Friday, September 9, 2011

Rape And Honey #3

Rape & Honey #3
12pg, letter, English

Color laser xerox zine, the first time I encounter this type of fanzine. Only one band, in this issue, Weapon. The interview are not in 'Q & A' type but made in an article form like the one you can read in magazine, where the editor also put his thoughts and views. Simple layout but yet looks professional. On the centerfold is full page of Michael Angelo's 'Temptation Of Adam & Eve' in color. Some color inserts included like a postcard size pictures of Hindu deity, an AJNA ad insert on linen paper and review in transparency. Some information I got from various online forums, Mr. Mincemoyer is the person behind a great magazine called Oaken Throne and this is a 'microzine' which consist of 1 interview per issue. Interesting concept. I'm curious to see the newer and older issues including Oaken Throne. This is the first 100 copy, mine handnumbered #39. I bought this from Crucial Blast E-bay store. They might have some copies for sale.

c/o John Mincemoyer


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