Thursday, September 22, 2011

Necroscope #21

Necroscope #21
132 page, A5, xerox, English

Overoth, Force Of Darkness, Sanguineous, Deep Vein, Revenge, Autopsy, Swamp, Death Invoker, Dead Congregation, Paganfire, Unaussprechlichen Kulten

What else I should say about this zine? Adam makes it looks like it’s easy to make a zine! And a very thick one too! Anyway, if you are an avid zine reader or have read Necroscope previous issues, this one does not offer anything new. If you like the old one I'm definitely sure you will like this one too. I suggest you check my older reviews to get an idea of Necroscope. In the editorial he said "people are complaining about too many pages". Is that bad? I think it's not. Just manage your time fukker! Some articles written here; "Is it Metal or Business", "Atmosphere Has Not Gone" and also "Pearl of The Abyss" (again and a very long one). I like the way this planet have been divided in "Pearl of The Abyss"; South of Hell, East of Hell (for Malaysia, Silent Death and Euronymous is being mentioned), North of Hell and the most important (and the name is funny for me at the same time)... THE HEADQUARTER OF HELL (Europe). The music reviews as usual "Polish Hell" (Polish band reviews) and "Worldly Assault". Both are not rated. 'Underground Art' - paper zine review. As lengthy as usual and a lot of zine! There are some gig reports (Pure Fucking Darkness Festival, Barbatos). This issue is not stapled and I found out I miss out page #67 to #74. I couldn't remember from where I got this (reading this after buying them few month later) so can't get those missing pages. I have no idea whether this is still available or not. One funny story, I went to a printing shop to have this zine stapled but that shop said they don’t have the type of stapler that can staple in middle of the paper but they are selling that stapler! I see that on the shelf. Maybe I should buy one.

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