Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ranjau Metal #1

Ranjau Metal #1
50 pg, A4, xerox, Malay

Virus Zine, Krosot, Akal Sari, Nrocinu, Metallatria Distribution, Torch, Seraphim, Kalimfada Zine

I saw the new issue (#3) being sold at some metal music shop and I saw this issue there too. Probably they re-print this issue together with #3 (the xerox quality is the same, even the color of binding type is the same) to get cheaper price. I'm curious to see their past so bought this together. You must know that I do check zine (past or future issues) if I have the chance even though I have read their bad issue. About the content, layout is simple type done using computer and some are hand-written. They used this style in #2. Interviews are average. Reviews are OK but I saw 'Pikrama', 'BS' as the reviewer so probably those reviews are taken from Metal Terus webzine.  Some band bio available here: Paganfire, Rob Blitz, Embryotony, Inside, Seraphim. Most of this bio are the actual bio sheet made by the band (do bands still do this now?). Lots of pages are pasted with flyers. Since I don’t get a lot of paper flyer these days, I think it's OK having this issue at the price of RM6.

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