Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Selipar Malaya #2 (April 2013)

Selipar Malaya #2 (April 2013)
68 pg, A5, xerox, Malay

Cloudberry, This Order, FallxToxGround Zine, Behind The Death, Deadscore, Romance Not In Fashion, Muntah Darah, 199X, Bloodymary, A.L.I.A, Keladak, Triumph Ov Fire, Medussa Safannah

Luckily this zine safely arrived in my mailbox. My P.O.Box number was not written. Well, I guess not really hard for the postman to not notice me, thanks to the lots of international registered mail I received.

The focus is still the same, featuring hc/punk and metal. The layout and everything is like the previous issue. So if you like what you see in #1, wou will definitely like this one. I like a lot this kind of layout. I hope I can do this using dekstop publishing freeware.

Improvement in this issue are they are more artworks (made by the editor) and more articles.

There are few sections for the articles like "Aku Yang Menulis", "Info Muzik" and "Karya Sejarah" and within this sub-column there are lots of 1 page article on various topics or issues (as per what the section name would suggest). It is quite common for zine in the hc/punk scene writing articles which sometimes good to read.

I notice no review in this issue but there are already plenty to read. However the questions are quite short but the bands answer it very long which I think that can reflect to the (good) music they produce.

Mine numbered #51.


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