime, Bazzah, Farasu, Orion, Mentally Murdered, Nrocinu, MuzikBox Prod

Parasite, Nebiras, As-Sahar, Shamanic Rites

Scene Report

I am familiar with 're-issue' of CD or any audio format but not zine. This zine was first released in 2006 and re-issue in 2010. I found the info about this zine is someone FB wall and immediately SMS the editor @ Abu. In case you want to know, "besi hitam" means black steel/iron in English. 

About the layout he uses simple computer layout and left too much empty space on the page frame Good xerox quality though.

The interviews can be a little bit outdated now but there nicely-written articles which are interesting to read:
- Pengertian Sebenar Underground (with a question asked to some band's member)
- Pembetulan Suatu Kekeliruan

Other content of this zine:
- 'Skolah Lame' (means old school in English); review of Rator's "Evil Symphony" demo & Suffercation's "Day Of Darkness" album
- poem
- reviews: reviews of all format in 1 section. Not alphabetically arranged and not rated.
- gig report
- 5 pages of neatly arranged flyers 

There is also a special section for 80's/90's Malay rock bands with pictures and some info on the bands and then followed by "Khanazah Lama", reviews of old albums mostly from rock genre.

I just wish more in-depth interview with Bazzah because it's hard to see them in a zine.

About the editor's address, If not mistaken, Bandar Jengka has been renamed but I don't remember the new name. As long the postcode still the same, I guess your mail will not get lost.

c/o Abu Huzaifah
C-1333 (F) Raya Jengka 14,
26400 Bandar Jengka,

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