Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bestial Noise #1

Bestial Noise #1
60 pg, F4, xerox, English

Almighty Sathanas, Black Vomit Records, Xibalba, Envenom, Slaughtbbath, Evil Angel, Miserycore, Obeisance, Satanachia Agliareth, Ejecutor, Temple Of Adoration Zine, Vociferian, Unholy Penetration, Bestial Raids, Kratherion, Embrace Of Thorn, Proselytism, Death Invoker

Been reading too many zines with small fonts (and small in size) lately. Now having a zine like this is quite refreshing for the eyes. Different types of font use and size is quite big. Weird enough I didn't find it bad. The paper is longer than A4. Not sure the exact format, it can be E4, C4 or F4. Probably using big font and with big size paper will be better combination? That's a new theory. Good xerox quality. The layout is in cut n paste style. Some flyers pasted here and there to fill up the empty space. No table of content but the pages are numbered. I got this by trade. As usual I will flip through the zine page by page before start reading. Unless there's any Malaysian band, I read them first (in this zine it's Envenom) before continue reading from page 1. Very well-thought questions. I discovered that editor already been interviewing bands 9 years ago before doing this zine. With age comes wisdom as some people would say. Questions are not just on music but on ideology as well. The one with Temple of Adoration barely touch the zine. No introduction on the interview though. Reviews of zine and music stuff are not in alphabetical order and not rated. Some of them are put after the interview end to fill up the empty space. The zine featured an article on Thai Metal scene, "Origin Of The Black Seeds in Siamese Region" by Derajchan of BlackPlague666 zine. I think it is better to use pictures related to Thai band's instead putting cover of stuff from Profancer, Nebiras or Rator although they do relate with the title of article. My copy hand-numbered 148/500. Still a long way to go to 500 so better get this before it's sold out.

c/o Hector Hoffstetter
P.O.Box 508, San Bernardo,


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