Monday, September 5, 2011

Under The Baphomet #1 (2000)

Under The Baphomet #1 (2000)
20 pg, A4, xerox, English

Cenotaph, Deeds of Flesh, Divine Rupture, Immolation, Pathology Stench, Cryogenic, Kabak.

Named as "magazine" but looks like a newsletter for me. Table of content available but no page number. The layout are simple MS Word type. Not much I can say here. These are the shortest interview I've ever seen in a zine. I was influenced by the front cover in making the purchase. There's no regret though. At least I got some information about this zine. But I couldn’t find their contact address. Searching the web also does not give any result except being mentioned in Pyaemia's interview in

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